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Update - 04/15/18 - v1.4b

-Updated Advanced Animation Framework compatibility files to support Dongs of Fallout.  (Thanks dagobaking for the xmls)



This mod allows you to craft a gun that allows you to tag actors to play sex animations. This is a stand-alone mod but it can be used with Four-Play and Advance Animation Framework. Just be sure to read the installation guide if you are going to be using this mod with it. This mod is based off the gun version of Crazy6987's Sex Animation mod (big thanks!).


To use the mod in-game, go to a chem station and craft either Leito's Animation Gun and/or Leito's Two Target Animation Gun.


Leito's Animation Gun - Allows you to tag a NPC to have sex with yourself.


Leito's Two Target Animation Gun - Allows you to pick two NPCs to have sex.


It's best to use the guns on perfectly flat, open areas.


As of v1.3 you can change the length of time for each stage through the Mod Configuration Menu.



Animation List (Click on links for previews)

Carry 2

Cowgirl 2

Cowgirl 3

Cowgirl 4
Doggy 2
Missionary 2

Reverse Carry

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl 2


Standing Doggy

Standing Doggy 2


Aggressive Blowjob
Aggressive Carry
Aggressive Cowgirl
Aggressive Doggy
Aggressive Missionary
Aggressive Powerbomb






Doggy 2



Reverse Carry
Standing Doggy
Standing Sideways




Mod Configuration Menu


Use a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager. Make sure you have the latest version.


-Make sure you have the latest version of F4SE and MCM


If you want to use this mod with Four-Play, please read the guide.



Bodies Used
CBBE - FSM Beautiful Bodies Collection - Runner Preset | Alternate Hands and Feet - CBBE
Enhanced Vanilla Bodies




I don't condone having fun with critters or participating in non-consensual acts in real life.  This is purely fantasy shenanigans.




-Alignments are sometimes off...
-Sound FX/Voices will sometimes play after the animations have already finished.
-Ghoul textures sometimes don't appear correctly.
-Black raider/junkyard dog uses the incorrect texture when tagged.
-Canine animations are extremely buggy, cross your fingers.

-Guards are buggy

-Fourplay currently only uses a few of the animations



Leito86 - author
Crazy6987 - Crazy6987 - Sex Animation

dagobaking - Advanced Animation Framework 

DocClox - Four-Play
vinfamy - For the various Four-Play mods
ShadeAnimator, DexesTPP and whoever else for their work on deciphering FO4's animation.
Ashal and Loverlab
Skbs - gun fix
dragonborn_s20 - alternate female voices



I don't want this or any parts of this mod Bethesda.net. Obvious Reasons. Don't be that guy.


You may not use/include any of the content in this mod in any commercial or donation taking mods/projects.  

What's New in Version 1.4b


  • v1.4b - Updated Advance Animation Framework compatibility files to work with Dongs of Fallout.
  • v1.4a - Uploaded correct esp.
  • v1.4 - Added 3 new multi-stage human Male/Female animations and added preliminary support for Advanced Animation Framework.
  • v1.3 - Added 7 new multi-stage human Male/Female animations and 3 new multi-stage canine animations.  Added parts to canines.  Modified some old animations.  Added MCM functionality to adjust stage length.  Added new sounds, adjusted some old ones.  Fixed some bugs regarding character position and incorrect nude suits being used.
  • v1.2 - Added multi-stage animations for the original vanilla animations. Added new doggy and missionary flavors. Fixed scaling bug. All animations should now work with both single target and two target guns. Updated the installer to give the option to include voices or not for Four-Play compatibility.
  • v1.1b - Updated male flaccid models to share the same vertex count/order as the erect models. Removed some unneeded files.
  • v1.1a - Removed some unneeded files.
  • v1.1 - Added 6 animations for Supermutants. Male actors now switch between 3 nudesuits. Modified some previous animations. Added handcuffs to some aggressive animations.
  • v1c - -Female players will no longer fade to black and teleport at the start of the performance.
  • v1b - Crafted guns will always yield the same gun. Ghouls should now use the proper skin textures. Updated EVB males to have slightly larger scrotums.
  • Optional download for alternate female voices.
  • v1a - No longer conflicts with any of Crazy's Sex Animation mods. Male characters now use nude suits. Sex guns no longer knocks back or cause bloodsplatters. Strap-ons are no longer removed when stripping.
  • v1 - Standalone version. Added 6 aggressive animations. All animations now have sound effects/voices.
  • v0.1a - Actors are better synced, increased animation frames and added more detail
  • v0.1 - Initial Release