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LoveBelow SkyrimFantansies *Vertical* Diphallia 0.02a

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LoveBelow SkyrimFantansies *Vertical* Diphallia
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About This File

The LoveBelow is at it again with even *more* multiple penes because, seriously who doesn't need more penes?


So as requested, we now have the LoveBelow SkyrimFantansies Vertical Diphallia


What is it?

This is another non-default bottom for our lovely teen-elder male sims that has two penes forked vertically (much closer to the base), similar in size to .Noir.'s Big size Pornstar Mod, and *now rigged for individual movement* (when there are animations geared specifically for this).


There is both a hard and soft version but no overlay this time because it uses the same overlay as the other one.




The hard version can be found in CAS with the following icon


While soft uses this one




Known issues
Certain default replacements will bleed through the overlays especially on the soft version.

If your public hair are just textures there will be a bald spot just above the base of the penes. (I find that most 3D pubic hairs work best like MindBender's which is featured in the pictures)


    Dragongodmod for his SOS Addon - Vertical Diphallism
    Azmodan22 for Improved Male Rig.
    TurboDriver for WickedWhim's Extra SkinTone


Special Thanks


What's New in Version 0.02a


Now updated with the Multi-pene rig for future animated penis movement.

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