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Creature Features 5/20/14 1.0.4

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About This File


This mod adds erect and flaccid (where appropriate) schlongs to the creatures of Skyrim. It requires Nude Creatures for functionality.


This mod is currently a work in progress with updates once a couple of models have been completed.


Completed Creatures:

Canine - Vanilla Dog, Husky, Armored Husky, Death Hound, Ice Wolf, Black Wolf, Red Wolf


Draugr - all male variants

Giant - all variants

Troll - Cave, Frost, Uderfrykte, Armored Cave Troll, Armored Frost Troll

Riekling - all variants


Horse - all horse variants including Shadowmere

Falmer - all vanilla variants

Vampire Lord

Gargolye - all variants


Future Creatures:







dwarven spider

dwarven sphere

dwarven centaurion


frost giant



boar/boar riekling




Nude Creatures


Recommended Mods




I recommend installing via a mod manager.


-Install Nude Creatures and any other mods that change creature models.

-Install Creature Features and overwrite everything.

-Some creatures are not yet supported by Nude Creatures. There's an optional patch in the downloads section that will make unsupported creatures continuously erect.






-added model for all vanilla falmer variations

-added model for all riekling variations

-added model for vampire lord

-added model for all gargoyle variations

-created textures for all horses

-tweaked the giant's textures



Remodeled the tip of the horse's penis

Retextured the horse's penis at double the resolution of the original

Fixed hard edges on the werewolf models



Added erect/flaccid models for Werewolf and Horse.

The penis texture for the horse only matches the Black horse atm. Will do other variants later.



Added one nude model for rieklings (only 1 variation at the moment, will do the rest later)

Rieklings are pretty much unsupported with SexLab at the moment so this model is more of a resource for animators.



Changed texture path of nude giants

Changed the tip of the chaurus' penis

Vanilla Black and Ice wolves textures included

Draugrs are no longer constantly nude when using Nude Creatures



Added custom models and texture bits for:

Canine - Dog, Husky/Armored Husky, Death Hound, Ice/Black/Red Wolf


Draugr - All male variants

Giant - All variants

Troll - Cave, Frost, Uderfrykte, Armored Cave/Frost





You may encounter issues if you use this with mods that significantly alters or affects the way creatures are handled.

Compatible Mods (that I know of)


-Nude Creatures

-Bestiality Bits

-SOS - you will have to turn off the SOS penis for werewolves in the MCM menu


Incompatible Mods (that I know of)

-EternalBlack's IB Genders

-Mighty Beasts

-Immersive Creatures


-Armored Troll isn't using the correct penis textures (needs an esp)

-Most horses will be using the wrong penis texture, the exceptions are the bay horse and Shadowmere. (needs an esp)



Ashal - Sexlab Framework

diarawr - Horny Dogs of Skyrim - model refs

Ep1cL3w7z, ~X~, Derrax - Werewolf model ref

Eternal Black - model refs

Fore - FNIS

Gone - animations

lordescobar666 - Sexlab Nude Creatures

Panicforever - animations and model refs


other people I've forgotten...

and the community :D


I suppose you can do whatever you want with this mod so long as you agree to some simple requests. You can't make a buck off any of the assets found in this mod and you can't post any of the assets or this mod on Nexus or Steam. Personally, I'd prefer it if this mod to stay on Lover's Lab. Credits aren't necessary but would be appreciated.

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