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Wellman's Sauna may just look like a plain and boring brick building from the outside, but once through it's Men Only door you'll find a clean and well appointed gay sauna and spa spread across three levels. 


The ground floor houses the sauna's office, locker rooms, toilets, yoga studio, massage rooms, and a private courtyard for those needing a breath of fresh air.  The first floor is where you can find the lounge/bar, cinema, another toilet, and the private rooms.  Whilst down in the basement is the showers, a third toilet, gym, jaccuzzi, tub room, sauna, and the dark room maze.


This is a fully functional spa, that fits on a 20x20 lot (I have it in Magnolia Promenade, since its a world I never use I'm turning it into a full gay village) and costs around $120k, with the modded traits of:

 - Gay Hot Spot

 - Hypersexual

 - Nudist hangout


I think I've got all the CC I used in the build in the CC folder (none of it was created or owned by me, there are many more talented people you have to thank for all their amazing creations), though if something doesn't show up I'm sure you can find somethign to take it's place.


I hope you enjoy it!

11-16-23_8-02-18 AM.png

11-16-23_8-02-58 AM.png

11-16-23_8-03-37 AM.png

11-16-23_8-03-43 AM.png

11-16-23_8-03-48 AM.png

11-16-23_8-04-25 AM.png

11-16-23_8-05-09 AM.png

11-16-23_8-05-19 AM.png

11-16-23_8-05-28 AM.png

11-16-23_8-05-42 AM.png

11-16-23_8-05-54 AM.png

11-16-23_8-06-04 AM.png

11-16-23_8-06-30 AM.png

11-16-23_8-06-46 AM.png

11-16-23_8-06-55 AM.png

11-16-23_8-07-03 AM.png

11-16-23_8-07-12 AM.png

11-16-23_8-08-06 AM.png

11-16-23_8-08-27 AM.png

11-16-23_8-08-35 AM.png

11-16-23_8-08-50 AM.png

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