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  1. it complains about version mismatch, but it seems to be working anyways. (since sksevr 2.0.11 and 2.0.12 are for the same version of skyrim VR).
  2. the only thing i can think of currently if you hook up your SLSO controls to something bound on your controller and then pretend you're getting them off like that
  3. There's quite some support for VR Start here: And here:
  4. @prinyo i'm trying to figure out why doesn't work in VR. the only pointer i currently have are: "something funky is definitely going down scriptwise with 2.0.4 in VR though since the json and the papy logs are often in disagreement about which # mesh is which" "at heart it's either a SKSE inconsistency or a SkyUI inconsistency where the 2.0.4 has gone ahead of what the VR versions provide" i will try to get the logs in question. there could be mismatches between the VR and SE SOS version (VR branching off a predecessor to todays SSE one) or maybe differences in SKSE64 vs SKSEVR
  5. thanks for the report. if you have troubles, here's a repack (same bad conversion yet, but that's maybe changing in the near or not so far future). CBBE HDT Piercing Sets Repack.7z This is obviously not for UUNP
  6. I really wonder what makes 2.0.4 not work in VR... upon 1st assignment, the mesh pops in for a split second. but then is no longer displayed. @Karsalian you wouldn't happen to have an idea?
  7. Well you pointed me in the right direction (after all these years). i'm really baffled what happened to that plugin, because when i checked the original, it didn't have all those issues (it's also possible that the original got fixed after i made my conversion off it). in any case using the original plugin nothing would show up. As for your SSE version: i'd still be interested to have a look at it (just to see what adjustments you made, since the original had very inconsistent slot and armortype assignments). if you can be bothered to share it here or via PM. cheers
  8. HDT Piercingsets.7z this version should be good, let me know if there's still issues.
  9. Right, so i quickly looked over the plugin and it's all kinds of messed up for the SED7 items. Can anyone try and verify the issues don't occur with the attached version? edit: uploaded wrong version. check again the attached version in the next post.
  10. nice catch! mind to share your conversion?
  11. i'm only here sporadically, and even if: this is not an original mod, but a conversion based off a conversion. so sure, go ahead (either post here, or make your own DL page). you're not wrong
  12. It means, this file in particular is not maintained anymore. No idea if anyone has converted this mod or the originals it's based off to SE. See reply above. It's compatible with whatever bodies were supported/integrated into 2015 BodySlide/UUNP See reply above.
  13. Awesome! It was really bugging me out that i couldn't configure individual followers. On a semi-related note, either the VR section needs a Download section, or post this to the SE downloads for greater visibility (and the ability to be informed of filechanges). Again, kudos to you good sir!
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