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After posting my sim and my girlfriend's sim I decided to post her best friend too. Unfortunately as, I believe, you can see, she has some similarities with Ariana Grande and in fact the basis on which I started is just a sim on the singer. I tried to change the editable and not remembering the author unfortunately I can not quote it (if you recognize yourself as the creator, please let me know that I will quote you as it should be). "Unfortunately" she is identical to how you see her here.

In the file you should find some missing files, this is because I have removed the feet that I use by default to avoid problems, for anything do not hesitate to contact me.


Send me photos if you use it via message or here in topic. Both consensual and non-? To make the situation more fun for you I have decided to give you a background so that you can get to know the characters better (obviously you are free to modify ... or to ask for more information?). (sorry for my bad English)


I leave you the description with the character of her:


name: Nancy
age: 22
smokers: no
University: Language and Literature at the University of Britechester (game context)
Behavior: If my girlfriend (Anna) is a bit of a whore and provocative, she is not of the same mold. She had 3 relationships and only two of them got sex. The last of her ended a few months later after 4 years (he betrayed her, regretting it ... he seeks her forgiveness, she was hurt and cannot trust her, despite her keep still). She is good-natured, friendly, kind and also (very) generous. she is the classic person who immediately makes herself loved. Always going against what she finds unfair and always defending those who are weaker and "freedom" ... despite her insecurity about her sometimes makes her falter ... The perfect friend or the perfect girlfriend. She loves reading very much and everything related to literature, philosophy and art is a fertile ground for conversation and "to enter her heart". In fact, she dreams of being a writer.
Activities: she loves reading, being with friends, "discussing" the most disparate topics with friends, taking long walks, and having fun with friends (I say this because I don't want her to seem like a boring girl, far from it)

Reputation: What to say? A beautiful and at the same time intelligent girl can only attract the attention of many men. Whether with serious intentions or those for sexual purposes only. Fortunately for the now ex-boyfriend, she has always been a faithful woman so, although she has cultivated various friendships (male and female) she has never betrayed him. Now that she's single, you have your chance to get into her panties (or if you want, you can take the story back to when she was engaged... trying to win her over as a girlfriend... for a bigger challenge... )) ... will you succeed? (in the picture you can see her with her ex-boyfriend)


In case of problems please contact. Thanks to all the creators of cc and all the creators of mods. You are fantastic! I hope I have said it all now have fun and post here or as a message all the use and stories you will make.

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