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About This File

File Name: Angelic Temptress UNPB TPSB UKC
File Submitter: uglykidcid
File Submitted: 05 Oct 2014
File Category: Races
Requires: Racecompatibility for Skyrim, SKYUI 4.1, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, HDT All In One 14.28 version UKC


Angelic Temptress UNPB TPSB UKC
UNPB HDT Physics Body with Flight, Animated Wings, and HDT Dragon Tails


This mod takes the original Temptress race and adds an additional race the Angelic Temptress. The original Temptress race and FormIDs are untouched except for the body conversion to UNPB and the body Tattoo textures. If you have Temptress already installed on a current game it is perfectly safe to install this on top without a clean save. Just overwrite everything. I modified the crafting for some of the Temptress outfits so that they made more sense in the crafting menu but stats are the same. None of temptress companions or outfits are affected. Angelic Temptress has its own body folder and does not share textures with the regular temptress race. Only Angelic Temptress has the buff body and demonic tattoos. Original Temptress has prettier tattoos and a softer body that fall more in line with a kinder healing race.


All Temptress start out with flames and healing spells; Blood of the Divine passive ability which adds constant regeneration of all stats when not in combat; once a day spells Seductive Mayhem (frenzy) and Seductive Harmony (calm); and additionally Angelic Temptress receives Seductive Drain (similar to Vampire Drain) and Angelic Forms. When becoming a Vampire Angelic Temptress looses the Seductive Drain.


Angelic form
Angelic Form adds wings and a tail which creates a glide effect preventing the PC from taking damage when falling. It also adds a claw ability increasing unarmed damage and further increasing regeneration ability. Finally Angelic Form adds three spells: Angelic Flight (so you can fly), Angelic Flight Config (so you can configure flight), and Angelic Flight Companion (so your companions can fly). Use the MCM to change whether NPCs will freak out and attack you on sight for being in Angelic Form. Also use the MCM to change wing/tail style. For the wing change to take effect you must dispel and re-cast Angelic Form. Feathered and Fairy wings do not have a tail.


Wings Options
01 "Evil Wings"
02 "Bloody Wings"
03 "Snow Wings"
04 "Forest Wings"
05 "Tundra Wings"
06 "Danger Wings"
07 "Friendly Wings"
08 "Wisdom Wings"
09 "Common Wings"
10 "Dead Wings"
11 "Angelic White"
12 "Angelic Black"
13 "Guardian Wings"
14 "Guardian Veteran Wings"
15 "Guardian Snow Wings"
16 "Guardian Forest Wings"
17 "Guardian Tundra Wings"
18 "Guardian Ancient Wings"
19 "Guardian Rustic Wings"
20 "Guardian Auric Wings"
21 "Guardian Emerald Wings"
22 "Guardian Scarlet Wings"
23 "Sorcerer Wings"
24 "Sorcerer Snow Wings"
25 "Sorcerer Forest Wings"
26 "Sorcerer Tundra Wings"
27 "Sorcerer Ancient Wings"
28 "Sorcerer Blood Wings"
29 "Sorcerer Gilded Wings"
30 "Sorcerer Azure Wings"
31 "Sorcerer Crimson Wings"
32 "Soul Hound Wings"
33 "Soul Hound Snow Wings"
34 "Soul Hound Forest Wings"
35 "Soul Hound Tundra Wings"
36 "Soul Hound Ancient Wings"
37 "Soul Hound Ruby Wings"
38 "Soul Hound Aurelian Wings"
39 "Soul Hound Sapphire Wings"
40 "Soul Hound Vermilion Wings"
41 "Fairy Wings"


Flight in Skyrim is buggy because Skyrim was not designed for it. I do NOT recommend using the BETA flying collision which as of version 4.8 is disabled in the config menu. Effects are perfectly safe and tested. Speed is a killer. The faster you go the quicker you CTD. Also with stamina consumption to faster you go during flying sprint the more stamina you consume.


Modding Advice
I run over a thousand merged mods in a heavily scripted game and I have no CTDs so this advice is worth what you pay for it.


1) Use BAIN from Wryebash to install mods.

  • NMM is abysmall. it ruins games. It is a piece of garbage. Do not use it!!!
  • Mod Organizer is very good mod manager and very well written but it obviously takes more from your computer to read multiple independent folders than one data file. Mod Organizer has also been known to cause script misfiring issues. I know that STEP recommends Mod Organizer. I use every mod in STEP and I highly recommend STEP but If you are not a mod tester then BAIN is a far more stable mod manager.

2) Use Wryebash for the bash patch.

  • I don't how many people have come to me with this mod isn't working and all they had to do was make a bash patch. I know we are all busy but you can afford the 30 second of your life it takes if you want to be a modder.



Racecompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard (You need Dawnguard as well)


SKYUI 4.1 This is required for the MCM Menu


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended You need XPMSE or you will have lag, FPS drop , and CTD. This is not included.


Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS This is required for the animations as well as the skeleton.


HDT All In One 14.28 UKC You need a functioning HDT set up with XPMSE. The one I offer is what I use and is necessary for UNP Special vagina functions to work. You can fine tune it yourself if you need to and it's all-in-one so it covers everything. Options include:


01 Option - HDT Collision by Head Angelic Races: This will add HDT Havoc to Angelic Race Heads using the XML above. This is not required. It takes the place of the crafted Havok Object. This does not work on NPCs. NPCs require the crafted Havok Object. All Angelic race heads are included. Note that The Havoc Object sometimes causes flattened breasts and also causes FPS drop. NPCs running around with a Havoc Object will likely kill your game.


02 Option - HDT Collision by Head Females: This will add HDT Havoc to the vanilla default female head mesh or whatever you may have replacing it.


03 Option - HDT Collision by Hand Males: This will add HDT Havoc to the male hand. This will work on all male PCs and NPCs who are not wearing gloves. Note that having all males NPCs with HDT Havoc all the time may reduce FPS and create lag. I recommend using only when needed.


HDT High Heels This is required for the Custom Vampire Ranger Outfit that comes with the Vampire Ashen Companion. The Ashen Vampire Companion is a Daywalker and is not actually flagged as undead. She has red eyes, demonic tattoos, vampire perks, and vampire factions. If you convert her to a real vampire her eyes will glow. The easiest way to find her is to start off as a vampire with Alternate Start Live Another Life and she will be in the left cage in the vampire lair at Mara's Eye Pond. She comes with an extra armor set just for you.


UNPB TPSB (UNPB Tender Pregnant Scaled Body HDT)
These files required HDT All in One UKC above. This body is UNPB TPSB with vagina based on b3lisario's UNPB TPSB (Pregnant Body) which is fully HDT with bouncing breasts, butt, belly, vagina, and pregnancy scaling.


UNPB TPSB HDT Bella UKC which uses a custom version of b3lisario's UNPB TPSB (Pregnant Body) with vagina. This will replace the default body with a UNPB TPSB body that's packed and texture blended for convenience.




Bodychange English Beta UKC I have not change the mod itself this is just my my Angelic Races body package. This gives you seven variations on Angelic body UNPB Special ranging from soft & supple to athletic to downright roid-rage. Three have Gothic - tattoo variations.


Better Vampires UKC 7-0 This version if Better Vampires adds all the Angelic races so that the Mortal Mask spell will make your character look reverted. Last version updated Better Vampires 6-8


RaceMenu Merged UKC v3-4-5 This version of Racemenu merges most popular overlays into one script. Do NOT use RaceMenuOverlays.esp as it is merged. Do NOT use RaceMenuPlugin.esp. Instead use RaceMenuPluginXPMSE.esp from XPMSE.


UNPB TPSB Mash-up Modified & Fixed Outfits Boutique This is my collection of UNPB TBBP and TPSB mods and fixes.


Black Rose UNPB TPSB HDT is the outfit in the picture. Also available on my collection page (in the mod above).




BBP: Breast Butt Physics = Bouncing Breasts
TBBP: Tender Breast Butt Physics = Bouncing Breast and Butts
TPSB: Tender Pregnant Scaled Body = Bouncing Breast and Butts with Belly Scaling
HDT: HDT = Body that uses Ragdoll Physics instead of animations for Bouncing Breasts,Butts, and Belly Scaling


BBP is the Skyrim successor to Oblivion's BBB (Better Bouncing Boobs). I was one of the original BBB team members who spent hundreds of hours converting Oblivion. BBP was first introduced by CherryHotaling in CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod. BBP adds NPC L Breast and NPC R Breast bones. TBBP was then introduced by dragonfly who also wrote the TBBP animations. TBBP is a heavily miss used term and a lot of mods claim to use it but do NOT. LSAR TBBP for example is NOT TBBP as it has no butt physics. But the breast were converted using a TBBP body. TBBP uses four breast bones: NPC L Breast & NPC R Breast bones and NPC L Breast01 & NPC R Breast01. TPSB adds the belly bone but deactivates the additional TBBP breast bones. B3Lisario created the first pregnancy scaling body for Estrus Charus: b3lisario's UNPB BBP Pregnant Body. The term TPSB was coined by Blabba who went on to create HDT bodies and is now working on CITRUS bodies. HDT was created by HydrogensaysHDT and the Arrow and Knee mod team. HDT uses ragdoll physics instead of animations to make thing go bounce, bump, and jiggle. HDT bodies are the future of Skyrim and are now starting to include functional physics vaginas. SOS Schlongs of Skyrim by B3Lisario is the only functional physics penis mod.


Thanks to Psychos1s and Brokefoot for Temptress Race
Thanks to bhaktisean for Lunari Race
Thanks to Seren4XX for Ashen Race
Thanks to Nikitaa for Succubus Race (check out the new version also with animated wings!!!)
Thanks to Anton0028 for Animated Dragon Wings
Thanks to HydrogensaysHDT for HDT Physics Extension
Thanks to HydrogensaysHDT for BodyChange
Thanks to milisot for Animated Feathered Wings
Thanks to jaques00 for HDT Dragon Tails
Thanks to BringtheNoise for Project: Unified UNP
Thanks to b3lisario for b3lisario's UNPB TBBP PB (Pregnant Body)
Thanks to Groovtama for XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
Thanks to HydrogensaysHDT for HDT Physics Extensions
Thanks to XP32 for UNP Blessed Body - UNPB Redux Project
Thanks to Dimmon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body
Thanks to Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair
Thanks to BellaGail for Better Females by Bella
Thanks to zzjay for Better Females by Bellla Natural Edition
Thanks to Diethardt for Better Makeup for SKSE
Thanks to yllib for No More Ugly Bronze Shine
Thanks to SvarogNL for Dry Skin
Thanks to elmanouche for Muscular Women
Thanks to Tigersan for Female Muscle Mod
Thanks to xs2reality for Sporty Sexy Map - Athletic muscle
Thanks to TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility
Thanks to porroone for Flying Mod BETA
Thanks to indefiance for Flying Mod Overhauled and Enhanced
Thanks to ChizFoShiz for Imbued Weapons
Thanks to Brehanin2 for Better Vampires
Thanks to Duhorizon and Vendayn and Sacremas for mod testing

What's New in Version 5.0


  • 20150102 Updated Racemenu to 3-4-5
  • 20150609 Updated Better Vampires 7-0
  • 20150601 Added more tattoos to Racemenu with fixes
  • 20150525 Updated Better Vampire UKC for BV 6-9
  • 20150525 5.0 Reuploaded moved Jade to Blackreach
  • 20150525 Updated Racemenu 3-2-2
  • 20150523 5.0 Added Angelic Lunari Race with an Angelic Lunari follower. Removed Temptress Race. Gave all followers perks, powers, and factions appropriate to Angelic Races
  • 20150522 4.8 Fixed Flying Mod animation lock, removed dragon soul and BETA collisions, and updated 1st person flags
  • 20150517 4.6 Added Succubus companion Jade to Standing Stones
  • 20150511 Updated Racemenu Overlays in RaceMenu Merged UKC v3-2-1
  • 20150503 Added flying mod sound files
  • 20150503 Updated Better Vampire UKC for BV 6-7
  • 20150426 4.2 Updated Flying Mod fixes by indefiance
  • 20150425 Updated Racemenu Overlays in RaceMenu Merged UKC v3-2-0
  • 20150420 Updated UNPB TPSB HDT Bella UKC with vampire fang and face fixes
  • 20150410 Converted To a custom made UNPB TPSB mesh for compatibility with UNPB outfits.
  • 20150407 Added Angelic Ward Block Ability
  • 20150406 Added Angelic Imbued Weapons ability
  • 20150405 4.0 Added Flying Ability Flying mod BETA is now incompatible. It is perfectly safe to uninstall it.
  • 20150404 3.4 Added Anton's Fairy Wings
  • 20150402 Revised HDT All in One for performance. See options.
  • 20150330 Added Bodychange English Beta UKC
  • 20150330 3.3 Remade Many Textures - Removed Tattoos - Remade all UNPB meshes in both Angelic Temptress main file and UNPB Special Bella Merged UKC
  • 20150329 Updated Better Vampires UKC - added DVA
  • 20150329 Updated HDT All in One: Removed HDTWeaponSling as it was incompatible with XPMSE 2.5
  • 20150324 3.0 Converted all races to UNPB Special
  • 20150323 Updated HDT Collision by Head UKC
  • 20150323 Updated HDT All-in-one for UNPB Special
  • 20150322 2.0 Updated for Better Vampires UKC. Added UNP optional bodies
  • 20150318 1.9 Updated all racial perks. Only the esp changed.
  • 20150318 Updated HDT All In One 14.28 version UKC and HDT Collision by Head UKC
  • 20150304 1.8 Converted all Temptress Outfits to TPSB
  • 20150301 1.7 Added New Companion and Custom outfit (HDT High Heels required)
  • 20150222 1.6 Bug Fixes & no longer Beta
  • 20150222 1.5BETA Added more wings (40 total)
  • 20150220 1.4BETA Very Important Fixes
  • 20150101 1.3BETA (mirror download only so download the other version)
  • Adds a third race Angelic Succubus.
  • Adds a fourth race Angelic Ashen
  • No change to Temptress or Angelic Temptress Races.
  • All races share the same powers in order for the change form spell to work correctly.

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