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Nothing New has been added I just moved it to the new Bodyslide Sub group (watch people are going to be like where the F did UUNP go).


Now incorporated into the Main Bodyslide download on Nexus.
Go here to download http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?


Note: The only thing left in the download section is the old resources zip (which has not been updated since ver 1.05 back in dec 2014).




Project: Unified UNP - now with extra Shape Sliders for those that needed/wanted them!!!


A Bodyslide Toolset for UNP Users.
Build a wide range of UNP Bodies, and convert CBBE armors over to UNP Body Types.
Also included UNIFIED HDT PLUS - based on UN7B
note: as of version 1.08 all bodies vanilla bones are based on the weight painting from Dream Girl (yeah they were that good).


Unified UNP can output in HDT, TBBP, BBP, and no bounce versions.
This part of Unified uses a 6850 vertices base shape that looks like CBBE Curvy's High weight (because that is what BodySlide and Outfit Studio use as there base shape).
This package can output into many of the UNP body types.
From UNP to 7base Cherry Hot and pretty much anything in between.
And with version 1.08 you now have additional sliders to increase things like breast size, hips, ass, legs, etc...


Unified UNP HDT PLUS is identical to the UNP version except it calls on a UN7B skin set.
Cause the base shape started life as a UN7B body and was turned into a CBBE shape....
This package can output into many of the UNP body types (giving them UN7B extra bits).
From UNP to 7base Cherry Hot and pretty much anything in between.
Again with version 1.08 you now have additional sliders to increase things like breast size, hips, butt, legs, etc...
Body also includes a NiStringExtraData line that points to the \Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml" (the HDT bounce xml file for the female body).


Also included in the package is Halo's High Poly hands and feet setup that can output to any of the bodies included...


Bodyslide 2 (v2.2d or higher)
XPMSE 2.3 or greater
A UNP Body Texture Set for the UNP Side (base and HDT)
or a UN7B body texture set for the Plus side
Note: I still gotta build a textureblend setup for the beast races to be able to look correct with the Plus package.


Update 3/18/2015
Cell made some more tweaks to UUNP - fixed some of my screwups.
Also brought back UNPConvert (formerly known as Converto).
Note: UNPConvert will (or should be) part of the next Bodyslide update (which is why I pulled Converto).
Unfortunately the next update to Bodyslide has been slightly delayed.... but the reason for the delay is for the extra items that will be included in it... so I can understand why Cell is holding off on the next update.
So for the time being you can install UNPConvert and use it to convert different UNP armors into the base UUNP/CBBE shape. Then use UUNP or CBBE to build a Bodyslide package for that armor...
Note: UNPConvert's xml file is located in the "ConvertionSets" folder inside the Bodyslide folder. You will need to manually load it as a reference (browse to the folder and select the file) then select the shape to convert from in the drop down list below the browse option.


Example: you want to convert a UNPCM armor to UUNP.
Load the UNPConvert.xml as the reference, then choose UNPCM High to CBBE (if working from the high weight) or UNPCM Low to CBBE (if working with the Low weight).
Note: High and Low weights for each shape that UUNP includes should be covered by UNPConvert.
The reason for this is sometimes armors only come in the high or low of one shape and having both the high and lows to convert from makes it easier for people that do conversions.
UNPConvert basic Image and loading instruction added to the images section.


Note Note Note: Make damn sure the skin instance in the Nif file is a BSDismemberSkinInstance and not a NiSkinInstance or you can and probably will fuck up the nif file when converting it in Outfit Studio.


Update 3/13/2015
And I thought I was crazy for making it... now Cell has out done me by combining 2 of my crazy ass projects into a single crazy ass project.
Everyone say Hello to UUNP Special cause it is now part of the dysfunctional family ;)
So now we have 2 flavors of vagina...
1. HDT+ which still doesn't have a proper collision xml file (yeah yeah I know, lately its been the mistreated member of the family... but shit happens).
And now UUNP Special based off the lovely work from Stevierage (and Daie on the CBBE side)... Blatently ripped off and renamed by me (of course I asked for permission first)...


Sometime in the near future there should also be a never nude version (somehow Special with its working vagina got priority over a UUNP body with permanently attached bra and panties... sorry about that).


Update 3/1/2015 - UUNP V1.10n
Cell/Ousnius has been working hard on tweaking the living daylights out of UUNP to get it ready for the Bodyslide page...
Note: I was alseep when he finished this today, so I'm not sure if its ready for the BS page on nexus yet... but I'm throwing it into the main DL section any damn way...


Improvments - tweaks to the base mesh, and clean ups on the different morphs (to many to list).
Weight painting is pretty damn good... better then I've ever been able to get it.


Note: Be care full if you use a small breast morph and then adjust with the RM scales (mods like milk mod economy and what not).... As the weight painting will probably make the area around the smaller breast to expand as well... There is nothing that can be done about this, due to how the body morphs into the different shapes. Yes yes I should have listed this way back when... oops.


UPDATE 2/14/2015 -
UUNP v1.10k is up... Cell has reworked the base shape to complete match the CBBE Curvy 1 body that Bodyslide uses by default. Now it matches not just in the shape, but at the wrist, ankle, and neck seams (might cause slight issues with one or two morphs, still testing on that front).
Update weight painting is a lot better then the previous versions.
Still need to add 7BUNP v2 aka Seraphym - it is on the to do list.
All in all this is a damn good package (we to me it is anyway).


UPDATE 2/1/2015 - well yesterdays was a complete waiste of space. So I went a little old school with this one.
UUNP - 7B Bomb body turned into the CBBE shape (removed Breast and Breast 1 bones).
UUNPHDT - UUNP Body with the HDT bones added to it (no nistring I remember this time).
UUNPHDT+ - UN7B 1 Body turned into a CBBE shape (added upper arm and upper arm bends from UUNP, and Other HDT bones and Nistring to point to the damn bodyplus.xml)


Beer Pretzels and a little bit of BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS (aka Bender from Futurama)
Hope it doesn't break your system... I'm done I give up... this is it I fucking quit.


UPDATE 1/31/2015 - weight paintings updated on the original v1.10 body (so no more seam issues).
Most of the bones are good, minus the elbow bend on the outer elbow (I've been trying to clean that up all afternoon).
This is where I'm stopping for now... play with it it should be better then the previous build (don't even ask about v1.10d cause it was just hosed completely and utterly so I'm not sharing it).


UPDATE 1/30/2015 - Guess what I forgot to do...
So Cell and I have been working on fixing the base bone weights (vanilla bones) and well I think I figured it out.
CHEAT - I converted the DG1 body with its original bones over to a cbbe shape. Then I used it to copy all of the vanilla bones onto the 3 bodies (which blew away all the hdt bones). Once that was done I took the v1.10 bodies and used them to copy back over the hdt bones onto the hdt body (and Plus to hdt+).
Ran them thru Max and a couple of different animations (lol twerk hkx turned into a kf is funny as hell).
Once I was satisfied I threw them into the folder where I extracted cells version of uunp v1.10b (then renamed the folder to c and packed it back up)....


Give it a go, it should be good, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrist, etc etc etc... DG has a really nice vanilla weight painting on it and it transfers over well with mesh rigger (yeah I forgot that it did that :dodgy: ).




Update: 1/27/2015 - Oh shit I went ahead and threw it in the main section didn't I.
UUNP updated to version 1.10
Removed the BBP and TBBP bodies (go HDT or go home for bouncing...).
The No Bounce body is still available...


- Added more body morphs for people to muck with.... UNP Manga, UNP CHSBHC wtf
- Added poly's to Halo's High poly hands and feet.... ZQuad1 fixed the UV map after I up poly'd them (say thanks to Zquad1 folks).
- Added a Nistring line to HDT Plus body that points to an experimental xml (combo of hdt leg bones from blabba and un7b labia bones) ... EXPERIMENTAL is putting it mildly I haven't gotten collision to work yet... maybe someone can tweak it and make improvements.
- Added RM Breast and Butt Scale bones to both HDT bodies (which means XPMSE 2.3 is required at a minimum)


Note: The Unified UNP HDT body has the leg bones in the mesh/nif but does not have a nistring in the nif pointing it to the xml file.
If you want the legs to have the muscle simulation then nifskope the nif and add a NiStringExtra data to it and point it to the "data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\body.xml".
This way the HDT body does not break what is the current standard for HDT PE body types.... You will still need xmpse 2.3 or greater due to the RM scale bones :P




Update for 12/14/2014
Version 1.09 up....
Changed the bones around a little more, cleaned up the over spray from the clavicle and forearm bones (again).
Fixed an issue in Halo's high poly hands when building the high weight. The seam was being distorted when it should have not moved (as the base is the damn high weight). So new bsd file in that pack, should solve any wrist problems when using those with any of the bodies that come in this project.
Played with the Belly Weight again (trying to mimic the UNPB Pregnancy bodies belly weight that most on LL use). ... Let me know how it works, or if it doesn't.


Note: Moving all the old stuff from the OP into the second post (just to clean this up a little).


I'm still unsure of how I'm going to handle the beast races for the plus side, as it will call for breaking either the body or the texture... go figure (it's never easy).




Update: 1/17/2015
Added Converto to the download section.
It is basically a Convert Anything UNP to Unified's base shape.
It covers 55 different shapes and the mesh itself is kinda big...
Just install the set to Body slide and then copy the xml to what ever outfit you want to convert, then in Outfit Studio load the xml as a reference choose one of the 55 bodies in the drop down and start converting shit :)


8/23/2015 - Reworked the old prototype Foot Angle tool into the "UUNP Heel Angle tool"
It about an hour or three worth of tinkering but it works....
I moved the baseshape of the foot to line up with the UUNP body (then matched it at the ankle seam via the vertices).


If you need to use this tool, you will need to load the reference from the XML in outfit studio (after installing it into bodyslide).
I will need to see if Cell will added this to Bodyslide (as sometimes you need to tinker with heels and what not when creating an outfit).

What's New in Version Incorporated into Bodysl


  • 6/3/2016 - Moved to the Bodyslide section of LL
  • 8/23/2015 - UUNP Heel Angle added.
  • 4/23/2015 - Just removing the downloads
  • go to http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? for Bodyslide it is now included.
  • 3/18/2015 - Unified UNP v1.10q:
  • - fixed rendering issue of Unified UNP Special
  • - cleaned weights some on Unified UNP Special (shouldn't be visible)
  • Also Putting UNPConvert Back up (formerly called Converto).
  • 3/13/2015 - UUNP v1.10p
  • Cell Combined the UUNP Special with the rest and fixed some shiznit....
  • 3/1/2015 - UUNP v1.10n Cells update
  • Major clean up of the meshes, morphs, weight paints, etc... just replace the old and build again...
  • 2/14/2015 - UUNP v1.10k
  • Cell tweaked out the bones, cleaned up the package and all kinds of goodies.
  • Base shape is now a 1 to 1 match with CBBE 1 on the seams (ankle, neck, and wrist) along with the cbbe shape.
  • 2/1/2015 - UUNP v1.10f - Don't ask don't tell.
  • 1/31/2015 - UUNP v1.1e
  • Kinda got most of the bones where I want them.
  • mainly just a weight painting update.
  • 1/30/2015 - UUNP v1.10c
  • Fixed Bone weights on base bodies...
  • Hopefully will be the final final last time I touch it build.
  • 1/27/2015 - UUNP v1.10 uploaded
  • Changed the basebody shape for UNP and Plus (better matchs the cbbe 1 body)
  • Removed BBP and TBBP (per Cell's request)
  • Removed Halo's hand and feet - replaced with
  • Unified UNP Hands and Unified UNP Feet (my poly increase and Zquad1's re UV'd update to Halo's hands and feet).
  • XPMSE 2.3 or greater now required for HDT and HDT Plus bodies.
  • Add more body morphs (Manga UNP really... yeah really).
  • 1/17/2015 - Added: Converto - The Anything UNP to Unified Base Shape conversion tool.
  • 12/14/2014 - tweaked the bones for better bends again (that right elbow is kind of a bitch to get where you want it). Cleaned up the Clavicles from the neck again (they over sprayed when I created 1.08 but it didn't look like it would cause a problem, but I guess it did). Cleaned up the forearm bones as well (they don't cause distortion until you actually kick off an animation that moves the wrist).
  • Removed the hand and feet bones from the torso (was part of the DG bone structure that really isn't needed). Fixed the high wrist seam issue in the Halo hands (it was moving the seam when it should not have).
  • 12/9/2014 - All Base Bodies now have bone weight paintings for vanilla bones based on Dream Girl.
  • Both UNP and Plus Sides have additional shape Sliders (at the bottom in Bodyslide and at the top in Outfit Studio).
  • Note: Removed the Morphius test, it served it purpose and has been incorporated into Unified.
  • 12/8/2014 - Morphius test 2 (not its final name).
  • It's just a bunch of sliders added to Unified UNP.
  • 12/5/2014 - v1.07 up.
  • Tweaked forearm, and upper arm bones to try to eliminate strange deformations when the arm is bent (still a work in progress). Fixed the neck seam on UNPK 0 weight (somehow that slipped thru the cracks all the way from the alpha build).
  • Added NiStringExtraData to the Plus Body - it points to the data\skse\plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml file... now all we need is a xml file that enabled some V bones!!!
  • 12/5/2014 - testing testing... morphs, morphius???
  • It doesn't have an xml yet, some of the bsd's are kinda fugly... but yeah I'ld call that early early early alpha stuff.
  • 12/2/2014 v1.06 - Fixed a couple of things.
  • -Fixed-
  • 1. NPC L Clavicle and NPC R Clavicle Bones painted to high on the neck which cause neck seams.
  • 2. I screwed up when I rebuilt Plus UNPB body (it went back again by .035 so I fixed it).
  • 3. Ankles on UNPCM and Leito somehow got screwed up... got that fixed
  • Whats new:
  • Halo's High Poly Hands and Feet
  • I built it using the UNP Side, so it should output for Plus as well, but who knows...
  • 12/1/2014 v1.05 - Added Body By Leito to both the UNP and Plus sides.
  • Reworked the Plus side bodies to try and correct any neck seam issues (god I hope that is fixed now)
  • Reworked the bone weight painting on NPC Spine1 and NPC Belly (should look a little better...no bitch'n folks no bitch'n).
  • 11/18/2014 V1.04 - Added UN7B to the UNP sets (builds without the extra bits).
  • Added Sevenbase Natural, UNP Perky, and UNPBB to all 5 sets... so more bodies to choose from.
  • Set a preset of Zero'd Sliders for the UNP side so you can quickly zero out all sliders.
  • 11/17/2014 V1.03 up... fixed the UNPB 0 and 1 being off... Also fixed the breast size on Sevenbase 1 size (the lattice file was generated with the original still having the old BBP skelly, which causes the breast to be slightly smaller then what they should have been).
  • Still unsure on the issues some are having with the UNPetite and neck seams?
  • 11/15/2014 V1.02 up... fixed a Doh moment in the Plus's XML file (like the bodies would go in the wrong folder Doh moment).
  • Also repainted the bones in the Plus's body... maybe it will play nice now...
  • 11/14/2014 Evening Edition: Version 1.01 is up. Fixed the breast size in UNPB High and Sevenbase Low (I didn't reweight the original bodies before running them thru clothing converter back on wed. so the breast were off on those 2... I'm still triple checking to see if any others were missed.
  • 11/14/2014 Version 1.0 all should be good... and I didn't go blind!!!
  • 11/13/2014 evening edition - Alpha 5 fixes some small weight painting on the base body for Unified UNP HDT Plus (threw the config file in the zip as well).
  • 11/13/2014 - Added Config.xml in download area
  • Put it in the BodySlide Main folder to get Unified HDT and Unified HDT Plus as references in Outfit Studio (for convenience).... Goes with Alpha 4 test.
  • 11/12/2014 - Added Resource material for Project UNP (use it to go from any UNP shape to any other UNP shape in Body Slide... you just have to know what you are doing).
  • Alpha Test 4 includes HDT+ this is based on UN7B from Alan (Arrow and Knee Team).
  • Added in Project: Unified UNP's alpha test (people just seemed to miss it in the other thread).
  • V2.1 removed belly weight from 3d vag as it didn't work out.
  • Added a small amount of weight painting for the HDT P Bones to the base body, and tried to clean up the base weighting of breast, butt, belly, etc on the bodies.
  • Oh and beat the shit out of the UNPB body until it actually match up to the neck, ankle, and wrist seams....
  • V2.0 cause I complete changed up how I combined the different meshes into a single nif.
  • Now included the HDT Pussy Bones in the vagina part of the mesh.
  • Still gotta work out how to get collision to work, but this is about as close as I can get.
  • Pulled the Dream Girl version due to it being so damn close to the UNP v1.2 (why have both when they are almost identical).

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