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*No longer Supported* Cage the Dragon Collection 0.01

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About This File

About This File

*This Mod is no longer supported and has been replaced with The Caged Dragon & Crimson Camellia Collection. Use at your own digression*


Ever had that moment where you thought maybe it was a bad idea to unleash the dragon or just simply need something to help tame one? Or just, tired of chastity devices that are a little too full coverage? The LoveBelow has the solution with the Cage The Dragon Collection.


What is it?

This is set of bottoms for males and male-framed Sims with the soft version of Yuradragon penis all locked-up in two styles of cock-cages.


The solid cock-cage comes in two variations metal and plastic with 4 color variations for metal and 5 for plastic



The slit cock-cage come only in metal with the 4 color variations.


All versions can be found in CAS with the following icon




Known issues

Huge bellies tend to overhang around the base

    darkconsole for their DCC4 Male Chastity Device 100
    Dragongodmod for his SOS Addon - Vertical Diphallism

Special Thanks

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