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  1. you need to replace the meshes that were created by regening, with the original sculpted one. you have to add the pube mesh to the original mesh and order the branches it the same order as in the mesh that was created by regening. you will manually do what nifmerge does.
  2. t3h0th3r

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    Mfg Fix this fixes the ModifyFaceGen(mfg) console command, which is used to apply facial animations
  3. Ah i never actually figured out how that was done
  4. The problem was, that the original body this armor came with doesn't exist anywhere else. So there was no conversion reference or anything one could use to conform it to CBBE/UUNP baseshape and i had to manually do it in Outfit Studio where ran out of patience (it also had a lot less sculpting capabilities back then). I kinda wanted to port it to CBBE SE for SSE and VR, but the same issue remains and it never quite gets as form fitting as i'd like it to be. Probably someone who's good in Max or Blender could make it really form fitting. And whenever i see a new version pop up, i hope someone fixed the stuff i was too lazy to do Re: animated textures: iirc that only works with the meshes where the eye is separate. not 100% sure anymore though. I'm pretty much done with LE/UUNP so if you can use anything from my conversion, i don't mind if you snag it, it's not my OC anyways.
  5. Checking this out, to see if you got it better than i managed to in my rather well hidden conversion of ages ago
  6. Hey


    Pfiffy sent me over, he said he'd get you to contact me as well about the mfgfix for VR.


    Well I've got the mfgfix to compile for VR but it's got a pointer I can't find in the skse64 source code and without it t will cause a ctd.


    RelocAddr<uintptr_t> ModifyFaceGen_Base = 0x0031A070;
    uintptr_t ModifyFaceGen_Exit = ModifyFaceGen_Base + 0x7BE; // Return from ModifyFaceGen() 
    uintptr_t ModifyFaceGen_Hook_Addr = ModifyFaceGen_Base + 0x0DF;
    uintptr_t ModifyFaceGen_Hook_Ret = ModifyFaceGen_Base + 0x0E5;


    I've no idea where 0x0031A070 came from, it's not in the skse source and usually searching on google would find most references but it failed to find anything related to skse.


    I've had to add a couple of definitions to the source file and change the path to some of the others to match the folder structure I used. I also switched the skse version check to 


    if (skse->runtimeVersion != CURRENT_RELEASE_RUNTIME) 


    as it will make switching skse versions easier, normally it would be drop in the new source and compile.



  7. t3h0th3r

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    I'm probably a bit dense, but what do you want me to test in particular? Ok i guess it was a bit early, when i wrote that. I was tripping because SL nagged at me due to version mismatches of the DLLs... But i guess i can test basic DD functionality w/o working SL. Will post tonight when i get to test it.
  8. t3h0th3r

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    I know of the missing dependencies, so far i did some hacking around so DDi would load. At the very least sksevr thinks the dll is ok: checking plugin C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR\Data\SKSE\Plugins\\DeviousDevices.dll plugin C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR\Data\SKSE\Plugins\\DeviousDevices.dll (00000001 DDiUtil 00000001) loaded correctly
  9. t3h0th3r

    MCM VR Question

    Theres a fully working (read no save bug) version available here: https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases
  10. welcome back @Min! pleased to hear about your plans to bring DD to VR! for SkyUI/MCM there's https://github.com/Odie/skyui-vr/releases no idea how well/stable that works as i just stumbled across it. will update later today. edit: apparently there's a VR version of PapyrusUtils in the works.
  11. So i tried doing this but with SSE NPCs. There's no NifMerge for SSE and the one from oldrim doesn't recognize SSE meshes. But when you open the newly generated mesh in NifSkope it is pretty apparent which parts have been fubard (bigass red ! instead of the actual shape). So i just deleted them (delete branch) in and copy pasted the corresponding branch back from the original mesh. Everything seemed to work but now she lacks fangs??? I was able to manually replicate the NifMerge procedure with NifSkope without breaking Seranaholic or Toccata, so i guess your tutorial shold work.
  12. Don't have time yet, but intend to try it out.
  13. Assumig i convert the esm to form 44 and use the nifs from the SSE mod, would that work? Or is the NPC part dependent on SkyProc?