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Heavy Boobs is a collection of mods designed to increase the maximum size of breasts and improve their appearance.  It's primarily a slider mod, meaning it affects every outfit of every female Sim in the game.  Secondly, this mod adjusts several clothing meshes and adds some detail options.  The goal of Heavy Boobs is to give larger breasts a more weighty appearance; having them sag a bit with rounded undersides as well as adding indications of nipples poking into thinner fabric.



Heavy Boobs  Delete all files from previous versions, then drag the Heavy Boobs folder into your Mods folder.  See the spoiler below for details on the Options folder.
Navels  Delete all files from previous versions, then drag the Navels folder into your Mods folder.  See the spoiler below for DLC requirements.
Mia  Drag the files from Mia.zip into the Tray folder, which is in the same location as your Mods folder.  See the spoiler below for additional requirements.



Heavy Boobs

The core mod.  Includes the following:



  • HB Slider - Override.  The CAS breast slider mod.  Changes breast proportions to be fuller, and significantly larger overall
  • HB Nude Default Top Override.  Custom high-poly nude mesh w/ nipples
  • HB Cleavage Overlay - CAS standalone.  Cleavage overlays designed to accommodate larger, heavier breasts.  User trunnk made some additional swatches


  • [BG] Bikini - Override.  Custom mesh with improved shape and added nipple impressions. Includes touched-up textures
  • [BG] Bra - Override.  Custom mesh with improved shape and added nipple impressions
  • [BG] Tank Top - Added CAS swatch.  Custom mesh with added nipple impressions. Custom textures to remove transparent undershirt
  • [BG] Low Neckline Tank - CAS standalone.  Custom mesh with improved shape for the base game tank top with a low neckline.  Includes touched-up textures
  • [BY] Side TieCAS standalone.  Custom mesh with improved shape and a few swatches for the tied-off top from the Backyard Stuff DLC.
  • [DU] Cropped HoodieCAS standalone.  Custom mesh with improved shape for the cropped hoodie from the Discover University DLC.
  • [RM] Belted Top CAS standalone.  Custom mesh with improved shape for belted top from the Realm of Magic DLC.
  • Alternate Cleavage Overlays - The HB Cleavage Overlay available in different skin detail slots
  • Stand Alone Nude Top - The HB Nude Top as a stand alone top.  Compatible with WickedWhims nudity options selection tool.
  • Firm Nude Top Options - Old HB Nude Top as a stand alone and default replacement.  This mesh has a much lower poly count, and doesn't deform as much from the "Chest Depth" slider.  Stand alone version is compatible with WickedWhims nudity options selection tool.
  • Alternative Sliders - Replace HB Slider with the HB Slider file found in:

Small:  The original HB Slider that offers relatively high mesh compatibility

Large:  Bigger boobs, mesh problems be damned

Huge:  Huge boobs, %$#@ meshes




A side project I've been working on that adds 3D navels to pants with exposed midriffs.  Each file name includes a tag that points to the DLC required:


[BG]  Base Game

[CK]  Cool Kitchen

[CL]  City Living

[Fi]  Fitness

[GT]  Get Together

[IL]  Island Living

[OR]  Outdoor Retreat

[Pa]  Parenthood

[SD]  Spa Day

[SV]  Strangerville



The Sim I used in to model the preview shots for Heavy Boobs.  She requires the DLC listed under her gallery entry as well as the following CC to load completely:


My own Navels mod, available here

Enhanced Butt Sliders by Cmar

Female Waist and Hip Height Slider by Hellfrozeover

Shoulder Height Slider by Hellfrozeover

Female Body Details by Wildguy

Smoothish II Skin by Luumia




"Help! This mod doesn't appear to be working in my game!"
The meshes are only available at LOD 0, which means you will only see them at the highest "Sim Detail" setting.  If you still aren't seeing all or part of this mod, odds are good you have a conflicting mod.


"Is this mod compatible with [popular mod]?"

Not if that mod does the same thing this one does.  Any mod that adds nipples to the default nude mesh is overriding the same file as HB Nude Default Top and will conflict.  Any mod that modifies the breast slider is overriding the same file as HB Slider and will conflict.


"What happens when mods conflict?"
When two mods modify the same resource the game will only use the last file it loads and discards the other.  The game will not crash or even produce an error in most cases; the only indication you will have that there is a conflict is that the mod simply doesn't appear in the game.  This can be particularly difficult to spot when you don't know what a mod looks like, or when two mods look very similar as is the case with most nude top replacements.


"How can I test for a conflict?"

Temporarily Set all mods but this one aside and load the game with only Heavy Boobs in your Mods folder.  If it works, then you have a conflict somewhere.


"Ok so I have a conflicting mod.  But I have hundreds of mods, how do I know which one is causing the conflict?"

I recommend adding your old mods back into your mods folder one half at a time and loading up the game to test.  If Heavy Boobs still works you know it's not in that chunk of mods, if it breaks you know there's at least one conflict in that half.  Once you have a chunk of mods you know contains a conflict keep cutting the loaded mods in half until you narrow down the culprit.


"I have a conflicting mod but I love that mod. Can I still use it?"
Sure! My mods are far from perfect and may not be to your liking.  Just delete the relevant file from my mod and keep the mod you prefer.  My slider mod will affect other meshes, and my meshes will be affected by other slider mods.


"I have bumps where the nipples should be, but no nipples!"
My mods only include meshes.  You need textures!  I recommend wild_guy's Female Body Details and luumia's Smoothish II skin.




This mod makes Sims' breasts larger.  Unfortunately, the mechanics of how exactly that effect is achieved aren't so simple.


What's really happening is that this mod multiplies the effect the CAS Breast Size slider has on a Sim's figure.  It doesn't extend the slider to go to 300%, it's makes 100% is 3x larger.  This means that every female Sim in the game will become noticeably more endowed.


Whether that's a problem is up to personal taste, but it leads into another problem: mesh deformation.  Almost none of EA's meshes look good with a massively blown out body part slider.  This is why I've gone to pains to modify a few tops for use with this mod, but there are a lot of female Townies out there and all of them are going to face this wardrobe problem.  The ideal solution is to re-do every mesh in the game with high poly counts and finely tuned weights, but until that happens I recommend using Deaderpool's MC Command Center.

With MCCC you can set CAS templates for ages and genders that limit the size of CAS parts.  If you set the range of the Breast Size slider to "-100 to 35" instead of "-100 to 100" Sims will have their body shapes restricted to something approximating the EA default, so you won't have to micromanage their figures and wardrobes as much.  You still have to change existing Sims depending on how you set it up, but MCCC makes adjusting other Sims easy both in CAS and through menus.






CmarNYC for their Anatomy Mod Female top mesh which I used as a base.
JS Sims for their Cleavage Overlay which I used as a base.
EVOL_EVOLVED for their Breast Augmentation mod which directed me to the breast slider asset.
lumialoversims for their Smoothish II skin.
wild_guy for their Female Body Details mod.
Andre for the Poser Player, and CatsBlob for their poses.



Do not redistribute any part of this mod without permission.






What's New in Version 1.7.1   See changelog


  • Improved Nude Top mesh replacement
  • Improved mesh for [BY] Side Tie
  • Previous version of Nude Top added as an option


  • 1.7.1: Stitched up Nude Top mesh

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