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This is my first mod I ever made for skyrim :smiley:
This is another male voice pack for SexLab Extra Voices 1.1b by sunspotz
Decided to make an orc male voice set using the voice assets from the male Orcs from Morrowind.
Adds more grunting and a hot gruffy masculine tone for orcs to the sexlab scene ;) 


Morrowind Orc (Male) Uses Slot 11

In game, to register new voice set, you need to open SexLab in the MCM and update voice registry in Build

To add the voice set to a specific NPC, make sure you select that NPC by pressing N, then open Sexlab in MCM to change the targeted NPC's voice set 





1. You'll need Sexlab Extra Voices by sunspotz. (If already using slot 11 just copy the files over to whichever slot you want.)
2. And Obviously Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016 v1.62 by Ashal



Current Version: 1.0

Morrowind Orc Male SEXLAB VoicePack.rar


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