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Ceraph the Succubus Follower
... "You called, Master?"




First I made the Succubus Armor, Follower and Enemy, but I was not happy with many things... except the two follower.
So I decided to make a complete new "only follower" mod. (If you like the old mod, you can still use it. (they will not conflict)
"Ceraph" inspired from a character from CORRUPTION OF CHAMPIONS, it is an erotic text based and browser based flash game.
Ceraph can grow male genitals, a normal human cock or a equine penis (complete new mesh and textures!).


You can find her in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth!


!! If you update to 2.6, clean Ceraph's scripts out of your save, or start a new game !!





There are no requirements, all what you need is in the mod.


The Special Edition needs "Skyrim Special Edition"!




SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - for schlong controls
FloppySOS - because VIDEO (try 1.7, if skyrim crashes with 2.0+)
HDT Physics Extensions - boob jiggle, boob jiggle, boob jiggle, boob jiggle,


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Special Edition:


SoS Light SE - for flaccid cocks.





Is she marriable?
Yes, you just need a amulet of mara.


What body does she use?
She uses the "Clams of Skyrim" body with my own bodyslide presets, but I deactivated the HDT Vagina.


Why are you using Clams of Skyrim without HDT Vagina?
Because it has much better bone weighting as the standard CBBE body... and the 3D vagina looks also nice.


Can I reactivate the HDT vagina?
Yes! You need the tool "BodySlide" and choose the "Ceraph Body HDT", there is also a HDT version of the human penis! (Its a bit buggy if you use both)
You also need Clams of Skyrim installed, or a other mod that contain configs für HDT genitals. (AllinoneAnimatedPussy should also work)


Can she work as steward for my house?
Yes, if you have the hearthfires dlc.


Can I give her a other armor and weapons?
Yes, but I would not recommend it because her weapons and armor are balanced and level up with her.


Is it possible to remove the penis?
The penisses are optional, talk to her to hide or show them.


Is it possible to remove the wings?
Nope, the are a part of her.


Can I use the equine penis mesh in my mod/game?
NO! (its made only for my Succubus Mod)


Will you make a standalone mod of the equine penis?
No, it would be much work to make patches for the most used female skin textures.


She is to strong/weak
Please tell me what level you are


Why do Guards not attack her, she is a demon/daedra?!
For normal Humans she looks like a normal... but sexy woman.


What ENB did you use for your screenshots?
Grim and Somber Hircine Presets
For newer Screenshots K ENB


Ceraph in CoC has many piercings but your follower not
Simple answer, I hate piercings.


I liked her old pinkish look more from the pre 2.0 versions!
Use the Classic Skin patch, just install it over the main file! (for her old body use the ERF_Succubus Presets on all "Ceraph" parts)

What's New in Version 2.8


  • Removed PSQ Addons
  • 2.8: 
  • Small update of Ceraph Textures and new eyes
  • PSQ Addon for Special Edition (Ceraph 2.8 NEEDED!!!)
  • New Addon for Player Succubus Quest!
  • Uploaded Patch to get the Classic look back 
  • Uploaded Patch to get the tattoos back (like the older screenshots)
  • 2.7: 
  • New Version for the Skyrim Special Editon!
  • Optimized meshes for SE 
  • Works now without problems with Skyrim VR! 
  • (no reason to update the Oldrim version)
  • 2.6:
  • compressed all textures and added the bodyslide files to the download.
  • New Version for the Skyrim Special Editon
  • 2.5:
  • fixed item messages after got a item from ceraph
  • hopefully fixed the rare duplicate wings bug
  • you can use her now as a steward for your house (HearthFires required)
  • new body mesh from "Clams of Skyrim" but deactivated the HDT Vagina
  • fixed specular textures
  • added vagina to the textures
  • Just added a few Q&A lines
  • 2.3 Version for Special Edition
  • 2.2 Added tattoos for SlaveTats
  • 2.2 Removed Sexlab as requirement
  • Added new horns
  • Removed tattoos
  • Small balance changes
  • 2.0: Added Patch to have the old skin colors back.
  • 2.0: Added Bodyslide files to change Ceraph's appearance
  • 2.0: Big update!
  • Fixed the "wings bug"
  • New Body Textures and fixed other textures
  • New Effects for Cum and Milk Potion
  • Ceraph can now wear any armor (based on CBBE textures)
  • Balance changes

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