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Update Completed!

Well everyone, it's finally here! "The Big One" is open to the public. As I've said before, this marks the official end of the "Townie Makeovers" project by replacing it with what I call "Porkybork's World." This means that there will be no further updates here, and no more responses from me in this thread. This also means that I'm pretty much done with remaking households that come prebuilt into the game. All households here are to be considered outdated and obsolete. Having said that, this doesn't mean that I won't keep making and sharing custom sims with you all! 

Thank you all for your support and patience! If it weren't for your kind words, I'd have stopped doing this after remaking the Goth household. 


Welcome Fellow Simmers!

Thanks for checking out my page! As stated previously on a couple different pages, I've finally decided to share some of my redone townies. If you like fooling around in CAS as much as I do, you may feel a little disappointment when comparing your own creations to the official pre-made sims in the game, especially if you're a heavy CC user like I am. To remedy this situation, I've decided to do an overhaul of damn-near every pre-made townie in the game.


The Line Up

Basegame Series

Goth - An aristocratic family that's been with the Sims series since the very beginning.

BFF - Two hot chicks fighting over their geeky roommate. You can probably guess what happens next.

Pancakes - A mismatched couple whose marriage is on the rocks due to financial issues. Will they be able to patch things up? Or will this shaky marriage fall apart?

Zest - A rising comedian that hopes to prove his family wrong for disowning him.

Lothario - Move over Don Juan! There's a new fucker in town, and his name is Don Lothario.

Landgraab - What a lovely little family! Love, respect, and opulence, it seems like nothing can bring the Landgraab clan down. Except Malcom keeps acting up and doing crazy shit, and Nancy keeps interrupting Geoffrey when he's working at home. It's almost like she doesn't want him to find something out...

Caliente (Sims 4 Version) - Katrina is a single mother with two beautiful daughters – Dina and Nina – and a budding career in the entertainment industry. With her daughters getting ready to leave the nest and start their own lives, will Katrina be able to enjoy the rest of her life single? Or will she find someone to share her experiences with?

Spencer-Kim-Lewis - This household's gimmick is that the residents have overly complicated surnames! I mean, they could've gotten their last names legally changed at some point to makes things easier for everyone, but then we wouldn't have that kooky gimmick, right? This household is fucking boring.

Roomies - This household is just the cast of The Big Bang Theory! There's a peppy girl, a nerd, a jock, and a couch potato! Wait, that's not TBBT, that's just a hodgepodge of personalities. Why are these people friends again? No one seems to have much in common, there's no previous relations, TBBT is pretty shitty anyway... ah fuck it. It's a hot chick and three dudes living together. Fuck complexity.


Get Together Series

Bro - Lock up your daughters and hide your videogames, cause Sergio and Joaquin are here to take 'em both! Joaquin comes in bumping hot beats from his DJ booth, while Sergio schmoozes and talks up his "rapidly growing" start up company.

Behr - Do you like nerdy girls? Do you like nerdy girls with an older sister that can juggle beats? Well, then I have a treat for you! We've got Candy, a hot new DJ that can scratch like a pro, and her younger sister, Yuki, takes great pleasure in hacking the system. Ya know, "the system?" You don't? Whatever, they're cute and you should totally download 'em!

Partihaus - Welcome to the party house! We've got jello shots over in the back, girl scout cookies on the coffee table, and if you go upstairs, you might just see a topless Eva shaking her huge ass and tits! All you bros out there, be sure to chat it up with Paolo, the brodiest bro of all time. If you need a spotter, holler at Marcus Flex, just be sure to buy him a protein shake afterwards. Last but not least, remember to pay the ever-so-lovely Jade Rosa a visit before you leave. Who knows, maybe she'll give you a little lesson in "workplace synergy."

Fyres - What a lovely couple. Moira and Dominic have spent he last couple decades devoted to each other and their marriage. While some couples grow apart over time, these two seem to have fallen even deeper in love with each other. Nothing could ever soil such a sweet household. Wait, they have two daughters? And one of those daughters is obsessed with being the most popular chick in town, and the other one can't decide if she wants to be a punk or a good girl? And that difference makes them argue a lot? Well, ain't that some shit.

Villareal - Okay, this one's a bit of a doozy. So this old guy, Jacques, is a crazy bastard that lost his wife to "mysterious circumstances" COUGHmurderedCOUGH, and he hates his kids. That's okay though! Wanna know why? Cause his kids, Luna, Hugo, and Max, hate his wrinkly ass too! Well, Max has kind of an odd relationship with his father; a kind of strange reverence. It's almost as if he's some sort of mentor to the young psycho. Hmm, the plot thickens...

Free Spirits - Maaike is an aspiring author that hopes to fill the world with tales of whimsey, while Ulrike is a freelance painter struggling to create a piece that meets her exacting standards. They've always thought that the simple life would be enough to fulfill their wants and needs, but it's hard to embrace simplicity when there's paint peeling off the walls and you have a faucet that won't stop leaking. Can you help them build up the funds to rejuvenate their humble abode?

Bjergsen - Clara and Bjorn insist that they don't play favorites in their house. Not only is this blatantly false, it is one of the many reasons why the relationships within the family are as strained as they are. Sofia has been pushed into the "black sheep" role because of her pursuit of a career as a musician, whereas her younger sister, Elsa, has been raised as the "golden child" by their parents due to her prodigious understanding of all things relating to logic. Fed up with the unfair treatment, Sofia has sworn to burn all her bridges and live the rest of her life without having any contact with her family. Is there hope for a civil reconciliation, or is it already too late?

Munch - Mila has a busy schedule. Between work, maintaining a clean house, and raising a moody rebel and an adult son who refuses to fucking move out, it's hard for her to find a single moment of peace. Thankfully, her youngest son, Lucas, is always willing to do whatever it takes to ease her tension. Mila, the loving mother she is, always gives her sweet boy a generous reward for treating her well.


Vampires Series

Straud - You know that one annoying guy that keeps texting you once you become a vampire? That's this guy! I also made him into an OP pretty boy with a big dick! Why? Because he's the Master Vampire, that's why! And nothing says "I'm the head honcho" like having a big, pale penis. He's also a raging asshole, but he's hot, so that's totally okay, right?

Vatore - In contrast to the hung-like-a-horse Head Vampire, the Vatore siblings are a couple of fun-loving vamps that love humans; and not just for their blood plasma! They love to indulge in... other activities with their non-vampire friends. I'm saying that they like to fuck.

Note: One of the hair files for this household can only work with a certain mesh that is not included in the .zip file, please download the custom hair from the following link and add it to your "Mods" folder: https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Cazy/downloads/details/category/sims4-hair-hairstyles-female/title/amelia-hairstyle--female/id/1296702/


Special Households

Caliente (TS2) - Birthed from the unholy mating ritual of a sim and an alien, these twin sisters have arrived to make this planet their own personal playground. Join Nina, the cunning elder sister with a sharp wit and cold heart, and Dina, the younger and more cheerful, albeit ditzy, sister as they travel the world in search of mischief and mates.

Dropinsky (TS1: House Party) - The party never stops when these two are around! Legend has it that these siblings have partied a collective total of over 100,000 hours! But that's just a silly old story. No one could possibly party that much, right? Right?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Meet Buffy Summers, the world's newest and most skilled Slayers. Buffy may not always be into what she does, but she always manages to make a sharp quip before dispatching her foes. (I highly recommend downloading SACRIFICIAL's "Extreme Violence" mod so that you have the option to actually slay vampires.)

Jayde Urbz – Step aside, ya'll, Jayde of the Urbz in coming through! This sexy urbanite has been making moves in the city since she could speak, and she won't stop until the whole city knows her name. 

101 Dalmatians - Yes, like the Disney movie. Roger, an aspiring composer, Anita, his supportive wife, and their dogs Pongo and Perdita live a modest life together after a bumpy first meeting involving a pond and a ruined new suit. Just when Roger was about to give up on his dreams of being a famous songwriter, an unexpected visit from his wife's crazy former schoolmate gives him the inspiration for a new song.


City Living Series

Feng - Watch out world, the Fengs are coming! To the public, Victor and Lily seem like the perfect power couple. Victor is a rising populist politician basing his campaign on uplifting the lower class, and Lily is the CEO of a powerful corporation. But behind the scenes, these two are as corrupt and morally bankrupt as you can get! Bribes, gerrymandering, embezzlement, misuse of funding, you name it they've done it. They don't plan on stopping until they hit the top of the political food-chain, either.

Karaoke Legends - Music can bring people together in wonderful ways! For instance, local SJW (that's her actual, in-game job title, I swear), Miko, has a voice that would make Beyonce jealous, and Kibo's rocking those legendary power metal vocals. Let's not forget the sporty Darling Walsh's budding vocal talent. A novice in time, but a pro in the making already, her singing game is second only to her ball game. Can these karaoke legends find love in this hectic city? Or will they receive sour notes in return?

Bheeda With a new baby and a tiny city apartment, Arun and Jesminder's relationship has been put under a lot of stress. Will Arun be okay with being a stay-at-home dad? Or will his jealousy of his wife's successful career push him away from his family?

Lobo - Diego Lobo is an artists worst nightmare, an uptight paid art critic. This guy can – and has – ended upcoming artists' careers with his scathing reviews. But if you can somehow meet his high standards, you'll be launched into artistic stardom.

I didn't change his outfits that much because I thought they fit his personality better than any of my CC. I did give him the usual treatment i.e. new hair, new skin, new eyes, new makeup, and I got rid of his stupid fucking pencil mustache. Fuck pencil mustaches.

Benali - Salim has high expectations for himself. Having grown up in the Arts District, he's surrounded by amazing talent from painters, musicians, and writers, all of whom inspired his lifetime goal of writing the great Sim novel... as soon as he beats that final boss. And fixes that leaky faucet. And finds a decent-paying job. And takes a shower. And finally gets laid.

Pizzazz - Make way for Penny, San Myshuno's favorite internet superstar! When she isn't gramming latte art in cafes or taking selfies with her fans, she can be found in the city's hottest new club before it becomes cool. The only thing she's missing is someone to share her adventures with. Will you be able to get her to change her relationship status?

Note: works best if used with SACRIFICIAL's "Road to Fame" mod for the full celebrity experience.

Rasoya - Geeta is a renowned food critic over in San Myshuno, and her son, Raj, is the head chef of a famous restaurant. Despite their success, Raj has yet to find himself a wife. Whether it be due to a lack of interest or some internal issues, Geeta can't figure out why her son is having so much trouble getting a date. Is this the end of the Rasoya lineage?

Jang - So a comedian, a singer, and their eccentric kid move to the big city to broaden their careers. They proceed to live their lives happily and successfully while making plenty of friends along the way.

(See, this is how you can tell I'm not a comedian. If I was, I would've done something genuinely clever and funny instead of just dropping a shitty anti-joke).


Cats and Dogs Series

Hecking - Life is pretty sweet for newlyweds Brant and Brent. With a charming new home, a cute little dog, and incredibly similar first names, these two only have the most minuscule things to worry about. And taxes, nobody can avoid paying taxes.

Lynx - Not quite a crazy cat lady, not quite a chemically balanced human being, Catarina Lynx loves cats more than she loves life itself. Her people skills may be shit, but hey, who doesn't love a little pussy, right?

Delgato - A skinny man with a cat married a buff woman with a dog and started a family together. Will they be able to put their differences aside and start a fam– oh wait, they already did. Uh... maybe one of their kids is allergic to pet dander or something? Jesus Christ all these families are so saccharine that it makes my teeth hurt. Whatever, you could probably make up a story better than I can, non-specific LL user.


Featured CC Creators:









Leah Lillith




Recommended Mods:

Better Body by Hiroki

No Boob Gap by gtaman9

3D Lashes V2 by Kijiko

Female Body Details by wild_guy

Heavy Boobs by Heliotropic

Various Mods by LUUMIASIMS

HD feet v3 by necrodog

Pornstar Cock V3.0 by .Noir

Sims 4 Tongue by autobanned

MC Command Center by Deaderpool

Basemental Drugs by Basemental


Install Instructions

Download and open [...]Household.zip file and place .sgi and .hhi files into Tray folder.

All downloaded CC and Mods must be placed in "Mods" folder to work.

This is NOT a replacement mod. All Households must be replaced manually.


To replace pre-made households with my remade households:

1. Begin playing as desired household

2. Open cheat console, enter "testingcheats on", then enter "cas.fulleditmode"

3. Hold Shift key and click on any household member, click Edit in CAS, and replace original sims with remade sims


Attention Windows Users!

__MACOSX files can be deleted. These are hidden files generated every time a Mac user compresses a file into the .zip format, and are of no use/relevance to Windows users.



I do not own any of the mods or CC featured in the files. I only provided them so that each new sim would appear in the game as they do in the pictures. Please support the content creators listed under the "Recommended CC" and "Recommended Mods" sections, these makeovers would not be possible without them.

What's New in Version 1.4.3


Added the 101 Dalmations household. All necessary files are contained in one .zip folder.

This is the last household that will be added to the list until the release of the Big Update.

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