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About This File

Touched by Dibella Bodyslides for LadyHorus Tera Armors.

SkyrimSE and SkyrimAE versions





-Original Mod, 2.9 https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3281-ladyhorus-tera-armor-for-uunp-females-and-vanilla-males-ver-29-4-9-2021/

-Convert Original mod to SSE with Nifconverter or similar program https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4089

-Option, download preconverted meshes in downloads section.

-Option, download better textures here, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29398

-NOTE, I have not included textures here and you must have them, either download the original mod or go to high res download like above.

-SMP physics and CBPC physics installed

SMP Faster (I am using 1.3.8), https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57339

CBPC (I am using 1.5.0), https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21224

-HighHeeled Sounds Mod, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/62502

-Aroused or similar such as Baka Aroused Mod, found on Loverslab or Patreon https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SlvS2KRY6UscQisro8GEskwCCKg4Wa3G/view

-Run Bodyslides


Description of Original Mod File,


There are over 40 armor outfits for both male and female characters containing a great selection of Heavy, Light, and Robe Outfits for adventuring characters that fit many themes.  Although many of the armors lean towards sexualized adventurer's, the outfits look really cool and epic in some cases.  At least half if not two thirds of the armors have actual skirt, cape, or cloth physics that are enabled by SMP physics systems which make the armors have flowing cloth much like what can be seen in modern games.  No more stiff capes or skirts that dont move properly in regards to gravity, in fact this may be the largest singular place to get a whole lot of armors for both sexes of characters in one place on the internet for Skyrim SE.  Caveet I am aware that on Korean sites this file has been provided for CBA however this files physics actually work properly where the other one did not.


The file makes use of both CBPC and SMP physics systems, I provided links above.  The CBPC controls the breast, butt, and belly physics, while SMP controls the skirts, capes, and other flair on the outfits to give them reaction to movement, collision with bodies, and gravity.  On SkyrimSE I have found that running both systems at the same time works really well much better than on SkyrimLE and this is on an old machine with several companions making use of many items besides such as SMP Hair for male and female character companions.  That said I suppose I should put a disclaimer that your results could vary compared to mine, if that is the case perhaps use less items or maybe refine your load order so your game runs better.


The ESP I have included has been altered too my taste, it is not required but it provides additional new features.

1) all high heels now have high heel sounds, (unfortunately this means male companions using male version of the items have heel sounds since male/female shares same ArmorAA record, can only segregate by race not sex with armorAA's unfortunately).

2) all the female armor now has 1st person arms,

3) all the armor (both male and female version) has "erotic armor" "pretty" keyword.  This means that male and female characters aroused values will increase a tad bit faster around characters wearing such armor and that other sexlab mods can react to characters wearing said armor appropriately to said mods conditions.

-I previously used "erotic" keyword but found that ordinarily sexually inactive characters were having extreme aroused values and thought that was not appropriate for general use.

4) Added some enchanted versions of the armor which can be made at a smithy with alchemy ingredients such as Frost, Fire, or Void salts.

5) Added a skirtless Vulnus armor which can be crafted at a smithy with the original Vulnus armor in the players inventory, this can also be backwards made to the original.

6) Added Frostfall Keywords (players dont need frostfall installed), players with Frostfall installed will have preset warmth and coverage values, this was done for sake of gameplay progression over realism and all values were eyeball balanced according to similar vanilla armor values so that players could just play the game rather than manage Frostfall, end result better tier armor equals better Frostfall resistance.



Suggested Download, Want Better Textures?



Short Description on how to install the original mod properly



Tool needed, you will need 7zip or WinRar or a similar program but the two I mentioned are completely free and possible to find on the internet without annoying extra's.

You also need to have at the ready a nifconverter I provided a link back up at top of this page its a simple exe program with easy prompt to follow so it should not actually require pictures I hope.

Simply put unpack the original mod to a folder on the desktop, if you are not going to use UUNP Bodyslide now is a good time to simply delete the Bodyslide in this folder since it contains stuff you will not use.  Place the nifconverter in the Data folder or in the folder next to meshes folder.  Activate the nifconverter a window pops open there will be some settings but luckily its already set for converting nif files so just hit go or activate the big button.  There will be a window a bunch of scrolling words then that window will ikely close.  So now there will be some logs in TXT files in your folder as well these tell you what nifs converted and did not....No worries, now clean up the stuff you dont need in there like the converter and the txt files.

Now pack the mod folder up with your 7zip/winrar tool and then install it like a normal mod into your mod manager.

After that install the Bodyslide files for TBD Tera Armor Bodyslide mod and then open bodyslide and make your armors.

For former Skyrim LE users, the idea of installing both HDT and SMP alongside each other in the same game is pretty crazy, but with the CBP and SMP both work really good in my game with SkyrimSE so no worries to top it off its actually only 2 file installations and no extra work either like it was with SkyrimLE!

I use FasterSMP file over on Nexus and also a CBP file provided by Touched by Dibella Mod by Milkdrinker, its the mod with the outfits look in the misc or optional files for it.  Just install them and there really should not be any other thinking needed for these, by far the easiest physics files to install ever really for a Bethsada game so far.


High Heels Sounds and Aroused are both loverslab files its very easy to find these using a search engine with the "loverslab name of mod" should be your first hit result.  These files are easy to install so I figure you dont need my description.



Trouble Shooting,

-IF on new Modern High End Hardware, you may notice that SMP will completely spaz out.

Solution, your FPS is crazy high and bounces by crazy high amounts reports show that on high end hardware players experience 90FPS jumping upwards of 210 FPS during gameplay, too correct the issue you will have to cap how high the FPS can actually go using your Graphics Card Control Panel find, "Maximum FPS" and then capping that way below the top possible FPS and experiment with values.   You may find capping the FPS at 120 FPS may resolve the issue if not select a lower number, using monitoring tools such as MSI Afterburner will be useful helping you determine a proper FPS value cap point.  When your FPS does not vary widely, you should find that physics and gravity in the game start behaving properly again.


The specific downloads I use for SkyrimSE pre-AE version that I got using a downloader tool for STEAM that is presently available on Nexus.

These pics are downloads of SMP,


Picture of CBPC,






Notes on Permissions,

I did look over LadyHorus permissions, and I did note that there was nothing that stated that bodyslide conversions could not be made, so here is a bodyslide conversion.

Also note that according to the terms, I did not upload this on Steam or Nexus.

Also this is a great place to store a backup of my Bodyslides were I can get to them later if needed.

And I am not claiming the original work as my own only the effort that I put into the making of the Bodyslides and the 1st person arms.



Edited by Gameplayer

What's New in Version 1.0.6


Preface, not really sure how these 2 outfits were not working with the sliders, but on a new machine now and here we go again.

High Elf, heavy armor Manafire 


Castanic, light armor Twisted

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