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t3h0th3r's UUNP HDT and Special (where applicable) conversions 0.91

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About This File

This is a collection of conversions i made some time ago. They were previously posted in the Unified UNP thread just posting them in their own thread to make it easier for others to find them.


Of some armors, there are better conversions by now, use those then ;)
If you're a converter with more skill/patience than me and want to further improve any of those, please do so and let me know, so I can link to your conversion.


All credits go to the original authors, if you are an author and want your converted mod removed, let me know.


Shell Bondage - UUNP HDT & Special (see screenshot)
Requires original mod by @Shocky which is a port of Backsteppo's Micro Bikini for Type3 all credits go to those 2.
The open Version is also available as UUNP Special, also the included esp adds SexlabNoStrip and (DeviousDevices) NoHide Keywords to the "armor".


Slutty Christmas Mashup - UUNP HDT + Special - NiO taken down until most issues are fixed
Requires original mod by @asenasen


Hermaeus Mora Priestess Armor - UUNP HDT
Requires original mod and its requirements. Fixed armor and added missing Eye.


Elewin Pumps 2 - High Heels and Stockings for UUNP NiO
Requires original mod HDT high heels no longer required. Thanks Reenana for helping with the weights on the stockings.


Razor Thorn - UUNP HDT
Requires original mod and it's requirements now withouth thigh weights on gauntlets :P


Lustmord Vampire Armor - UUNP HDT.
Requires original mod and its requirements. For color variants and NiO heels check out the one from Xarathos


SPB Ribbon 1.5 - UUNP HDT
Requires original mod. Disclaimer: the shoes aren't exactly pretty, better use other heels (maybe the ones further up in this post?).


BF panty
The Sanitary napkin from Beeing Female (obviously it won't do anything alone).

What's New in Version 0.91


  • Added Slutty Xmas Mashup Special version