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[Release] [HS] Sunsine Bikini's for all bodies I'ver ever worked with

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About This File

Warning/ Disclaimer: This mod DOES have TS content if you do not like it, please do not bother, but if you just want female then don't select any botoms that have TS in their name. Just a warning as this mod contains both genders.


This is the sunshine bikini mod. It has a bunch of bikini's that I've made and some of my best shoes to date. Also the mod itself comes in all bodies that I've worked with. So this is the FCPA, HGEC A cup, BTRA, Suicup and Suiguts bodies.


More of the pertinant inormation is in the read me.




Speedbuster for all her great works and getting me into modding with her amazing works.
Malimamea for allowing me to use the butt weights when I first started modding.
Coronerra for BBB in general
Permissions: All are absolutely welcome to use all resources of this mod. Actually it’s recommended as I am sure someone can make this mod better and less convoluted. Just give me credit if you use any of my ASSets as I spend countless hours making these meshes and I am not a professional 3D Artist like many others.


Also, please provide feeback, share screens etc, as it helps me know what ou guys liked or not about the mod. Also, please let me know what you think regarding my next and possibly final release for sometime. I am torn between making one of my mods public, either a sexy short skirt cleric armor or a skimpy ninja girl armor. Let me know in the comments.



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