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  1. Well, the good news is I got the right version number now... So, I went to get the screenshot, decided to use a new game for it. Then noticed the version number of Survival showed as 0.2(and some zeros). So, I reinstalled, and it does show the proper version number... So, not sure how, but I guess I installed the wrong version first. Even though the proper one was, and still is, on my PC's desktop... *points at dunce corner* I'll be over here.
  2. I'm not, no. Only thing I can think of is having an alternative start that put me in a main city(Solitude). Then again, that would probably not cause it, considering all mods are loaded in in the cell...
  3. Installed the v0.33 as my first interaction with this mod(far as I can recall), and started a fresh playtrough. Any other steps I'm not understanding I should take?
  4. Afraid he's not there. Also, I'm having trouble finding any way of turning the license system on and off. Compared my MCM menu with the screen shots on the download page, and looks similar, same tabs, an option added here and there, but nothing on licenses...Thanks for the help so far though.
  5. I do use that as well. I have not been stopped by any guard, nor do I have any of the valid licenses, since never found a quartermaster. (Yes, have checked the locations in the spoiler) Also I am wearing armor and weapon, but I'm not collared.
  6. I'm not sure whether I did something wrong, or I'm simply misunderstanding how the mod is supposed to function. Mainly the licenses part of the mod seemed very appealing to me, however that is the exact thing that doesn't work. As it stands, I currently have the toll people standing at the gate, gate is master locked and can unlock it by paying the toll at the strongbox. Fast travel is locked as intended. However, no being stopped at the gate for licenses, and no Quartermaster to be found. (Checked Whiterun and Solitude) Running v0.33. Any help obviously appreciated.
  7. @Raistlin_ if you're just looking to remove items from your inventory, you could also use console "player.removeallitems". Just a thought
  8. So, did some more fiddling about with the mod. Mainly reinstall. Then changed the setting of "just this hold". This did fix actual ambushes happening. However, now the other victims are Lydia and varying males (tried several times). After having set my custom follower as victim 2 trough talk.
  9. Sooo, love the idea of the mod, but got some issues that I'm not sure how to fix. - I don't have the kidnapping trigger, at all. Not even when set to the highest possible chance and removing penalties. - When I do a force trigger, it does start (so far only with Draugr, even when set to 0%). However my follower, who I've set to victim status trough talk, is one of the assailants, the first to be exact, then one Draugr takes the next turn, and then it all just stops. I can walk around, could probably even kill the revenge target, but not tested that part. Short version, I've done something wrong, but what?
  10. So, to sum up. I'm basically out of luck with fixing these, short of reworking them for the body I use. Correct?
  11. https://i.gyazo.com/32f192e825a6e94cf67a40133e841eff.png The cut off as can be seen in the screen shot works both ways. As in, this tattoo gets cut off where it goes to the leg, where as I can also put a leg tattoo on that will cut off as it goes in the area where this tattoo is. No difference if I place the tattoo trough RaceMenu or SlaveTats. Now I'm not even sure where to begin to fix this issue. So any suggestions are welcome.
  12. @shadow866 Besides the deleting of items from inventory trough console (Just a guess, not 100% sure it would work) I don't know. As for vanilla arrest. What city? Also has the mod worked before? What city? etc @shiagwen Do you have the Zaz Animation Pack installed and have you ran Fores New Idles?
  13. Ok, so tried some other things. The thing that eventually made PoP MCM work for me again. Reverting back to PoP 360 and DDe 351, then turning off SUM again. I realize this isn't the optimal solution, rolling back, but perhaps can help others that find themselves in the same boat as me.
  14. Had a moment to do a bit more testing. Turned off POP as the very first test. Loading games worked again. Obviously not something I'd want to do, so more testing will follow.
  15. Just to add in, running into the same issue. No MCM menu, and loads of issues showing in papyrus logs. Reinstall of both PoP and Sum didn't change anything to the MCM situation. While posting this, I figured I'd try the wait 3 times, save, reload, but it seems my game is now even unable to load saved games after the reinstall..So guess I got some messing around with mods to do either way. Just past 11 AM, not slept yet, something for another day.
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