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SexLab Hentai Pregnancy


Simplified pregnancy for SexLab using node scaling. Does not run simulations, the script gets attached to a NPC only for the duration that they are pregnant. Intended for PC and NPCs.



  • Increases the breast and belly size of females using node scaling
  • Works for player, followers and NPCs
  • Pregnancies from creature sex
  • Pregnancies for named NPCs up to 20 at the same time.
  • Cum inflation option
  • Configurable size, chances and duration in MCM
  • MCM page for current named pregnancies
  • Pick the plugin you want for child option
  • Can be used by other mods



  • Female cycles are not modeled, I don't see the point.
  • Pregnancies on unnamed NPCs are removed whenever you travel between cells, Named NPC are fine.
  • Child option needs to be fleshed out.
  • Waiting for someone to convert some armor. There are armor options to show breast enlargement but none that I know of for the belly.


  • Pregnancy weighted armor


  • More child plugins


  • Thanks to jbezorg for the fluids
  • Thanks to GECK.O for leaky nips


The is my first mod for Skyrim, use at your own risk.



SoulGemBirth Plugin


  • Requires HentaiPregnancy > v1.16
  • Produces Soul Gems, size dependent on pregnancy duration
  • Victim only option
  • Has it's own MCM
  • Use this as an example if you want to write a plugin




Related Mods



  • CTD when pregnancy occurs
    • Check that your skeleton has a belly node
    • Getting custom companions with their own separate body pregnant will cause CTD.
    • If you are using the selene kate mod, it comes with it's own skeleton which can cause CTD, you can fix this by overriding her assets with your ones by creating this folder - Data\meshes\actors\character\katebody and putting your files in there. I also overwrote her body because I want her to use my bodyslide one. In my folder I have:
      from Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets








      from Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female



    [*]Breasts grow but belly doesn't

    • Check you belly mesh install, zecoron's for CBBE, b3lisario's for UNP
    • Read their threads for instructions

    [*]Can't get pregnant

    • Does the pregnancy appear in the Pregnancy List in the MCM
      • If yes, and you're sure that you've waited long enough but do not see belly or breast growth
        • Is it a custom body or NPC from a mod? If yes then try it with a vanilla NPC that doesn't have a generic name.

        [*]If no and it was a charactor with a name having vaginal sex involving a male and a female then it should be working.

      [*]Still can't get pregnant?

      • Check that you are running the latest version
      • Try again with an earlier save
      • Are you using any mods which alter NPCs?

      [*]Female to female - enable female to female cum in sexlab MCM.

    [*]If you're using SOS and you installed XP32 after, reinstall SOS, XP32 will overwrite SOS's male skeleton which could give you CTD.

    [*]If you had installed pre esm version and you are running the latest version, make sure you don't have HentaiImpregnation.esp in your data folder.

    [*]If you still need help then make a post with all the details which are relevant, including what you did to rule out the above, versions of relevant mods etc. No one can help you if your desciption of the problem is just "not working".




Old Updates

Before upgrading wait out pregnancies and then clean save.




  • Fixed Male pregnancy issue


  • Added option to disable messages
  • Address breast scaling issue


  • Added creature support
  • Added cum inflation chance


  • Converted to esm (clear/wait out all pregnancies, clean save and uninstall before upgrading)
  • Can be now used by other mods
  • Child option now need plugin to operate
  • Added optional SoulGemBirth plugin (remember to set your child chance)
  • Voice volume now reads SexLab settings
  • Add allow anal option
  • Removed expression override which doesn't work anyway.


  • Fixed issue with setting chances to 0
  • Fixed clear pregnancy issue fix regression


  • Fixed issue with pregnancy effects switch


  • Fixed issue with dress undress
  • Increased max sizes


  • Fixed clear pregnancy MCM function going to post pregnancy instead of clearing.
  • Tweaked undress procedure.


  • Adjusted effect durations
  • Added leaky nips, thanks to GECK.O (set your body type in MCM, CBBE or UNP)


  • Fixed child can be produced with 0 chance.
  • Added post pregnancy period (+ 1/4 duration).
  • Added pregnancy cramps.
  • Added post pregnancy milk effect.
  • Added female to female pregnancy if SexLab is set to allow female to felmale cum.


  • Fixed timer not updating unless you wait.


  • Added reconnect to SexLab on gameload for users having issues after loading a saved game.
  • Fleshed out pregnancy ending.


  • Fixed issued with timer not being reset when reusing slots


  • Gradual growth for pregnancies
  • Function to remove all pregnancies in the MCM, when using this, go back to game than wait for message to say "All named pregnancies removed"
  • Now works for vaginal sex only


  • Persistent pregnancies for named NPCs up to 20 at the same time.
  • Nonpersistent cum inflation for unnamed NPCs
  • MCM page for current named pregnancies


  • Fixed size settings being rounded to integers.


  • Added check for bodies reverting.


  • Removed per second update from the growth script, initially put there to stop bodies from reverting and to gradually increment size over the whole period but it appears to be causing some issues.



What's New in Version V1.19


  • Fixed Male pregnancy issue

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