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Companion Ivy RealSex Mod 0.9

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About This File

@Reginald_001 gave me permission to have worked on this mod, and post it for public usage. 


This mod is just replacing black screen scene when you choosing "let's make love" option in dialogue with Ivy (you need an affinity progression for her to make this option available) with AAF scene.


original mod page:



ALL VOICES files are from Ivy's original mod and just have other ID's


Version 0.5+ is for Ivy 6 and have voice files from Ivy 6. 

Version 0.4 is for Ivy 5.3 and have voice files from Ivy 5.3


ALL DIALOGUES are from Ivy's original mod, and i didn't change them (except one phrase "Fuck that was fantastic!" -> "Fuck that will be fantastic!" because it's playing before scene starts for now)


You need to have animations with tags installed, but there is built-in system to avoid tag-related glitches (as in my other mods) so if you have no property tags/animations there would be ANY animation chosen


This mod DO NOT change anything in Ivy logic or behavior and technically compatible with any future updates for main Ivy mod, because it modifies only one scene.


Edited by Jahem_kinkaid

What's New in Version 0.9


+ after scene ends Ivy correctly return to her main mod's packages
+ fixed stupid mistake that prevent MCM read ini file so scene duration was set by default to 10 everytime


Just copy new version over old one if you have previous version installed. 


+ added small MCM menu where you can ajust scene duration
+ Ivy's GrandFavor function (it's uses if u doesn't turn off profanity filter in Ivy settings) now called after scene ends, not by timer (for more clear code)

+ esp was cleared to prevent any conflict with main mod (any record that doesn't belongs to current mod was deleted)





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