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About This File

What does this mod do?
This mod adds small, conditions-based dialog choices to female NPC's throughout Skyrim that the Dragonborn can attempt to seduce, feed, and then have sex with using.




The dialog is voiced using vanilla assets on MOST of the NPC's. Most meaning that NPC's that use unique voices, such as Delphine, will not be voiced and have silent dialog.


This mod was heavily inspired by FoxFinger's Amorous Adventures and by the blood doll seduction in the game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.


How do you seduce NPC's?


Conditions for seducing NPC's varies on several factors:


First, you must obviously be a vampire.


Second, you must be indoors or outside from the hours of 7pm to 5am. I did this for personal lore reasons. Some people may overlook a couple getting a little nookie out in public and others may pretend that your little nip on the neck was just a playful kiss, but naked feeding and fucking in broad daylight was a bit too much for my tastes.


Third, you must seduce the target by passing a speech check. The difficulty of the check depends on whom you are trying to seduce. A commoner will be an easy check requiring a speech between 18 and 25 (depending on perks). Trying to feed on another vampire will be a bit harder, 35 - 50. The Thalmor aren't exactly the most forgiving of people, so feeding on one of them is hard, between 53 and 75 speech required. Trying to feed on a Dawnguard woman will be the hardest challenge for your vampire, between 70 and 100.


Commoner NPC's will also require you to have some form of trust between the NPC and your character, so a relationship level of 2 (confidant) is required. Dawnguard characters must have a relationship level of 1 (friend) before you can ask to feed upon them. You achieve these through normal questing and favors throughout the game (or console it in.)


Each group also has slightly different dialog. Be warned, if you fail to seduce a commoner or vampire, you can always try again later, but failing to seduce a Thalmor or Dawnguard will cause them to attack you!


After you successfully seduce a woman, she will be added to a new faction of seduced victims, giving new dialog (based on faction) that does not require a speech check. You can only ask every couple of hours.


Be careful on feeding too much on non-essential NPC's, just like normal vampire feeding, they can possibly die from overfeeding.


What's new in 1.4?


Finally more animations! Special thanks to AnubiSs2167, SirNibbles, Funnybizness, and Leito86 for not only creating the amazing animations, but also for giving me permission to use them in my mod. Please be sure to thank them if you enjoy the new animations. Also special thanks to Orxx for SexLab Animation Loader


SexLab Animation Loader (SLAL) and the Sexual Vampire Feed SLAL pack in the download section are now a requirement for all vampire animations to play. While the feed script will still sate your vampire's thirst, you will not be able to play any of the new animations without my pack and only a generic sex animation will play instead. But why would you want that?


New animations finally include three dedicated lesbian animations and two more male vampire/female animations for ten total, with more possibilities in the future! No more females wearing a strap-on using male animations!


Also, Sexual Vampire Feed now allows players to feed upon NPCs outside, but only between the hours of 7pm and 5am for more role playing goodness.


Lastly, the script has been updated so that only context appropriate animations will play. Tired of non-vampire NPC's using the feeding on your vampire? Well that's no longer a problem! All this was done while keeping the script increasingly light, just as before, since it only activates during specific dialog and directly to the animation hook. No worries about script lag here!


What's new in 1.3?


Finally some variation in animations!


Sexual Vampire Feeding's script used to use the key word "Xandero" so that only the feeding animation would play, which was only the same one. 1.3 has had a small script change to allow any animation with the tags with either "Vampire" or "Feeding" to play instead. With the release of SexLab Animation Loader, NSAP is no longer needed, but you can still use it and will not interfere in any way. Any animation pack that is released that has those tags will be able to be used.


Simply follow the instructions of SLAL and then head over to here to get some preloaded packs that already have animations that have vampire feeding and properly tagged! I recommend Anubs', FunnyBizness', and Xandero's packs.


You can even easily edit the packs to allow any pack to sate your thirst when seducing.


Now, you get to pick which sex animations will sate thirst!


What's new in 1.2a?


1.2a has no new content, but comes with one change. I was tired of every normal indoor female having the option to reveal yourself and I prefer some RP when I play. You wouldn't just come out to every person on the street that you are a secret vampire, so some trust between the NPC and player is needed. So I made it a requirement for normal NPC's to have a relationship level of 3 with the player. This will come normally over time as you do quests.


Only normal NPC's were changed. Vampires, Dawnguard, Thalmor, Delphine, and the Prostitute are unaffected with this change since they have their own difficulty.


Also added an Omnisexual version so you can seduce both men and women. The relationship change is also in affect. Pronouns were fixed to apply no specific sex to your target.


1.2 will be left up for people that do not want the relationship change, but it will be a part of every update going forward.


Pick only one version to install.


New NPC in 1.2!


I kinda made her while messing around, don't click if you want to be suprised



There's a new voiced and custom appearance prostitute in Skyrim that can be found in either the Bee and Barb in Riften, the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, the Winking Skeever in Solitude, or traveling in between those locations. She is very expensive and the speech check to seduce her is very hard. You do not need to be a vampire to have sex with her, but you do in order to feed. Since she's a whore, you can have sex with her outside.


Do not piss her off.


Previous NPC in 1.1



To seduce Delphine, you must complete Alduin's Wall in the main quest. You do not have to be inside to seduce her.




Are there any bugs/issues?


I have only tested this with Better Vampires and Vampiric Thirst, since I'd be hard pressed to find a person that doesn't use one of them.


I have no intention for adding support for vanilla Skyrim. Dawnguard is a hard requirement for this mod.


Sometimes upon first starting a new game, the dialog will not show up until you reload/restart the Skyrim. This is only an issue on brand new games.


This is my very first time scripting, but I took efforts to make the script as simple as possible.


There seems to be a small issue with Vampiric Thirst if you are using blood points. That script is independent of mine and I will change Miss Leeches script. Better Vampires has no issue with blood points.


Will this mod be expanded?


It was much easier than I thought to add more and more dialog options once I got used to it. I've also had some practice editing voice files. That means I may possibly emulate Amorous Adventures by giving unique dialog to NPC's and even making small quest requirements for them to allow you to feed upon them.


One thing I will NOT do is add rape options into feeding/sex. There's plenty of rape mods here and it is not my fetish. Never gonna happen.


Requirements and installation


1. Download the main file for male characters seducing female NPCs and female characters seducing male and female NPCs. Download the SLAL pack as well.


(Optional) The Omnisexual file to allow males characters (or anyone with a male flag) to seduce both men and woman. Download and overwrite the main file.


2. You'll need Dawnguard, SexLab, Sexlab Animation Load and anything those mods require to function. Fuz Ro D-oh is not a hard requirement for the mod to work, but any unique voiced NPC will skip their dialog without it, but the sex should still work fine. I recommend installing it.


3. To install, I highly recommend using Mod Organizer. Just install it like a regular mod. There should be no issues installing through Nexus Mod Manager.


4. Place the Sexual Vampire Feed esp below any vampire mods you have, such as Better Vampires or Vampiric Thirst. Shouldn't be required as it doesn't edit any of their stuff, but it can't hurt either.


5. Follow instructions of SLAL and the packs. Be sure to


6. Go to SLAL in the Skyrim MCM and find the Sexual Vampire Feed pack. Pick the animations you want and register them.


7. Become a vampire, make sure your speech is high enough (or not), go find a woman indoors (or outdoors during the proper time) that you have the required relationship level with, and ask her about vampires.


Please enjoy this mod and give me feedback and suggestions. The better the feedback the better I can make it, assuming it is within my ability.


Special Thanks and Credits


Xandero for his animation that gave me the idea.
AnubiSs2167 for his vampire animations and permission to use them. Excellent work.
SirNibbles for letting me use his fantastic animations.
Funnybizness for always making more animations and giving me permissions to use them.
Leito86 for all the loving sex animations and permission.
I really appreciate all the hard work that animators put into their work. Without it, there'd be nothing here.
Miss Leeches for helping me with the vampire script and Vampiric Thirst.
Ashal for SexLab and making my script better.
KS Hairdos


What's New in Version 1.4


  • 1.4 - New SLAL pack with more animations, finally including new lesbian animations with special thanks to AnubiSs2167, SirNibbles, Funnybizness, and Leito86!
  • - SLAL and Sexual Vampire Feed pack is now a requirement for all vampire animations to play.
  • - Vampire players can now feed and fuck outside from 7pm to 5am.
  • - Changed common NPC's to require relationship level 2 (Confidant), up from 1.
  • - Dawnguard NPC's now require a relationship level of 1 (Friend).
  • - Added a short cooldown (2 hours for most, but depends on factions) before you can ask to feed again or retry after a failed attempt.
  • - Removed Serana and Valerica from vampire feed faction (for future content).
  • - Altered script so that male and female players do not play inappropriate animations (Meaning no lesbians playing female/male, ect)
  • - Added dialog option to allow vampire NPC's to feed upon the player.
  • - Added lip sync to Delphine. Delphine also can only be fed on outside during appropriate hours
  • - Prostitute can now only be fed on when outside during the appropriate hours.
  • - Omnisexual version no longer needed for male/female, female/male, and female/female interactions. Omnisexual will still be required for male/male (for gay, futa, trans, or bisexual characters).
  • Previous Updates
  • 1.3a - Fixed an issue where you could still feed on blood dolls if cured of vamparism. Omnisexual version is now available!
  • 1.3 - NSAP no longer required. Changed key words to allow more animations to play
  • 1.2b - Lowered relationship requirement to 1 (friend)
  • 1.2a - Added version to seduce males. Both versions now also require you to have a relationship rank of 3 (ally) before you can seduce commoners.
  • 1.2 - New fully voiced NPC to feed upon and fuck
  • 1.1 - New script, added dialog for Delphine
  • 1.0 - Initial Release

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