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  1. Full Figure Woman

    Here's an original bodyslide replacer that i've been using a tweaking for probably a couple years. Thought I'd finally up it here.
    Works GREAT with my Chicks for SPODUM mod of a mod, it's used in the video. Video also uses my HDT Tripples HDTPE Preset. (I think I may need to update that.)
    Just putting it here for posterity. Hope you like it.
    For screenshots, see the Share Your Bodyslide Preset post.



  2. HDT Tripples

    With added speed and broader vertical, instead of the 2-bob that tbbp normally gives you, it's a 3-bob boob & butt bounce.
    I hope you find it more than satisfactory.



  3. Chicks 4 SPODUM

    First of all, you need this:
    Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins SPODUM by SLuckyD
    A complex mod with a simple goal: make mannequins more relevant.
    Chicks 4 SPODUM changes:
    Male mannequins are now female.
    The "female" choices are name females from the game with body weights > 50
    The "male" choices are generic females from the game (bandits & such) with body weights < 50
    The original mod uses a big huge giant pedestal model. I removed it.
    The Upside: If you put mannequins upstairs, you can now walk around downstairs.
    The Downside: Now you can't vertically place the char without using a different mod. (Jaxonz Positioner)

    BUG: there's a generic character that MAY appear when Mirabelle Ervine is chosen. It's not Mirabelle, and for me it had the grey face bug. It's a char that exists in the original mod. You can remove it from SPODUM.ESM with tesvedit if it bugs you.



  4. Tit Kit

    Stella's got a secret . . . she has trick titties and Bob is the lucky guy to
    find out the hard way!
    Find out Stella's "secret" using this one amazing weird trick
    that doctors don't want you to know!

    Tit Kit v1
    Is something missing in your life?
    Are you looking for some other customizable body part that you can spend hours perfecting? Have you stylized your players body (BodySlide), cock (SoS), hair (SGHairs), armor (TERA Armors), weapons (take your pick) and their associated physical bouncing properties? Do you no longer have anything to take inordinate amounts of time to build the perfect Stormcloak dog-girl fucking a busty-sub Forsworn dick-girl?
    Well look no further! Areola to the rescue!
    Using RaceMenu, this collection of body overlays will allow you to customize your pc's areola and nipples. You can mix and match different types and sizes, specify colors, and generally mish-mash all kinds of shit together to create the perfect nipple/areola combination
    It's simple: In RaceMenu, click the "overlays" tab on the right, then click the "body" icon on the left. Make something beautiful and post some screens.
    Protip: when you take screens, upload directly from the screenshots folder on your pc. Much simpler than trying to upload from steamcommunity.com.
    (Ima let you in on another little secret: this is really version 3 of Aureolean. It's the same idea but built so differently as to require a whole new everything.)
    Screens attached. More screens over here.
    For the photoshop source files, check the Nexus Page.

    You need . . .
    RaceMenu. Install it. No there isn't an ECE version. No there won't be an ECE version.
    CBBE, ADEC, CSHBHC, BodySlide body types. If you use a body that is somehow based on one of those, it will probably work. At the moment, there is no UNP version. Maybe . . . I haven't decided yet. (I mean BodySlide is so flexible, why even bother with a dedicated body any more?)

    Emmitt says "Use Mod Organizer!"

    Note: The archive has ~93% compression ratio. You will need near 300 megabyte to uncompress this < 400 kilobyte file You can do it however you want but Mod Organizer is fast, flexible, and uses current Windows technology to manage all of your Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion mods. It is ALL the shit.
    Even if you're not using Mod Organizer the installation is simple: DL the mod and install it. It replaces nothing and it only installs a handful of overlays that only work with RaceMenu. Therefore you should have zero conflicts, even if you install it manually.

    Tit Kit:
    make a martini, then make some nipples. Stella Won't Tell.



  5. Work Studios v2 (shadow striping fixed)

    Work Studios is an excellent space in which to test body and outfit modifications. It is simply a set of 3 rooms composed of nothing but solid 100% white, 100% black or 100% blue color.
    I'm not entirely sure that it works for everyone as expected, so lemme know if anything is busted.
    v2 shadow striping fixed:
    The shadow striping was as bad as it could ever get. I changed the setting that would fix it to a pretty high value for the setting. In these spaces, I would not expect this to cause other problems. (tech talk: increased ShadowDepthBias on the shadowcasting light from the default of ONE. Why the hell would they do that? It's now set to 32.)
    Here's the readme:
    Work Studios
    by Monsto Brukes (original credit to KahjiitRaj)
    Work Studios is an excellent space in which to test body and outfit modifications. It is simply a set of 3 rooms composed of nothing but solid 100% white, 100% black or 100% blue color.
    To access the rooms:
    go to console
    type coc studiowhite

    …or black, or blue.
    They are small spaces if you look at them in the editor, but are built to appear endless. This is accomplished with a cube of collision walls placed well inside of a cube of textured walls. Therefore, whatever you put in here appears to be suspended in space.
    The lighting is generic. Bright white upper light from the southeast, a warmer off-white fill light from the southwest, and a dim midnight blue light from the north. The consistency of the lighting could not really be maintained with a larger space.
    The space will load the body and outfit assets, the textures for the wall and unless you have some other mods installed, that will be it. There’s no connection to the outside world and consequently none of it’s baggage. Therefore, the rooms re/load very fast. On a modern rig, you may not even get the loading screen.
    studioblue uses the typical bluescreen color of blue so that an alternate background can be put in place if you so desire. If after effects are your thing, this is a good place to start. If you just want to show off or demo an outfit, these spaces are ideal for just such a thing.
    Work Studios is based off of Review Studio, thanks KahjiitRaj. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11792/?
    I had been using it dutifully for “a while” and it had served me well thru several demo videos. The only things from the original that remain in this mod are the blue and white wall and the spirit of that mod.



  6. HDT Release Archive

    All release versions excluding Latest and most current Stable.
    Previous stable versions:



  7. HDT Physics Extension v12-29

    Read the setup instructions.
    Changes since last:
    Headparts share bones.
    Ensure no bones' names has prefix "|HDTHDPT|"
    Deflation used on zip file for significantly smaller download
    Directories now setup like a real mod.



  8. HDT Physics Extension v14.28 Latest

    Read the setup instructions.
    Changes since last:
    WaitBusyRender=TRUE no longer required together with ENB.
    Fixed an infinite load screen problem
    Physics no longer disabled on showracemenu
    Memory fix and exception capture moved to a stand alone plugin
    added some performance settings to hdtPhysicsExtensions.ini



  9. Updated

  10. hdtHavokModifier "Just For Fun" (JFF) v4

    Required Files: x86 version of the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4
    This package must be installed for the program to work. Without it installed you may receive an error stating "msvcr110.dll is missing".
    just for fun full v3.zip: This is the base install. Required.
    hdtHavokModifier.zip: Upgrades the program to the most current version. Unzip to the same dir and allow overwrite.

    hdtHavokModifier "Just For Fun" (JFF) is a Qt based Windows application. It is not just an XML editor. It was developed specifically for changing the parameters of the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml and the parameter .xml files for other meshes. It was built with Havok tools and It has all the parameters, limitations and options available to the HDT Physics Extension feature set.
    If you modify the .xml for a specific use (skirts, hair, etc) or even for your taste in flesh-based hydrodynamic simulation (bounciness), please feel free to post your mod to the downloads section. That's what this forum is for, to allow willy nilly posting of anything related to HDT.
    About v3
    This is the complete setup. It has all the files you need to make the program work properly.
    Using this program is a lot easier than it sounds.
    Follow the information in the customization tutorial, twiddle some numbers, and see what you come up with.



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