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Deer Hooves and Ears Resources




These are a set of resource meshes I put together for "deerfu" characters, inspired by this old blog post by DreamBurrow. The download consists of a set of hooves and ears taken from the vanilla elk mesh and weighted to the human skeleton as well as a UUNP Special based UNPB body mesh with the lower legs removed to accommodate the hooves. The file also contains a barebones .esp packaging the resources into a mod for testing purposes, with the hooves occupying the feet slot, the body occupying the chest slot and the ears (attached to a set of Nuska's antlers to save biped slots) using biped slot 50. The hooves and ear textures are based on modified versions of 530gothic25's whitetail deer textures colour matched to Setribb's deer body textures which they've shared on their package of Nuska's deer hooves and tail. The body I've supplied uses the default femalebody texture path and probably won't match these resources without those or similar textures installed.


The armor pieces can be obtained through the console "help deer" or with a mod like AddItemMenu.


Why resources, if I've provided a mod to make use of them?

  • The mesh and texture work I've done isn't very well polished.
  • The weighting is shoddy in that the knees crinkle up a bit depending on how far they're bent, and as the hooves aren't level with the vanilla feet I couldn't get the hooves weighted to the foot bones without deforming badly so they're fairly static below the knee. To keep the hooves from sinking into the ground HDT or NiOverride High Heel offsets will likely have to be used.
  • There's no difference between the low- and high-weight hoof meshes. When I tried shaping the hooves for the higher weight I kept getting weird issues with the edge vertices turning transparent in game when zooming out on the character. I think the mesh normals were probably getting fudged between the two meshes but when nifksope's "Mesh" > "Face Normals" didn't fix it I gave up on weight slider support.
  • The "rough fur" cutoff texture around the top of the hooves and the really dark texturing of the back of the ears leaves a lot to be desired. Art's not my bag, baby.
  • Only UNPB meshes are provided. Unlike Nuska's hooves these require the body mesh to have the lower legs removed to prevent clipping, so the female body and the skin in any skimpy armors would have to be replaced on a per-character basis to be compatible. This is the biggest justification for resourceness, as I have no plans to undertake the creation of a custom race or armor conversions based on these legs. It's up to the downloader to decide and figure out how they want to use them.

With all that out of the way, feel free to use or improve these as you see fit.




Bethesda for the vanilla elk mesh
530gothic25 for the whitetail deer base textures
Setribb for providing their deer body textures
regenbot03 for PureSkinTexture which I used in my modification of the body textures
DreamBurrow for the idea of using vanilla elk parts
HoneyVanity who I believe may have coined the term "deerfu"
Everyone else posting their deerfu characters for giving my high opinion of elves a run for their money (elves are still better)
Nuska for all the fantastic resources which made sexy deer girls possible

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  • 1.0 - Initial release

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