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hdtHavokModifier "Just For Fun" (JFF) v4 v4

About This File

Required Files: x86 version of the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

This package must be installed for the program to work. Without it installed you may receive an error stating "msvcr110.dll is missing".

  • just for fun full v3.zip: This is the base install. Required.
  • hdtHavokModifier.zip: Upgrades the program to the most current version. Unzip to the same dir and allow overwrite.

hdtHavokModifier "Just For Fun" (JFF) is a Qt based Windows application. It is not just an XML editor. It was developed specifically for changing the parameters of the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml and the parameter .xml files for other meshes. It was built with Havok tools and It has all the parameters, limitations and options available to the HDT Physics Extension feature set.


If you modify the .xml for a specific use (skirts, hair, etc) or even for your taste in flesh-based hydrodynamic simulation (bounciness), please feel free to post your mod to the downloads section. That's what this forum is for, to allow willy nilly posting of anything related to HDT.


About v3

This is the complete setup. It has all the files you need to make the program work properly.


Using this program is a lot easier than it sounds.

Follow the information in the customization tutorial, twiddle some numbers, and see what you come up with.

What's New in Version v4


  • v4
  • hkpGenericConstraint:
  • bug fix: linear limits lost sometime.
  • bug fix: angular motors lost.
  • add: linear friction and angular friction(the max friction impulse)
  • v3
  • auto-fill and simplify buttons in the mass properties section re-enabled
  • includes source
  • v2
  • Translations coordinates for Pivot A/B are unavailable ← fixed
  • Changing Linear Limits in an existing xml will eventually cause the program to crash. ← fixed

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