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StardewValley : Male and Female crafting stations [XNB] 1.11

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About This File

NOTE : Right now this is a XNB mod.  Dont download after 1.3 (Will try to do a content patcher version later)



(this is a Stardew valley mod/ mostly a reskin mod)
to Install :
(Make a back up [optional])
-Select just 1 of the files: Male OR Female (female screenshots at the end)
-Drop "Content" on your StardewValley directory
(It replaces "Craftables" on TileSheets folder)


Farming has gone too far!
Your farmer decided he can make profit puting some slaves to work in a very kinky way.


Content :
16 crafting stations (+2) +1New
All the scarecrows
2 pieces of fornitiure (for the male version just a pair of penis lamps)


For now i can´t modify the "Loom" crafting station, because it has an odd way of animation in multiple TileSheets.
Animations CANT be done until an Api its made by modders.
i´ll try to upload the rest of my Stardew mods, (those are more gay oriented tho..)


New on version 1.11
-fixed some offset pixels
-Added 2 more "crafting" stations, can´t show because spoilers
New on version 1.0
Your farmer found new ways to take advantage of slaves
-4 more crafting stations
(I had doubts about doing the "bait" one.. in the end i did it)
-all the remaining Scarecrows (More likely Excitecrows.. hehe. Another reason to collect them all ;) )
-2 lamps now have a very exotic look
(O and i forgot to add, one of the 2x2 tables have "stains" of .. happy milk :) )
New on version 0.9
-6 more crafting stations
-fixed some pixels
-replaced the keg one with a more fitting male

What's New in Version 1.11


  • 1.11 updated to work with version 1.11 of the game

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