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About This File

About the mod:
This is a (lewd) mashup of parts from various Christmas related outfits including:
+ The coat from Vindictus Santa Robe by jianeddie.
+ The collar & neck bell from f51 armor by fox6000.
+ gloves and boots from Vindictus Santa Robe by jianeddie.
+ Pasties from Santa Robe by SpeedBuster.
+ accessory bells from Kasumi Christmas Outfit by fizz.
Not that the coat clips horribly with certain poses, and I'm currently looking for a way to fix it.
The mashup was inspired by this post on SpeedBuster's blog: http://akaspb.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-549.html


v1.5: Coat is now fixed, and was broken off from the main outfit as an individual item. (using slot 44)


Check list:
Clipping-free guarantee: Semi-Check
Weight slider support: Check
Gives you dreams of a White Christmas: Definitely Check ;)
XMPSE2 Skeleton
HDT High Heels (Set the custom height to around 10 - 15. Without this, the boots will sink to the ground)


Just use any mod manager to install the armor.
Or manually, you can just drop everything into [skyrim Directory]\Data


Obtaining Methods:
Option 1: Use this wonderful mod AddItemMenu: http://www.nexusmods…im/mods/64905/?
Option 2: Press “~” ingame to bring up console, type “help Slutty", and add the items
into your game.
Option 3: TesVedit, CreationKit, etc (not recommended)


Deactivate in mod manager
Or delete the following:
Data\meshes\Christmas Mashup
Slutty Christmas Mashup.esp


To-do list:
- Fix the coat-


Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity for the 7B Bombshell body.
jianeddie for the Vindictus Santa Robe.
fox6000 for the f51 armor.
SpeedBuster for the Santa Robe armor.
fizz for the Kasumi Christmas armor.


I'm not going to make a CBBE/Bodyslide conversion for this, but feel free to do so, as long as you
give proper credit to the above authors.

What's New in Version 1.5


  • 12/17/2015: Initial Release
  • 12/17/2015: Update 1.5. Coat is now fixed