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SuiGuts Modern Clothing Collection v1

11 Screenshots

About This File

Hey guys,


This is kind of a quick mod that I made and shared with a select few people and decided that it's time to share it here officially.




- This contains both TS and female content. You can safely use it as a female without a clue of the Transsexual content but if you're too worried about seeing it, I reckon you don't dabble in the TS/male folders within the mod. Also, if you're 100% against transsexualism, please turn away. I am not here for a million endorsements or likes but rather for people who appreciate the content.

- This mod contains both Transsexual and female bodies. Please use "males" and maybe my nude bodies for best results.

- The mod was made a long time ago and there are a few badly done weights and many more issues

- There may be more than what is shown in the screenshots.

- This mod is for "males" and and females


About the Mod:


The mod itself is just a mod that contains a bunch of clothing. I've given them a little defense for those who like to survive. There was supposed to be 3 sets of bottoms, tops and heels with 22 colors but there's more so please enjoy.





Just extract and drag files into data folder




BBB Ragdoll:


Optional but useful:

Sui-Guts body:


Vipcxjs Real High Heel System



What was done:


This was supposed to be a preview to a project that I have abandoned so instead of just hold it until I lose the files I'll share it.


What will be done:


Nothing. Sadly, this set I've decided to abandon as well because it is too much work to troubleshoot an issue with one color then do the same thing 21 times so I've decided that I will not be fixing issues with it as I will probably do a remake someday with better stuff.





- There is some clipping, mostly on the tights, It seems that the thigh was badly weighted.




You can use it and modify it as you please but please remember the works on this mod are original works and took me a lot of time to make. They are not perfect and I am not a professional 3D modeler. With that being said, please do not insult the original work if you do make improvements to it, as if not for the original, you would not have the improvement. Please also remember to give me credit if you use my assets.


























Location 1




Location 2


If you want to see more works and follow my modding process, please see my NEW shiny blog.




Thanks and enjoy.

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