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Decided the cards you pickup in this game are a little tame for my liking, so i decided to fix them. The cards are just naughtier versions of the models already in the game. Some are obviously censored because they're idols/very strict laws and only a few of them went the un-censored route. If i decide to make another pack, i'll probably just use different models that are uncensored, but i won't do that until i figure out how to swap the videos in the erotic video store.


Requirements - 




Installation is a little annoying and sadly not just a drag and drop situation.


  1. Download and extract the telecard.zip file to a folder on your Desktop. (or wherever you'd like.)
  2. Download "PARC-Archive-Importer" and run it.
  3. Click "Open Archive" and navigate to your Steam Yakuza 0 data directory then into "pausepar_e" folder. (In my case, this is it: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Yakuza 0\media\data\pausepar_e) < Yours maybe different so find your own path.
  4. Click to open "pause.par" (Make sure to backup the "pause.par" by copying it to your Desktop or renaming it "pause.par.bakk")
  5. Once loaded, select "Widen"
  6. When that's done select "Open Files" and navigate to your saved telecard folder that you just downloaded, ctrl + a to select them all and click open.
  7. This will load all of the images into right window, now just click "Inject" to inject all those images into the .par file. (This can take a long time and will lock up the application so just be patient. It usually takes around a minute.)
  8. Once that's finished, click save and save it in the same location as the original "pause.par" file overwriting it when asked. (You're good to overwrite because you have a backup, right?)
  9. Done, load up Yakuza 0 and the cards will now be changed in your album as well as new cards you pick up off the floor.
  10. Enjoy.


Side note: (Tester needed.)



If you own the game and would like to test something out, please message me. If it works you'll be added to the credits as a tester. My theory is to just upload the already edited "pause.par" file basically turning it into a simple drag and drop system, although not sure if it'll work and that's why i need someone to test it for me. Your game must be completely vanilla and i'll give you my edited "pause.par" file and you just drop it into "Yakuza 0\media\data\pausepar_e" overwriting the original. (Making a backup of the original first though.)






Anyone wanting to mod, edit or change the cards can do so with my very own card template i made within Photoshop trying to get as close to the original as possible.




  • HowTo (Folder)
  • Step 1-8.jpg walkthrough images
  • Tools.txt
  • Unpackpar.jpg
  • telecardseditl.psd


Make sure once you release your mod and you've used my template/guide be sure to give credit and also let me know so i can take a look at your mod myself. ?







  • SlowpokeVG - PARC-Archive-Importer
  • Sega - Finally porting Yakuza 0 to the master race.
  • gibbed - .par unpacker.
  • Jeffery W. (Intel) - .DDS plug-in 
  • Ai Uehara - Jav Model
  • Emily Okazaki -Jav Model
  • Haruki Sato - Jav Model
  • Hibiki Otsuki - Jav Model
  • Kotomi Asakura - Jav Model
  • Kyoko Maki - Jav Model
  • Luka Kanae - Jav Model 
  • Maika - Jav Model
  • Nao Mizuki - Jav Model
  • Nozomi Hazuki - Jav Model
  • Reika Aiba - Jav Model
  • Saki Hatsumi - Jav Model
  • Chika Arimuraor - Jav Model
  • Ai Haneda - Jav Model
  • Ayaka Tomoda - Jav Model
  • Ayu Sakurai - Jav Model
  • Erika Kitagawa - Jav Model
  • Iori Kogawa - Jav Model
  • Kokoa Aisu - Jav Model
  • Mana Sakura - Jav Model
  • Marina Shiraishi - Jav Model
  • Miho Tono - Jav Model
  • Miku Abeno - Jav Model
  • Nanase Otoha - Jav Model
  • Riku Minato - Jav Model
  • Rina Ito - Jav Model
  • Riona Minami - Jav Model
  • Riri Kuribayashi - Jav Model
  • Shizuku Hasegawa - Jav Model
  • Yuki Natsume - Jav Model






LL exclusive. You may not upload this mod to another site. You may link to the mod instead.




What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • Corrected a spelling mistake with one of the girls name - Lori to Iori (i not L)

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