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About This File

What is it?


Aradia's Latex armour converted from the original Blender files for use in Skyrim.


A shiny latex all in one suit.


Fitted to a UUNP HDT body.


Weight slider support.


First person and inventory meshes included.


CBBE meshes option for outfits that show skin.


Available in four flavours.


Craft-able at the forge under Glass, can be tempered.


Stats: Light armour glass equivalent (weight and armour rating of glass boots, cuirass and gloves combined).


Can be enchanted, but only one (unless perks/mods allow otherwise) has keywords for boots, cuirass and gloves.


Utilises the NetImmerse Override system for the heels.


Uses High Heel sounds (optional esp available without Heels Sound.esm as master)


Bodyslide - no. I don't use it, and have no interest in learning something that I don't use.




Racemenu 3.4.4+
NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+ for ECE/Vanilla users
Do not install both, Racemenu has NetImmerse Override included.


XP Maximum Skeleton Extended 3.0+


Heels Sound (unless optional no heels sound esp is used)


And their pre-requisites.




With a mod manager.


Manual - extract contents of zip to data folder.




CBBE meshes, same as main mod, after the main file has been installed, overwriting when asked.
No Heels Sound - see above, same as CBBE meshes.




With your mod manager.


Manual - delete folders: data/meshes/armor/aradia/aradia_latex
delete esp: aradia_latex.esp




aradia for the original blender meshes.


expired6978 for Racemenu and NetImmerse Override


Groovtama for XPMSE


Apokrytia for Heels Sound


Gomaperopero for the fishnet mesh/texture




Do what you want, as long as credit is given to those that deserve it.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • v1.0 initial release

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