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Hi everyone! I decided to post a topic with only my girlfriend simself ( link in bottom) and one with me and her (this post), so that you can (hopefully) enjoy and use it in the best way for you. Send me the photos if you use it via message or here in topic. Whether consensual or not? To make the situation more fun for you I have decided to give you a background so that you can get to know the characters better (of course you are free to modify ... or to ask for more information?). (sorry for my bad English)



name: Andrew Patts

age: 24

smoker: no

penis size: small

Work: social media manager.

Behavior: He loves his girlfriend very much, even if he can't satisfy her in bed as he would like. he is very jealous of her because she often receives unwanted attention. He still remembers that time as she was wearing a skirt and a guy lifted it up and touched her ass in front of her eyes and she couldn't get respect. He trusts her blindly and knows she would never cheat on him (maybe?). Sure he's not an alpha man and his friends (and friends of friends) take advantage of his kindness and naivety to get favors from him (or maybe to try to get close to his girlfriend). activities: he loves reading, seeing museums, going out with friends and / or his girlfriend (friends who don't mind throwing a few eyes on the girl's ass or breasts ...) and he devotes himself to her work.

Reputation: When you are with a girl of a certain presence, rumors start to circulate. People think of him as a cuckold and that he is unable to notice how much his girlfriend is a whore in heat eager to fuck with a big cock. Not to mention that he is very clumsy and therefore he doesn't deserve to have a woman of that caliber ... she deserves a real man!


My girlfriend:

Name: Anna Armstrong

age: 23

smoker: yes

pussy: shaved

job: volunteer for homeless shelter, secretary, cleaning ladies (some jobs she did occasionally).

Behavior: Don't be fooled by that innocent face. Even though she has a heart of gold and is always ready to help others, she is truly a cock lover and she loves being called a whore in bed. Before getting engaged to Andrew, she had several short-lived relationships with disreputable people, who still got great sex from her. The guy she is currently engaged to is a man who respects and loves her deeply. she therefore wants to remain faithful to him and have a serious relationship. The only problem with their relationship is that he doesn't satisfy her, while she manages to make him cum quickly (maybe too much). Will she be able to remain faithful to him or will something happen that will take her to other paths?

Despite the above, she is initially a shy but sociable girl. And she will never seduce you first because she wants the man to take the first step. Activities: She loves shopping, hanging out with her friends or her boyfriend, going to the bar, traveling with her boyfriend to discover new places and loves doing her job.

Reputation: When you do certain things, rumors circulate and in some cases are even amplified so she doesn't have a good reputation. If you ask about her, people will say that she is an easy woman, a cheater and one who likes to be seduced and attract attention ... and that she is truly exceptional at sucking cock and having sex! It is thought that she is with Andrew only to redeem her image of her and look like a serious woman who has found her love. They don't currently live in the same thing, so certain betrayals are harder to detect.


I created 2 topics, one in which only her is present and the other in which we are both present. in the files I have removed the feet that I use by default to not create conflicts. So if you get "missing files" that's it. Always check your files to avoid duplication and for your safety. In case of problems please contact. Thanks to all the creators of cc and all the creators of mods. You are fantastic! I hope I have said it all now have fun and post here or as a message all the use and stories you will make.

the photos during sexual activity (which you can find in this post) sent to me by a loverslab user, whose name I don't remember. If you are there write so I give you the credits.


if you want to download only her, here is the link. let me know the use you will make of it



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