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  1. How fo find the witch? Zoe told me to find him but only I could find is a empty house

  2. Apparently I touched on some important parameters of the Nordic race when I added face textures. Try the plugin you are using for the Nordic race, move below Dogma - Thief.esp in your mod manager's list. Or you can remove the mention of a race from Dogma - Thief.esp using tes5edit, but this will make the face texture of some NPCs incorrect.
  3. Hello! Long time, no see. English description: Русское описание: download link: google mega I hope you will like it!
  4. How to win the minigame with Vilgen?I've tried many times...

  5. Воспользуйтесь пока что этими ссылками. Mega Google
  6. Hi, I want to share with you a new version. I updated the links, you can download version 0.95. Sorry for the long wait, this time the beta version came out ahead of time, and was pretty "raw", it took me a lot of time to complete and fix the bugs. There may still be some bugs that I was informed about, I could not fix them all, since most of me do not show up, and in some places I need to completely redo some things, which I will deal with in the next version, but all the scenes should be available. As always, you can use the skip-script to the latest version. Attention! The En
  7. When will thief 0.95 be released in public???

  8. When will thief 0.95 be released in public???

    1. DogmaMods


      When I fix all the bugs, and finish something. I won’t tell you exactly, but about a week or two.

    2. fan8512


      Is there any bad end like falkreath dream catcher or solitude varg house in 0.95?

  9. Hi! Are you continuing thief? I've been checking back every few weeks since last december, thanks :)


  10. Added fix for Zoe. The bug was in the blacksmith scene, so you will need to load before this scene.
  11. There are several reasons why I will not do this yet. Maybe after I finish the mod completely.
  12. No, there's only one function, the purpose of which is to remove pages from inventory if the player tries to take them from the board.
  13. This error is related to the card viewing system on the board, in the elf room. For now, as a temporary solution, you can delete the script hp_liorel_player_sc. I just do not understand why this had an effect on the ingredients, and that's not all, when the function was to always return false, because of the unfilled property) Эта ошибка связана с системой просмотра карточек на доске, в комнате эльфа. Пока что, как временное решение, можно удалить скрипт hp_liorel_player_sc. Мне только не понятно, почему это имело влияние на ингредиенты, да и то не на все, когда функция д
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