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Following some requests and numerous inquiries about my ENB I decided to upload my ENB and Skyrim settings. I'm not creative when it comes to making names, so ill simply call this Yoshi's ENB.


Here are some Landscape/Environment screenshots





Sexy shots down below


7/17/14 - Updated to Version 2.0, fixed issues with night lighting and added a less reflective/specular version.

7/20/14 - Added ENB preset for Enhanced Lights and FX and Climates of Tamriel, please use both! don't forget to endorse.

Install either of my ENB 2.0 normal or less version, then overwrite with ELFX + COT files.

7/21/14 - Added files for Enhanced Lights and FX only, install main files first from normal or less versions, then overwrite.


Please note that this ENB was tuned on a large screen with a very intense black tone and dynamic contrast, so brightness might be different depending on your screen settings. Also it is performance hungry so please don't use it if you do not have a high end machine, I currently use a R9 290X and fps is locked at 60 with occasional dips to 50-55 here and there, I have a HD7850 in another machine and fps are around 20-25, so if you know how, you could turn off certain features like DOF and reflection, and change the quality of all the settings from very high to medium or high until you get desired fps.


I am not a modder or expert in these types of things, but if there are any issues feel free contact me and ill try to resolve it as best I can. I have noticed some strangeness with lighting at dawn between 6am and 7 am, unfortunately changing anything breaks the rest of the day between 8 and noon, so its best to skip 7am times. Vanilla weathers do lessen the effect and look less impressive, I don't know how to fix this, just keep clear skies handy! or I recommend a custom weather mod.




This ENB was not set with lighting mods such as RLO, ULO etc, if you do use another lightning mod, they will give you much different results than in my screenshots and will be much too dark or missing lights from sources like fire or torches, so use at your own discretion, would not recommend it, ambient and excess lighting is already taken care of by my ENB preset so there is no need for other mods which do the same.




1.First choose which version you would like to install. The Normal version has high reflection and specular settings like in my screenshots, I recommend you use the SG female texture pack for this one, others will look too bright or dark. And the Less version has reduced settings for reflection, specular and shine, tested with most popular texture mods with no issues. Copy all the files of the version you chose to your skyrim folder where tesv.exe is located.


Added files for users with Enhanced lights and FX and climates of tamriel, overwrite files after you have installed one of the above versions of my ENB.


2.Second please visit http://enbdev.com/download_mod_tesskyrim.htm and download the most recent version. Extract the files and copy ONLY the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the wrapper version to your skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located.


If you are running graphics software or other programs in the background and crash or have issues, copy the 2 files from the injector version in addition to the ENBInjector.exe and enbinjector.ini files


3. In the Skyrim launcher, under options set antialiasing and anisotropic filtering both to OFF, also make sure FXAA is unchecked, all 3 must be off.


4. For the enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini please check the values under memory to reflect what your system video ram is, it should auto-detect your memory, but double check it just to be sure, currently it is set at 4096 which is 4gb, 1024 = 1gb, 2048 = 2gb, 3072 = 3gb. I also have maxanisotropy in both files set to 4, I personally cannot tell a difference after 4 due to the parallax mod I use coupled with Real roads, but you can also change this to your liking if its not acceptable. Forced borderless fullscreen windowed mode is also enabled in enblocal.ini, if you don't play windowed then change both values from true to false under [window].


5. The skyrimprefs.ini files are optional, and I only uploaded them since multiple people requested them, but I do not recommend you copy them to your skyrim settings in your document folder since they are tweaked to accommodate certain mods which you may not have, I recommend you manually check and compare each value and change what you like in your own ini files instead of replacing them with mine. But if you do decide to use them please change sD3DDevice="AMD Radeon R9 200 Series" to whatever your system has. If the shadows outdoors appear too blocky or pixelated, change fShadowDistance=8000.0000 to 4000.0000, strangely lowering this sharpens up the shadows, not the shadow map resolution. Also gamepad settings are at 0, so change this to 1 if you play with a controller. HUD opacity is also set to 0, can be changed in settings under display.


6. The optional DOF files are what I use between gameplay or screenshots, DOF off will give you the sharpness of DOF effect with out the blurring, and DOF on is just the normal DOF effect, which you can still turn off entirely in the enb settings.


I have been constantly tweaking and improving my enb over the months, if you would like to see more screenshots other than whats here, you can head over to my Gallery and check out my most recent pictures, the first older ones use the same enb only with less features as I used a weaker video card back then.


These are additional mods that I use in the screenshots, if you would like to use them to get the same look as in my pictures. None are required and completely optional, with the possible exception of the saturation mod, it really helps with the colors.


Immersive Saturation Boost - Highly recommend! must have for better colors.

Sevenbase bombshell body

SG Female Textures

Project Parallax Remastered

Real Roads

SFO or SFO Summer Edition

Grass on Steroids for SFO with Grassification Project for more grass

Face Light

Realistic Water two

And the Skyrim Realistic Texture overhaul series, install this one first if you are going to use Project parallax.



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