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Using conjuration in Skyrim is like shooting fish in a barrel with a nuke. This mod will punish you for doing it severely and permanently, so don't use conjuration. Ever. 


When you cast a conjuration spell just once, Vigilants of Stendarr will became aggressive towards you and will probably kick your ass.

After being defeated the 1st time, you'll get from them an ugly rusted mask with a gag and a rusty chain & ball for your vag. They prevent spellcasting and the heavy ball drains your stamina unless you hold it with your hands. Now's a good time to assign a shotrcut for 'hold hands behind' item.


Next time: all of above and rusty ugly shackles which don't let you wear gloves.

Next time: all of above and a rusty chain & ball for your ankle.

Next time: all of above and a rusty grotesque heretic's fork, which will force you to look up. Now's the time to remove those summoning spells from quickbar and throw away your collection of a 100 necromancer shoes.

Next time: all of above and a rusty breast spreader, which won't let you wear torso armor. Wait, isn't this LL's favourite part?

Next time: all of above and a rusty shackle that chains your ankle to your thigh and forces you to sneak aka crawl aka move like a snail. Now you're screwed royally. The inquisitor is the only npc who will talk to you. Did I not tell you that you shouldn't use conjuration?



If you have DAYMOYL for SE, you need to check "let DAYMOYL handle arrest" in MCM, there's also a 50.000342134% chance of CTD with the current DAYMOYL. Could be this mod or DAYMOYL.

Without DAYMOYL I didn't have a CTD


If you get stuck in a scene like being drowned (rare)- save and reload

If you get stuck on the ground after being defeated by vigilants (rare) - equip the 'animation unstuck thing' and unequip it

if you can't "unsheath" (R) with nothing equipped after being defeated by vigilants, equip some weapon.


You can read more useless text here 


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