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Intimate Encounters

Version 0.1.3


Erotic content with focus on quality, historic plausibility, and seamless integration into Crusader Kings III.




Carnalitas Sex Scenes

A modular sex scene generator to improve variety and quality for Carnalitas sex scenes, for both genders (consensual only so far). These scenes may show up whenever a mod requests a Carnalitas sex scene. Example: Using the Carnalitas "make love" interaction.



Erotic events for different occasions. Ideally you will only recognize it's from Intimate Encounters when the content is more explicit than usual. There are 10 events so far, most of which require specific circumstances. Be patient, it may take a while until one shows up.

Content spoilers:


Do you really want to see details? (I omitted most conditions such as "must not have this or that trait or be on a military campaign or sick or play chess right now" for brevity.)


"The Morning After" - Attend a feast.

"Quite the Catch" - Go hunting.

"Comes of Age: The Truth" - Be an attractive parent with an open-minded daughter that is coming of age.

"Sharing Everything" - Have a friend that doesn't mind sharing his wife.

"A Bold Proposition" - Sway a partner into trying out something brave.

"Night and Day" - Sway a partner and one of you is shy.

"Dead Fish" - Sway a partner and one of you is lazy.

"A Girl's Best Friend" - Be a lonely woman with a filthy mind and a male dog.

"Late Night Visitor" - Have an open-minded acquaintance.

"Dreaming Big" - Be a woman that likes to think big.




Host a masked orgy. Who knows who will show up?

Content spoilers:


"A Good Time"

"Revelation" - can happen with you as actor or as target.



Feedback and bug reports are always welcome. You can visit our discord server at: https://discord.gg/P7ng6WnD8E





  • Project Amatorius Rex: A test/example project with partially duplicate content. Do not use, leads to localization clashes with Intimate Encounters.



  • Writing and Coding by Ernie Collins
  • Writing by Inerrant
  • Coding by Siudhne

What's New in Version 0.1.3


Version 0.1.3

  • 1 new event
  • Fix "Late Night Visitor" event potentially picking minors (yikes!) or other unsuitable characters as neighbors.

Version 0.1.2

  • Hotfix: Commented-out triggers for testing put back in.

Version 0.1.1

  • Updated for CK 1.3 (just getting rid of the error message)
  • 2 new events
  • "The Night After" is now labeled a "dubcon" event and no longer triggers if your Carnalitas setting are set to "always consent".

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