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About This File

First of all, you need this:

Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins SPODUM by SLuckyD


A complex mod with a simple goal: make mannequins more relevant.


Chicks 4 SPODUM changes:

  1. Male mannequins are now female.
  2. The "female" choices are name females from the game with body weights > 50
  3. The "male" choices are generic females from the game (bandits & such) with body weights < 50
  4. The original mod uses a big huge giant pedestal model. I removed it.
    The Upside: If you put mannequins upstairs, you can now walk around downstairs.
    The Downside: Now you can't vertically place the char without using a different mod. (Jaxonz Positioner)

BUG: there's a generic character that MAY appear when Mirabelle Ervine is chosen. It's not Mirabelle, and for me it had the grey face bug. It's a char that exists in the original mod. You can remove it from SPODUM.ESM with tesvedit if it bugs you.

What's New in Version 1


  • v1: all humanoid mannequins are now female. Removed mannequin base.

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