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Hello everyone!




I'm fond of TES modding for a long time. More than a year ago I decided to try one idea that has grown into a quest mod - "Thief". All that time this mod was available only for Russian-speakers, because I don't know English. But recently one man ("Herr Zunder") translated it into English, so now I can share my mod with you. Translation of this description is also made by him. (Some words from Herr Zunder: "My first language isn't English so I'm sorry if I use it incorrectly. Hope you still get the point! And if you'll find any mistakes, please send me a private message with the description of it")


Another variant of the translation of the current 0.8.1. version made by Aluminium.


 English version+FAQ+Walkthrough 0.9   by Brewmasterhal

 English version+FAQ+Walkthrough 0.95 by Brewmasterhal

German version by TarnisMartell


At this stage you can skip the mod's events to 0.7 content (starting with the character's arrival at Falkreath) or 0.8. Open the Thief's MCM menu and choose "Skip". then close it and complete a series of questions that will customize your experience. This is available as long as the main quest has not been started.



- Skyrim - legendary edition
- SKSE 1.7.3 - For correct working of scripts.
- Papyrus util 3.3 - For correct working of scripts.
- FuzRoDa 6.0 - For correct dialogs working.
- Fnis 6.3 - animation.
- SOS - Compatible skeleton (preferably with the body). I recommend the light version. SAM also works.

- A matter of time - (optional) To display the time in the subway.


Additional requirements for SE(test-only version):

-mfg fix

-Address Library for SKSE Plugins




  • Extract the archive in the Skyrim Data folder
  • Turn on Dogma Engine.esm and Dogma-Thief.esp with any mod manager that is convenient for you.
  • Generate FNIS




Delete files, regenerate FNIS.




Data\Dogma - Thief.bsa
Data\Dogma - Thief.esp



So, things that you need to know:



  • There are adult scenes in the mod.
  • The mod is designed to be played by a female character.
  • The mod is almost self-contained; it doesn't require Sexlab or any other sex systems. Except some utilities that will be indicated in Requirements.
  • The mod is under development. The version of the mod (current 0.7.2) displays the approximate percentage of the planned, for now it is completed by about 70%. It will take you about 3-4 hours to pass the mod. But if you want to find all the scenes, you will need much more time.
  • There are some elements of nonlinearity in the mod. But nothing global. That is, the plot does not change dramatically from the choices, only details.
  • The gameplay itself was conceived as a search for erotic scenes. So there are obvious ones, but also there are those that you have to look for. In the latest version, I've added Achievements in the MSM menu, which shows how much of the content you have opened. You can't open all achievements at once, as some of them are in different branches. Also, in the MSM menu, you can turn on the notifications when you receive a new achievement (disabled by default).
  • Also in the MSM menu there are some settings. Basically this is what users asked me to add.
  • The character has a hidden parameter "karma", it is not displayed anywhere. Some scenes will be available only with a certain amount of karma. In other words, your character does something obscene - karma rises. For most scenes there are requirements to karma. They will be inaccessible if karma is not enough, or there will be small differences in the scenes themselves. Dialogues can also vary depending on karma.
  • At this stage, you can skip the events to version 0.7 (It begins when the character arrives in Falkreath). To do this, go to the MSM menu and choose "Skip", then leave the menu, and go through a survey that will help to customize your choice. This is available until the quest is started.
  • Some male characters have their own bodies, but not all of them. So you should have a body based on the vectorplexus model.
  • The character's adjusting and the animation itself was made with XPMSE skeleton, with other skeletons there will be inconsistencies.
  • Mod is developed and tested without any third-party mods, so I cannot guarantee that it works correctly with your mods set. All known incompatibilities are under the item "Compatibility".
  • While the mod is under development, I advise you to make a save before installing the mod (so that after the passage, you can return to it). The next updates will be incompatible with the saves of the previous version of the mod. And also mod does some changes to the environment, so if you don't like these changes, you can return everything as it was. Also, there are "tons" of scripts in the mod, there is a probability that they will break your save. You are warned.
  • Mod is designed for passing alone. Do not take your companions with you.
  • Mod does not rates your overall progress, achievements, contacts with NPCs, or any other factors. This is an independent story; it's not about the fact that you are Dragonborn.




Starting conditions:

  • - Your character must be female.
  • - You should not be with any companion.
  • - You should have more than 100 coins in your pocket.


The quest will begin after the stranger in Riften tavern talk to you.



  • While playing my mod, I do NOT advise you to use other mods that can invade with their scripts into the game process, take away /return control, etc. This can break the scenes. DD mods, combat mods - I don't recommend anything like that when you'll be playing "Thief", most likely it will lead to the hang of the scenes.
  • Incompatibility with Amazing Follower Tweaks, this mod will not let you pass the part with the chase. Also, this applies to other plugins that make the player's horse immortal.
  • There may be incompatibilities with plugins that change the environment: Riften Prisons, Riften Taverns, New Gnissis Cornerclub, Windhelm Tavern, Whiterun Tavern, Falkreath's Exterior, Folkreath's Tavern, Lod's House, "Grave Concoctions".
  • Partial incompatibility with the "Devious Devices - Captured Dreams Shop". One of the branches takes place at the same place where the store is.
  • Many users had problems in the episode with the chase. Most likely this is due to certain mods that affects horses. So, if you use mods for horses, it's best to turn on the "easy mode for the horse" in the MCM menu.
  • Incompatible with many mods that change the extremer and some of the interiors of Salit here. Here are some of the mods players have had difficulty with - Northern Bathouses, Solitude Docks District, Nernies City, Village Expansion.


Support in the development of the mod.



  • I will never refuse the help of animators. In some moments, when I can't find a suitable animation in the Internet, I have to do it myself. I'm not good in this, so this takes me a lot of time and often the result is not what I want to see. So if you have the experience and the desire to help, I will be very glad about it.
  • The work on the mod takes a huge amount of my free time, so I will never refuse any financial help. If you want to support the project, you can do it on my Patreon.
  • If you want to translate the mod to any other language, don't ask me for permission, just do it. But first, read the distribution rules.
  • If you have any ideas, or would like to provide any other assistance to the project, please contact me and we will discuss it.








Please do not place the mod on Russian-speaking and English-speaking resources. You can place the mod on any other non-commercial resources, but access to the mod should be free, No paid file-sharing services, nothing like that. Also, please add in the description a link to my blog, and show credits of all authors whose resources are used in mod.




Thanks -


Many thanks to my patrons, thanks to you, I have the opportunity to work on the mod.


I use a lot of resources and animations from other authors in my mod. I hope they don't mind. If anyone is against it, please let me know and I'll remove your files.






- = Animations = -


Leito - most of the animation
Antono - the animation of undressing
DarkInvestigation \ DarkAngel1265 - BJ \ HJ Animation
PanicForever - troll animation


- = Models \ Textures = -
Chesko \ expired6978 - Indicators
TSS5062 - sperm textures
VectorPlexus \ Smurf - models and body textures of some male characters
Urshi - face textures of some male characters
Erstam - the effect of a "shot" of sperm
Fuse00 - Face Textures
ZaZ - models, visual effects
Kapaer - character's mimicry
Fafcf09 - tongue models
Fredas - blush texture

Zadil - model

UniqueOne - cart fix


- = Sounds = -
Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the authors.


- = Music = -
CD Projekt Red - Witcher 3
- = Help = -
TSEUG - Testing, advising, dialogs editing, and all sorts of other help. Also, it was he who helped to learn the papyrus from scratch.
Herr Zunder - Translation. testing

Alluminium - Translation

Brewmasterhal - Translation, testing, help
All those players who helped improve the mod with their reviews.

I hope I didn't forget anyone. If so - tell me, don't be shy.



My Patreon

My blog
Here is a discussion on the Russian forum
My Mail - dogmamods@gmail.com


Thanks for your attention. I hope you will enjoy.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 0.7.2
  • - Starting english version.
  • 0.8.1
  • - The story continues. End of the Falkreath chapter.
  • - Skip option reworked, now you can choose between skipping to 0.7 or 0.8 events. The script now also a has a sctructure that imitates the real walkthrough, taking into account your choices and karma.
  • - MCM menu refined, new options added letting you reset player controls and facial expressions. Be careful and DON'T use the return control command during scenes, it will break the mod.
  • - Karma system redone from scratch, requirements along with the amounts you receive.
  • - In this version you can skip certain scenes after assigning a button in MCM. The list of skippable scenes:
  • Zoe talking about the witch.
  • Zoe talking about approaches to Kust.
  • Zoe talking about the ingredients.
  • Zoe talking about the last ingredient.
  • Joining the Guard.
  • Awakening after being shot.
  • - The damage you deal to the boss depends on your weapon type.
  • - 'Easy' chase mode fixed.
  • - Autosaves now toggled off by default as they were causing crashes for some players.
  • - Some textures fixed.
  • - Various small changes and fixes.
  • 0.8.2
  • Some replicas of the main character are voiced.
  • Many scenes and dialogues have been changed.
  • The system of cards is added.
  • Expansion for the elf.
  • Expansion for Captain Riften.
  • The advance payment of the old man has been slightly changed, and a bad end has been added to this part.
  • Changed the chase system, which should make it the same for all players.
  • Added new settings in the menu.
  • And other.
  • Сontinuation of a story
  • Some changes in the MSM menu. Old sounds are now the default, and new ones that I added in the previous version can be selected. Added the SOS size setting, it works globally for all the characters that are used by the mod. And other minor changes.
  • And every little thing
  • 0.9.1
  • Petit branch added
  • Added dating system in Petit location
  • Scene with Orc
  • New cards
  • In addition, other, numerous but minor changes.
  • 0.9.5
  • Сontinuation of a story
  • 1.0
  • Continuation of a story

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