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mrrakkon's Sims (and stuff)

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So, for a good long while I've been uploading sims to this site, in 1s, 2s, 3s and sometimes even 4s or 5s. But I think it's gotten to the point now where it's maybe become a little bit unwieldy, especially when I tend to update some sims and not others in a given pack which means I'll have to wait to upload an updated version until I've done the others or upload the updated version with some new ones.


Anyway I figured it was time for a change, so now I'm doing this in one download and uploading sims individually or in a household if it's necessary for family relationships and such, I'll be doing download description pages with CC credits and pictures of the sims' outfits, possibly small bios, like before put I'll put them in posts in this thread and link them in this main description instead. 


When I get around to updating sims I've uploaded before I'll probably delete the old file when I put it here. All in the interest in cleaning up things a bit. 


mrrakkonn's World

This is something I've been working on for a while, which ties into this it's a save game I've set up that incorporates my sims in a world where I've set up the sims with houses, relationships and stories in a certain sense. It's currently very much WIP and does not include all the sims I've uploaded here. But check it out if that sounds like something that interests you!



Support me on Patreon


I've set up a page for myself on Patreon with the purpose of allowing those who want to show their appreciation by sending a couple of bucks my way. A kind of "buy me a coffee" type of deal. Note that I will NOT be looking any of my past or future uploads behind early or exclusive access and you'll still be able to download and see all of it here and on my Patreon page for free. The thread for this collection will probably still be the best place for general comments and questions though, and the descriptions of the sims here will probably be longer than those on Patreon which will be more like update notices. 


I'll certainly appreciate it if you decide to support me and I'll totally understand it if you decide not to or aren't able ;)


About Installing

My stuff is all CC included (for the most part, some exceptions listed below), in subfolders inside the .rar (you need winrar or 7zip or something like that to unpack it UPDATE: I'm now doing 7zip archives), so you can take out stuff you don't want, particularly stuff that may cause conflicts (such as the default skin replacements and body replacements). Take the archiveand place it in your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ folder, or open the archive and take the files from the Tray folder and place them into your own Tray folder and do the same with the Mods folders. 

Don't forget to download the Shared CC folder it includes a bunch of items that I don't include in the individual archives for sims and households but which might be needed (mostly sliders and skin details). 


Shared CC (Last updated Jan 31, 2021)

One advantage in setting up a thread like this is that I can provide an archive of CC which is mostly shared between my sims, this is mostly skin and eye replacements, custom CAS sliders and some skin details and such. This is useful in not having to include as much CC in each upload and reducing the resulting filesize a bit. 

A note on sliders: Note that all custom sliders add or replace points on the body where you can drag and manipulate your sim face and body shape, for information on how they work see the links to the specific sliders under Shared CC Credits below. Some sliders, including the ones I have, may cause certain glitches from time to time such as vanishing chests and the like (temporary and somewhat easily fixed by travelling and sometimes saving in my experience), you may want to remove them from your game if they cause you trouble and to always make sure that the ones I've included do not conflict with any you might already have. 

NEW 1/31/21: Two additional sliders, hip height/leg length and detailed butt by Dumbaby added to the archive 

NEW 12/14/21: Now includes a new folder called Z_InactiveCustomSliders which currrently includes a single slider from Redhead sims (link in the Shared CC credits below), it's placed in this folder because it conficts with Cmar's breast sliders, in the sense that both are active, but you can only really use one of them in CAS at a time, the one that loads first more precisely, by playing around with folder names I can influence which the game loads first and which I can use in CAS (while both are still active so to speak, understand?). The thing is I've now used it on some sims now, but I don't want it to lock me out of using Cmar's sliders in CAS, so I've put it in this folder which I change the name of whenever I want to actually use it on a sim. For anyone using this, just leave the name as is, you'll get the appearance you should from sims I use it on, but you'll still be able to use Cmar's breast shape sliders.

NEW 12/5/20: Not really Shared CC, but I thought I'd recommend this mod for anyone who uses my sims, I use a number of different custom skintones for my sims, some of which add alot of new swatches to the game and it can make the interface a bit cluttered and presets hard or impossible to view. It's a mod that expands the number of CAS columns so you have more custom swatches without making stuff hard to see. 




My sims use tongues, for it to work you require a rig replacment that includes tongue bones, such as the standard one to come with WW. Personally I use an accessory one, mostly out of habit, rather than a head replacement with a tongue included. See here for tongue meshes https://www.loverslab.com/topic/85318-test-sims-4-tounge/ 

Update: the Patreon version of WW now includes support for tongues as body parts, so I've switched to that, it shouldn't really impact any of my downloads in anyway (since I wasn't including the tongue meshses in any cases)


Height Sliders

I save my sims with a height slider active and use it for pictures, though I don't necessarily use it all the time when playing the game. This is the specific one I use http://modthesims.info/d/588159 (using the standard heighslider2 without shorter teens), it's not supported by WW and it replaces the foot slider. To get the height of my sims I start with the assumption that +0 on the slider is US average male height of about 5'9" or 175cm, with that specific slider then that means that every point about or below +0 means a 0.2% change in the sim's height, I typically have all my sims set in intervals of 12.5/13 to keep it simple for the occasional time when I make pose packs using height sliders. So I've got them set to values like +13/+25/+38 or -13/-25/-38, which is respectively roughly 5'11"/6'0"/6'2" and 5'7"/5'5"/5'3" by my assumption. Anyway enough on that, I have not included the height slider I use in any of the downloads. 

NEW 5/12/20: The above is my old assumption and scaling basis. I'm now using a different scaling based on what I've read by googling around that Sims 4 default height is more like 6ft, so I'm now using the assumption that +0 on the slider is exactly 6'0" and working out the rest from that. I made a post about it here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/127124-mrrakkons-sims-and-stuff/?do=findComment&comment=3000410



Custom Careers

When I make sims and place them in the world I feel like them having an occupation (and skills and traits, but that's another matter) helps give them a bit of personality and role even when you're not playing as them. As a result I typically have my sims be saved and already be at some level in a given occupation. However I often feel like the base game careers don't offer enough variety and doesn't always fit what I have in mind for my sims, so in that case I'll probably look around for a custom career mod to use. 

I'm not going to include these mods in the sim downloads, these are script mods and might frequently require updates and become incompatible with the game when it's patched. However in the case that a sim I've uploaded has a rank in a custom career this will be noted in the description of the sim and there will be a link to the mod in question. If you don't have the career mod installed (either because you don't want or the mod no longer works), sims with custom careers will simply be unemployed when placed in the game and should cause no issues. Currently I'm using a bunch of career mods by Midnitetech, as well as the AEP pornography mod by Ksuihuh




Custom Traits (NEW 7/9/2020)

I've now began adding custom traits that are not from WW or Basemental Drugs to some of my new and updated sims and will continue doing so in the future. Like with the custom careers and other scripting mods I've chosen NOT to include these in the download because it could cause issues, instead I will be linking to the relevant mods in the descriptions for the sims and households who have these. 

Currently I'm only using custom traits (excluding those from WW and Basemental Drugs) by Kuttoe https://kuttoe.itch.io/


Language Barriers Mod (NEW November/December 2020)

An optional thing I'm mostly doing for myself is incoroporating the Language Barriers mod for my sims going forwards, so they should all have primary languages and second language skills assigned as I thought appropriate. Using this mod is completely optional and not having it should cause no issues. 


Shared CC

One advantage in setting up a thread like this is that I can provide an archive of CC which is mostly shared between my sims, this is mostly skin and eye replacements, custom CAS sliders and some skin details and such. This is useful in not having to include as much CC in each upload and reducing the resulting filesize a bit. 

A note on sliders: Note that all custom sliders add or replace points on the body where you can drag and manipulate your sim face and body shape, for information on how they work see the links to the specific sliders under Shared CC Credits below. Some sliders, including the ones I have, may cause certain glitches from time to time such as vanishing chests and the like (temporary and somewhat easily fixed by travelling and sometimes saving in my experience), you may want to remove them from your game if they cause you trouble and to always make sure that the ones I've included do not conflict with any you might already have. 

NEW 5/12/20: Not really Shared CC, but I thought I'd recommend this mod for anyone who uses my sims, I use a number of different custom skintones for my sims, some of which add alot of new swatches to the game and it can make the interface a bit cluttered and presets hard or impossible to view. It's a mod that expands the number of CAS columns so you have more custom swatches without making stuff hard to see. 




Nude Appearances 

For my female sims' nude appearances, I used female body details by wild_guy and Erplederp and Hiroki's better body mods, and also nipple tattoos by .Noir. I also use underboob shadow by crabb. I've decided not to include them, because those first two are often updated and therefore including them in the archives could mess things up for people. Grab them here instead





Update 3/13/20: I've begun using Sopor's Allure breast mesh for some, though not all, of my sims, https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7047-sims-4-sopors-allure-a-revised-breast-mesh-nipple-piercings-241118-pink-nipples/



For my male sims I use default WW body parts and various body hair CC, but the latter I have included with the individual sims and households when relevant. 


Remember that you have to check the box to enable custom content for the sims to appear in your gallery!



Link to Download Descriptions


Individual Sims

Sabrina Kane

Luna Cadiz

Jessica Kim

Hadya Ibanez

Alexis Vinter

Jamila Tawfiq

Selda Demirci

Darren Knox

Logan Fields

Hannah Albright

Melina Dwyer

Lauren Tan

Josephine Fournier

Tyler Stevenson

Alisha Cappelletti (updated 1/27/21, now packaged together with her brpther, Tommy Cappelletti)

Candace Flynn (updated 1/31/21)

Jana Rosales (updated 1/31/21)

Veronica Guajardo (updated 1/31/21)

Victoria Woodworth (updated 1/31/21)

Jenny Kaplan

Emily Heyward

Mikaela Rosenkranz

Brianna Hornick

Carolyn Ledesma

Fatima Mahdavi

Rachel Mason

Amanda Moss

Ashley Hwang

Megan Henderson

Alba Noguera

Lana Zsoldos

Alice Otsuka-Walsh

Samantha McPherson

Fiona Butler

Lydia Youssef

Naomi Adebayo

Felicia Kowalski

Marcela Carafoli

Callie Lawson

Nabila Imran

Odette from Summertime Saga

Allison Dufour

Roxxy from Summeritme Saga

Jocelyn Zavala

Audrey Reynolds

Rita Valenta (added 1/15/21)

Anaya Hinton (added 1/16/21)



McFadden Family

Tracy Muller Now also includes her family, most of which is made around the Snowy Escape pack and meant to live in Mt. Komorebi, CC for Tracy required

Thalia Jordan + Family

Tony and Aminah

Linnie and Cara + Family (updated 1/18/21)

Korrapati Family + updated post (couldn't edit the original for some reason)

Rockwell Household

Maryam Khoroushi Now also includes her parents in a separate archive, this requires the CC for Maryam to work. 

Grace and Eve from Summertime Saga

Becca and Missy from Summertime Saga


Maxis Sims Makeovers and Reimaginings

Goth Family (OLD)

Don Lothario  (updated 1/18/21)

Caliente Sisters  (updated 1/18/21)

Bella Goth (NEW VERSION)

Goth Family (NEW VERSION) + Extended Family (in the same post, requires the CC for Bella Goth and the other Goth family members)
Goth Family updated 1/18/21

Pleasant Family + Burb family (requires Pleasant Family CC)   (updated 1/18/21)

Broke Family   (updated 1/18/21)

Dreamer Family   (updated 1/18/21)

Extended Family Elders for the Pleasant and Broke families   (updated 1/18/21)
Landgraab Family   (updated 1/18/21)

Virginia Buckingham ("Mom" Landgraab)

Alto Family   (updated 1/18/21)

Alfonso Alto's Love Triangle -  (updated 1/27/21 Hernandez/Medina with NPC sims)

Mazuiko Jackson from the Urbz

Frankie Fusilli + Family Also Extended Alto Family which requires both Alto and Fusilli CC to work. 

Vatore Twins

Couture Twins from the Urbz, Sophie and Babette Couture

Candy and Yuki Behr from Windenburg

Cash Monet from the Urbz

Diva Roma from the Urbz also available as her younger self when she was a model

Goopy Gilscarbo


UPDATE 1/18/21: I've now started on updating the sims and households that went into the first version of my world. This is mostly about rearranging the mod folder and with December's skintone update and my decision to pivot away from most CC skintones, changing sims' skintones to base game ones or CC ones I decided to keep. I've also made some skill and trait changes here and there. Because of that I decided update these sims as a group, with all the tray files and CC in one upload (split into 5 archives). Updated househodls and sims noted above. 



NPC Sims and Townies

NPC Cops for Basemental Drugs (updated 1/27/21)

Male AEP Sims

NPC Maids (updated 1/27/21)

NPC Drug Dealers for Basemental Drugs (updated 1/27/21)

Teen Townies (updated 1/30/21, two new sims added)

Service NPC Sims (updated 1/27/21)

NPC Gym Trainers (updated 1/27/21)

Service NPC Sims (Round 2) (updated 1/27/21)

Alto Crime Family (updated 1/27/21. packaged separately from the NPCs, Tommy Cappelletti now packaged with Alisha)

Lot NPCs (updated 1/27/21)


UPDATE 1/27/21: Most of these have now been updated, the rest will come as well. The first of those updated on 1/27/21 are packaged together now. 


Orgy Nightclub Lot

Jason's House

Tracy, Alexis and Thalia's House

Club 503 (Nightclub)

Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club

Rockwell Mansion


Other Stuff

Tongue Piercing Accessory

MDMA Hip Tatoo (link leads to description of sim I made it for)

Solo Poses pose pack

Solo Dancing pose pack

CC Posters


Shared CC Credits


7k eyeshadows by crazycupcake
https://simplifiedsimi.tumblr.com/post/147959805145/ladysims-and-gentlesims-for-the-very-first-time eyeshadows
pores overlay by MagicBot

Matching nail polish by erplederp
https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-accessories-female-gloves/title/[suzue]-daiya-belly-piercing/id/1408380/ mesh edited by me
https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-accessories-female-gloves/title/[suzue]-star-belly-piercing/id/1408251/ mesh edit by me
https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4257-sims-4-wild_guys-shameless-underwear-01082019/ garterbelt 02
accessory bra by chisami
https://mlysmakescc.weebly.com/pufferhead.html scarf
teardrop bikini bottom acc by erplederp
https://dallasgirl79.tumblr.com/post/189875407628/petite-feet-v2-new-mesh-merry-christmas-and toenail colors

Bras by Curbs
thong by Ubersims
thong by LYNX




https://dallasgirl79.tumblr.com/downloads flip flops (seems to currently be unavailable)
heels by Curbs

Skin Details
https://itselliandra.tumblr.com/post/158592960651/catplnt-cinnamon-roll-skin-v2-halloween overlay skin

Skintones (fixed for december 2020 patch)
WW extra skintones

http://simshini.tumblr.com/post/170063690203/ea-teeth-default-replacements-i-hate-the (overrides)

Default Skin Replacement

CAS Slider (check out the links to see how they work)
https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4185-sims-4-heavy-boobs/ (I only use the main file that changes the breast slider)


Kijiko Lashes
http://kijiko-catfood.com/category/the-sims4/ts4-makeup/ (all of them)



General CC Creator Credits (Updated 1/16/21


Daddy's Prince (fishnet top accessory) https://daddysprince.tumblr.com/
erplederp (various clothes and accessories, CC edits) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6223-sims-4-erplederps-hot-stuff-sexy-things-for-your-sims-040920-added-framed-beauty-alina-vacariu/
Weepingsimmer (nose stud) https://weepingsimmer.tumblr.com/download
YOUNZOEY (beanie) 
TajsweL (jeans) https://tajsiwel.tumblr.com/
ilkup (sunglasses) https://ilkup.tumblr.com/
imadako (accessory shorts) https://imadako.tumblr.com/
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