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About This File

Offset Animation Extension For The Zaz Animation Pack


Dear Readers!


This Pack contains new Offset-Animations for the Zaz Animation Pack.
It will add the following animations / poses to the Zaz Pack:


-Fiddle (one made of wood, other one is made from iron)
-Wheel (the carriage wheel hold the arms tied to the backside)
-Elbow Ropes (rope-texture01 and rope-texture02), (elbow-pose with elbow ropes)
-Wrist-and-elbow-ropes (same with wrist-ropes)
-Collar Rope Extreme (with both textures, 4 loops now)
-Wrist-pose with hands ankled on the backside
-Wrist-pose with hands crossed on backside (new custom animation against butt-clippings)
-Waist-rope (in two versions), keep the hands in front ("lazy-tied-pose"), needs to be used with wrist-rope, bodyslide software needed
-Cross pole (two versions, one "softer" and one is "extrem", really heavy (completly with elbow rope, extreme collar rope and wrist rope)


V.2.0 add on-offsets, coming inside the zap7.0-integration:


-Arms around neck
-Wrists crossed behind body
-Hands in front in ropes
-Hand in front in irons
-vertically poled, arms on backside straight parallel down the pole
-box tied (arms on backside)
-koffi-fiddle (DD-plagiarism from koffi´s yoke)
-fully roped arms to backside (classical rope-tie with arms to backside), armbinder-compatible
-full rope - body bondage (shibari in zaz-style) , bodyslide software needed




If you use caliente´s bodyslide, you will start bodyslide, check the "Build Morph" button and then click on "Batch Build"...then you need to "right-click" the opened window and chose "Select None" in the pull up-window. After that, you scroll down to the "WAIST ROPE and WAIST ROPE02" and check (activate) it! Then use the "BUILD" button and afterwards leave the BODYSLIDE software.


Installation and use: (V.1.0)


You can simply install this Pack with NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) or with the MO (Mod Organizer).
After the process has finished, please use the FNIS-Generator-for-Users (orange-red).
Nothing of the original Zaz Animation Pack will be touched.
This mod is only running inside the Zap-Engine with it´s keywords,
so that all the new "TOYS" can be used and fully be supported by the host (ZAP).


After you have started skyrim, you need to "refresh" the Zaz-Animation-Pack, to be able to find the new animations.
Go to the ZazAnimationPack MCM menu and press the "clean and restart" switch on the first page.
After that, you can go to the "ADD ITEM MENU" and chose the new mod and put all the stuff you want into your bag.
The items can now be worn like known from the zaz-pack.


All keywords and entries of ZAP are also working with this new items.
All textures are pointing to the originally ZaZ-textures-folder or they are from the skyrim vanilla game.


Dependies: (the must have files!)


-Skyrim and ZAP 6 or ZAP 7 (V.1.0)




If you want version 2.0, you need exactly to deinstall version 1.0 and the zap 7.0 and reinstall only this version. A simply "overinstall" (like a patch) has not been tested but may perhaps work. The 2.0 is been played by me with different mods since some month without any strange artefacts.
PLEASE REFRESH ZAP7.0 as usually to INTEGRATE THE NEW OFFSETS into the framework, (available on the FIRST MCM page of zap, at the bottom) !!!




Slots-use: (v.1.0)= V.2.0


wrist = 59 (all wrist cuff-poses: ankled, crossed and by waist-rope in front)
elbow = (same as armbinder has: 59 (wrists) & 46 (chest primary)
extreme collar rope = (same than 2 loop-collar has: 45)
fiddle = (wrist cuff: 59 and neck cuff: 45)
arms behind neck =(wrist cuff (59) and neck cuff (45))
cross pole/extreme = (wrist: 59, elbow [extreme only]: 46 and collar: 45 and the pole itself has 48 (a free slot))
waist rope = (prepares the hands to be in front pose by using wrist cuffs (slot 56...chest second, undergarment), in combination with wrist rope (59)
elbow and wrists = (armbinder (46) + wrist-cuffs (59))
hands to neck = (wrist (59) and neck (45))








Musje, for the first extension mod,
the authors of the Zaz-Pack: Zaz and Xaz,
and of course Fore, for his "key" to custom animations inside skyrim,
and all the others who are "indirectly" and directly spending a huge amount of life-time !!!, to create fine and important mods for skyrim !

What's New in Version V.2.0


  • V.1.0: Contains new Offset Animations for the Zaz Animation Pack, can be used on ZAP version 6 and 7 as far I can follow:-)
  • V.2.0: Is a fully integration into the ZAP 7.0. The zap7.0 got some error corrections like (missing pillory, missing flags for backward compatibility, missing DD-harness and missing DD-armbinder, caused by wrong slot settings /or and wrong directed links). This update is my personal mod and I have no reason not to share it here. The "extern" - offsets ("Offset-Animation Extensions....") will not be updated any more. This pack/this sort of "offset-workaround" may be updated in future with different idle-offsets for hobbling and different sort of"struggling". All offsets are perfectly integrated into the framework and can be used by it´s newly created keywords. The ZAP 7.0 will work same way as before but will obtain much more possibilities to tie up your character or tie up other characters. To get a fully compatibility-support, you should let run bodyslide to get the data for the "waist-rope" and the overall-body-rope "shibari".
  • IF YOU USE THIS FULLY NEW ZAP7.0 +offsets-PACK, YOU SHOULD DELETE THE OLD PACK COMPLETELY. (Seems to be logical)...and if somebody likes to create another "zap7-extension" from this integration as an esp -styled-file, to work again parallel beside an "untouched" version of ZAP7.0, feel free to change it and to share it (please LL only!!). This version should count 42 offset animations under FNIS within the zap7.