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As a frequent (in-game) criminal, i've always found Skyrim's vanilla justice system to be a highly underwhelming experience. It often felt easier just to surrender when times got tough, surrendering your stolen loot and losing the skill points you probably gained shooting arrows at innocent civilians anyway. SewerRats aims to redefine the justice system in a much more medieval, masochistic way that feels right at home in a game that shares many of those qualities.



SewerRats expands the crime system, introducing illegal drugs sold by drug dealers sold throughout Skyrim. Legal cigarettes are also available, which are sold by merchants in most cities within Skyrim. Dealers peddle substances including Crack Cocaine and Weed, which are also common in the Sewers (see Punishment). These drugs greatly affect you, making the game near impossible to play while effects are active. Addiction can follow if substances are used often enough, which will lead to desperate efforts to get your fix, and eventually, a life of crime, prostitution, and desperation.


Drug/Cigarette Availability by Location:


The "Illicit Merchandise" system is not designed to provide a number of dealers and shopkeepers that reflect only the town's population,
rather they reflect both the population and the economic/social status of the residents. More dealers and merchants peddling cigarettes
will come to towns with a more "working class" populace. Not all large towns will offer drugs, but some small towns may still attract
drug dealers. Prices vary between purchases and dealers, since supply and demand change rapidly.


Brand-Shi [Cigarettes]
Grelka [Cigarettes]
Borgny [Drugs]

Belathor's General Goods [Cigarettes]
Arcadia's Cauldron [Cigarettes]
Honningbrew Meadery [Cigarettes]

New Gnisis Cornerclub [Cigarettes]
The White Phial [Cigarettes]
Aval [Cigarettes]
Calixto [Drugs]

The Mortar And Pestle [Cigarettes]
Ranmir [Drugs]
Tia [Drugs]

The Frozen Hearth [Cigarettes]

Bits And Pieces [Cigarettes]
Angeline's Aromatics [Cigarettes]
Jala [Cigarettes]
Addvar [Cigarettes]
Nils [Drugs]

Arnleif and Sons Trading Company [Cigarettes]
Silver-Blood Inn [Cigarettes]
Zaynabi [Drugs]

Moorside Inn [Cigarettes]

Braidwood Inn [Cigarettes]
Garthar [Drugs]

Dead Man's Drink [Cigarettes]
Grave Concoctions [Cigarettes]
Gray Pine Goods [Cigarettes]

Four Shields Tavern [Cigarettes]

Vilemyr Inn [Cigarettes]

Riverwood Trader [Cigarettes]

Frostfruit Inn [Cigarettes]




You cannot get addicted to "Soft" drugs like weed, however you can become dependent upon Crack and Cigarettes. Being addicted will require you to get your fix every so often, failing to do so will bring you into withdraw. Surviving the withdraw symptoms for a long enough period will end your addiction to that substance.




This mod does not implement prostitution. However, it offers dependency-free integration into nearly every prostitution mod that uses SexLab. If you have sex out in the open, in a city or town, and exchange money shortly after, the mod will detect this as prostitution and you stand a chance of getting spotted by a guard. Sometimes, the guard will care enough to come arrest you, other times he will not. Sex with guards, prostitution or not, consensual or not, will result in an arrest for prostitution (and anything else they can throw at you). They will trick you into having sex with them, showing interest and doing the deed, presumably to collect additional evidence of your crimes... at least so they say!


Guards will look the other way at prostitutes if they work indoors.



While the vast majority of the mod's gameplay currently takes place in the Sewers and Solitary/Death Row, multiple prisons are actively in the planning and development stage. Now that the Sewers are (in our opinion) mostly stable, work will begin on the remaining pieces of this mod. The other prisons are a long-term project, but initial work has progressed quite smoothly.


Prisons Currently Implemented or Planned:


STABLE - Sewers (Sentencing: Bounty above MCM Minimum)


By far the most "gritty" and intense of the prisons, the Sewers are located under the city of Windhelm. The heart of this mod's content, the Sewers houses violent inmates who's crimes warrant a secure location and severe punishment. Inmates here are kept underground 24/7, with no time for recreation or enjoyment in their lives. Inmates are put to work cleaning, maintaining, and building the Sewer System under the city. The inmates maintain a thriving drug/alcohol scene among the otherwise miserable setting. From the moment you step foot into your cell, you will be intimidated, used, and overworked.


Work results in "Good Time" type credits, which reduce your sentence. You'll lose a day off your sentence for each day you spend in prison, but long sentences will only realistically be served out by working... when you do things the "right way".


Many illegitimate opportunities exist to lower or end your time, including drug dealing (in exchange for other inmates' good time) and a very difficult escape quest that ends in you becoming a fugitive in most of the "civilized" holds.


STABLE - Solitary & Death Row (Sentencing: Bounty over 20,000 for Death Row, offense committed inside prison for Solitary)



Solitary Confinement is a temporary punishment for inmates that violate the rules of the prison or are caught after an escape attempt. In solitary, you will stay in your cell for most of the day, only let out to roam around in a recreation "yard", where the guard on duty will happily take advantage of your vulnerabilities. This will happen every day, on a loop, until you are finally released back to "General Population". Disobedience (such as flooding your cell) will result in a severe physical punishment.


Death Row

Death Row is reserved for the worst of Tamriel - criminals who commit genocide, kill multiple inmates while already in prison, or just annoy the wrong jarl. There is no escape and no way out - except the obvious - from Death Row. You will be held in a situation similar to Solitary for 30 days, but taken out every 10 days where you will be tortured ever closer to death. You will give in eventually and die. You can speed up this process by flooding your cell.


IN DEVELOPMENT/CONFIRMED - Dawnstar Reformatory (Sentencing: For Prostitution, Drug & Alcohol Offenses, possibly theft)


Not yet implemented! The Dawnstar Reformatory is a religious reform school run by devout worshipers of the divines. Focusing on prostitutes, addicts, and Skyrim's other lowlives, the Reformatory aims to reform them into useful members of society through prayer, education, and strict order. I'm going for a very cult-like atmosphere on this one.


NOT STARTED/NOT CONFIRMED - Work Camp (Sentencing: Small Crimes where other prisons are not applicable)


Not yet in development and not confirmed (this may be replaced with something else). The Work Camp puts Skyrim's petty criminals to work in grueling outdoor conditions - hauling, farming, mining, and not enough resting. 




  • Any "Prison" type mod that affects prison sentencing.
  • Mods that affect Orc Strongholds.
  • "Better Cities" mods that physically change the location of existing buildings. Mods that expand outwards from the existing city are compatible.



  • RaceMenu/NiOverride
  • SkyUI
  • Fuz Ro D-oh
  • SlaveTats
  • ZaZAnimationPack
  • SexLab


Highly Recommended:

Amputator Framework


When you are tortured in the fires (a solitary confinement feature), you will lose limbs if Amputator is activated.

Your favorite rape/sex animation mod


Your chosen mod must have the rape animations flagged as "Aggressive" in SexLab. If this is the case, SewerRats will use them whenever a rape takes place.


You are raped:

  • By Mia at the beginning and occasionally thereafter.
  • In Solitary, during recreation.

You will have sex:

  • When taking sex as payment for drugs.
  • When buying drugs and offering sex as payment for them.

Death Alternative


Death Alternative compatibility is dependent upon the "SewerRats" OnBlackout event being enabled. Not enabling this event will cause strange bugs when you die in prison and are resurrected by DA. Keep this enabled at all times when playing this mod enabled.


SewerRats DA Plugin Details:


On Death Outside of Prison

If your killer is a guard or a citizen with the same assigned crime faction as a hold you have a bounty in, you will be handled as if you were arrested normally (prison if over the minimum bounty, vanilla jail if under). If your killer is not a member of the crime faction, SewerRats will not handle this death.


On Death Inside Prison

If you die in prison and have not died in prison previously, and do not have the "DA Eternal Torture" option enabled in SewerRats MCM, you will be given a second chance at freedom. You will be resurrected and told of the Curse of Eternal Life, which is now upon you.


If you have died in prison and were resurrected previously, or do have the "DA Eternal Torture" option turned on, you will wake up in prison, processed back in, and your imprisonment will continue, forever - hence the ghost's explanation of the Curse in the former scenario.

Radiant Prostitution (or any other modern prostitution mod)


Prostitution is criminalized. Prostitutes will stand a chance at being caught and locked in jail! Radiant Prostitution is my personal favorite, but any mod that follows the sex-for-money format is supported - this mod, quite simply, is triggered when a sex act happens and the arrest chance is run if money is exchanged shortly after. Prostitutes can safely work indoors.




Use the download link in the "Files" section.


Please consider supporting the continued development of SewerRats with a small Contribution. Donated funds will be used to implement features such as voice acting, C++ API development (Such as our BookTxtAPI), and other features which would be best implemented via third-party freelancers and consultation.



1) Install all listed requirements and requirements of those requirements.

2) Install mod to "Data" folder (Mod managers are supported)

3) Run FNIS

4) Use a clean save as this is in development and may break at any time!


Known Bugs

  • Escape Quest might not reset properly in all instances, causing issues when you escape for a second time


If you find any additional bugs, please report them so they can be added to this list and fixed in order of severity.



  • ZaZ - HDT Ankle Chains and other modder's resources.
  • Slaves Of Tamriel - Inspiration, Mechanics
  • Raven Beak Prison - this mod initially started as an overhaul of the RBP mod, but quickly morphed into an idea of it's own. It no longer implements RBP functionality and will continue to have no relationship to this mod in the future, but this project wouldn't exist without it.

What's New in Version 1.21



- Fixed a bug that essentially broke the mod after PM inspection.

- Fixed cuffs application in Solitary

- Fixed an issue where the fire burns while not being punished in solitary.

- Made the "recreation room" have a much darker, dungeon-like feel. With the above bug fixed as well it is much darker and gloomier in there.

- Map Markers show the physical location of sewers and the reformatory (not working yet) on the map. This will be for self-surrender in the future.


- Mia is now much more interactive. You can choose to be her bitch, or fight her (if you are a high enough level!) and either be "independent" of her... or turn her into your bitch!
- Added my take on the Bully System from Raven Beak Prison. It's not as comprehensive, but, essentially, you can bully other inmates for Work Credits if you have a high enough
reputation. This happens when you successfully fight Mia and win. On the other hand, Mia will take your work credits from you to pay back any debt you owe her if she is not your bitch.
- Additional Dialogue options for Inmates and Guards. All inmates now have a story to tell.
- (Partial) RND Support! Guards now offer Medicine to cure diseases and the food reduces hunger for RND Users. Beds are still not RND-Compatible.
- Removed ApachiiSkyHair Dependency.
- Redesigned the inmates' appearances. They now look much more like drug addicts and such.
- Fixed the bug with the inmates faces mismatching.
- Fixed a bug where you could fall off the map when leaving your cell.
- Fixed bugs where inmates would dissapear and the mod would break.
- Added a new job: Chopping Wood in the AM Shift
- Redesigned the work system (for NPCs) to be much less buggy. They now stand around much less then before, and do not go missing.
- Fixed an issue where the NPCs would get frozen after caning, or would not leave their position.
- Redesigned MCM Menu: Toggles are now seperated by prison type with a "General" menu for global options.
- Added a bunch of new MCM Toggles (Turn off SlaveTats, Make drugs/prostitution legal, etc etc)
- Rebuilt the SlaveTats integration to be much more stable.
- Fixed the "debt" system with Mia, previously it would bug out occasionally and either take all of your credits or clear your debt without payment.
- Fixed bugs that can be used to cheat such as a bug that allows multiple days in a sentence to pass when sleeping once.
- Fixed a bug with FNIS
- Added BookTxtAPI SKSE plugin to archive. This is a custom plugin built in preparation for future prisons.
- Leg shackles now equip when they are supposed to.
- Custom Prison Uniforms. These support BodySlide, but you have to run it (The name in BS is SewerRats), then flip the toggle in the MCM. Otherwise, vanilla bodies are assumed.
- All fights now use the native brawl system as opposed to a broken, custom-built one.
- Fixed a bug where you would not get sent to solitary, but just restart your sentence.
- Removed a bunch of old references to Raven Beak Prison which no longer belong in this mod, since it uses no assets from it. This caused major bugs for users with RBP installed, but deactivated.


Overall, almost every major bug in the sewers should be fixed with this release. There are most definitely still a few around, maybe a few major ones, but this is miles ahead of previous versions
regarding stability. 



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