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About This File

What is in the piercing set?

5 Classic Models of Single Ring Decorative Penis Piercings as accessories in 8 metallic shades.


- The Dolphin                                                         -Prince Albert                                                           -Ampallang

post-1351624-0-38010000-1502201424_thumb.png                                       post-1351624-0-74856700-1502201419_thumb.png                                         post-1351624-0-77631600-1502201420_thumb.png


- Apadravya                                                          -Frenum

post-1351624-0-92623600-1502201422_thumb.png                                      frenumtrueview.thumb.png.105ec9986a62be164939a1200b89cbd7.png




3 Models of Combo/Multiple Decorative Penis Piercings as accessories also in 8 metallic shades


- Ampallang & Apadravya Cross                            -Hafada                                                                     -Jacob's Ladder

post-1351624-0-67140300-1502201425_thumb.png                                     frenumview.thumb.png.142185b61283b559040656a213f655e3.png                               laddermidview.thumb.png.258d0f8008eddb023d747f13b66be295.png


 Now includes the AP Rig updates for LunarisEclipse and Hiroki's Penis Mods & 1 classic single and 2 multiple piercings



These are found in CAS under accessories like gloves and rings

Versions meant for LunarisEclipse and Hiroki's Mods will have a white background for the icon


Versions meant for Noir's 2.0 and older Mods but no current versions yet and will have Orange, or Red icon based on size









What's New in Version V0.3a


  • V0.1 Piercings for BB and LunarisEclipses Penis Mods
  • V0.2 Piercings for Noir's Pornstar Cock in Extra Big and Huge size
  • v0.3 Piercings for BB and LunarisEclipses AP Rigged Penis Mods
  • v0.3a Adds Frenum, Hafadas and Jacob's Ladder Piercings to set for BB and LunarisEclipses AP Rigged Penis Mods

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