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RSE CWSS Redux V2 Patch 1.2.0

About This File

This contains compatibility patch for RSE (AAF, Four-Play, and Basic Needs Lite - see below) and Craftable Working Showers Sinks (CWSS) - Redux V2.  The patch is fairly straightforward, and uses original scripts from RSE.  The CWSS items have been modified to remove their scripts in favor of the RSE scripts for toilet use and drinking.  I also added back the vanilla sound effects scripts for the drinking items - so they will not be silent.


Modified items will be found in the Furniture>CWSS menu as usual, now with a modified name including [RSE-CWSS]



  • All toilets/outhouse items
    • Work with RSE Basic Needs
    • Use original animations from CWSS
    • Urinal - special case here - it now works with both genders (if you want to stand)
  • Bubbler sink items
    • Taking a drink will reduce RSE Basic Needs thirst
    • Taking a drink will increase RSE Basic Needs bathroom needs



  • Showers and bathing items - as these have no current RSE Basic/Advanced needs features


Load Order:




RSE_CWSS_pastch.esp <---- any place after the first two


When installing - as the scripts relative to the CWSS have been removed and replaced, it is a good idea to scrap and replace any CWSS toilets or bubbler sinks

The mod contains no scripts of it's own, and should be safe to install or remove at any time.  Please scrap any RSE-CWSS integrated items prior to removing.



The mod was created with:


CWSS Redux V2 - 2.1

RSE -*  (this SHOULD work with earlier versions as there has not been a change to the script involved recently)

*Note that this mod was created against a version of RSE that requires AAF.  An Four-Play should be possible and this might even work with FP RSE, but has not been tested.


Thanks to steve40 for creating CWSS and allowing the patch to be created ("Compatibility patches are permitted as long as no assets are included in the patch.")

MANY thanks to @Flashy (JoeR) for his hard work creating and maintaining RSE!


>>Basic Needs Lite<< - now supporting this mod with a patch.  NOTE - if you have RSE you DO NOT NEED THIS.  This is ONLY for users of Basic Needs lite  Modified items will be found in the Furniture>CWSS menu as usual, now with a modified name including [BN-CWSS]


>>Four-Play RSE<< - now supporting this version of RSE with a patch.  


What's New in Version 1.2.0


1.1.0 - Now supporting Basic Needs Lite

1.2.0 - Now supplier Four-Play RSE (FP_RSE.esp)

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