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This mod swaps all of the original girls softcore videos out with their much more racy and intense hardcore versions and let me tell you, they're indeed very racy in my personal opinion.


Super Easy Installation. Yay!


  1.  Download the Yakuza0 Erotic Video Swap.zip (mega or mediafire link. A file may not show up, but just click the "Download this file" button and then the "Download" button and it'll redirect you.)
  2.  Backup your "Yakuza 0\media\data\movie_w64\iv" folder.
  3.  Drop the iv folder from within the downloaded zip to "Yakuza 0\media\data\movie_w64" (overwrite all.)
  4.  Enjoy




The majority of these videos are censored. I did search for uncensored versions, but couldn't find many. (18 Censored and 12 Uncensored)


List of censored & uncensored JAV models.





  • Chika Arimuraor
  • Ai Haneda
  • Ayaka Tomoda
  • Ayu Sakurai
  • Erika Kitagawa
  • Iori Kogawa
  • Kokoa Aisu
  • Mana Sakura
  • Marina Shiraishi
  • Miho Tono
  • Miku Abeno
  • Nanase Otoha
  • Riku Minato
  • Rina Ito
  • Riona Minami 
  • Riri Kuribayashi
  • Shizuku Hasegawa
  • Yuki Natsume



  • Ai Uehara
  • Emily Okazaki
  • Haruki Sato
  • Hibiki Otsuki
  • Kotomi Asakura
  • Kyoko Maki
  • Luka/Ruka Kanae - Best Girl! ?
  • Maika
  • Nao Mizuki
  • Nozomi Hazuki
  • Reika Aiba
  • Saki Hatsumi


Blame Japan for their weird ass censoring laws. Anus is okay, but flash a bit of pussy and you have to censor it. I still think it's pretty hot personally, but if that's not your cup of tea then move on and wait for a different pack. I'll be changing all the models completely soon. (cards & videos) to fully uncensored, different models. (This will probably take a while because i still need to figure out how to change the text when you pick up a card "you got "name" type C card" and i also need to find out how to edit the tiles in the video store.)





  • Videos are edited by myself so don't expect anything too flashy.
  • Audio included. - I'd advise you to use headphones because these girls love to scream. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  • Video length is between 1-5 minutes and some are longer than others. Didn't know what length to put the videos at so i set myself the limit of 5 minutes max. If you get bored, just skip. (I'd be awesome if there was a fastforward button, but alas there isn't.)
  • Tried my best to compress the .usm as best i could without impacting on the video quality so this is the best i got. (There are 30 files that total at 1GB. The original 30 files total at around 750 MB for comparison.)







Q: Why?
A: Because we can!

Q: Who is your favourite model?
A: Hmm, probably Luka/Ruka Kanae. (She's uncensored too! Score.)


Q: What's next?

A: Probably working on trying to figure out how to edit the name that shows up when you pickup a card also figure out how to change the models tiles around in the erotic store. I may also dabble in trying to nude up the cat girl fights, but don't pin your hopes on it as i'm making zero promises.


Q: My game crashed/infinite loading screen help?!

A: Please use the discussion for the mod you're having issues with and explain what you do so i can try to recreate the issue myself. (If your issue is not erotic video related then i can not help you as that is not my mods fault.)


Q: Why is the audio so loud for some girls?

A: What can i tell you? They really like to "let go" (Must be getting paid a lot to use those lungs. :D) Seriously though, It'd be much easier for you to turn your volume down than for me to de-compile and re-compile all the videos again just to tweak the audio. Which believe it or not, i have.


Q: I don't have all the videos. Will the new ones show up when i've collected them?

A: Yes!








  • SlowpokeVG - PARC-Archive-Importer
  • Sega - Finally porting Yakuza 0 to the master race.
  • gibbed - .par unpacker.
  • Ai Uehara - Jav Model
  • Emily Okazaki -Jav Model
  • Haruki Sato - Jav Model
  • Hibiki Otsuki - Jav Model
  • Kotomi Asakura - Jav Model
  • Kyoko Maki - Jav Model
  • Luka/Ruka Kanae - Jav Model 
  • Maika - Jav Model
  • Nao Mizuki - Jav Model
  • Nozomi Hazuki - Jav Model
  • Reika Aiba - Jav Model
  • Saki Hatsumi - Jav Model
  • Chika Arimuraor - Jav Model
  • Ai Haneda - Jav Model
  • Ayaka Tomoda - Jav Model
  • Ayu Sakurai - Jav Model
  • Erika Kitagawa - Jav Model
  • Iori Kogawa - Jav Model
  • Kokoa aisu - Jav Model
  • Mana Sakura - Jav Model
  • Marina Shiraishi - Jav Model
  • Miho Tono - Jav Model
  • Miku Abeno - Jav Model
  • Nanase Otoha - Jav Model
  • Riku Minato - Jav Model
  • Rina Ito - Jav Model
  • Riona Minami - Jav Model
  • Riri Kuribayashi - Jav Model
  • Shizuku Hasegawa - Jav Model
  • Yuki Natsume - Jav Model








I have not collected all the videos yet so i haven't watch some to see if they worked, i'd assume they do because i tested about 15+ in-game and all worked fine. I edited the videos to make 30 .usm files, mistakes are bound to happen with either encoding or more than likely human error. If you run into any errors please post them in the discussion of this mod. (Click the "Get support" button.) other than that feel free to PM me.


LL exclusive. You may not upload this mod to another site. You may link to the mod instead.










What's New in Version 1.0.0


  • Added a mediafire link.

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