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Lovers Boxing fejeena edition LoversBoxing fejeena2020B

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Lovers Boxing   fejeena edition

A boxing club "the House of Pain"



Copy the esp and the folders in your game data folder.  Or create a OMod with Oblivion Modmanager.
Never install the Mod with Nexus or Vortex Modmanager !


The main room use the vanilla mesh LeyawiinBasement03.NIF,  but the mesh has a wall with missing collision.

The last time I checked the  unofficial Oblivion patch the LeyawiinBasement03.NIF was not fixed.  Download my fixed mesh "Vanilla collision fix.7z"


Mods you can use. But are not a requirement.
Tamago and Hiyoko ( the Lovers pregnancy system )




The "House of Pain" is near Leyawiin. South of the west gate on the way to Greyland.
Everything wil be explained in game. Talk to the NPCs.

( Original location , IC Waterfront,  is used by too many other Mods. And Leyawiin has no brothel, sex club, dance club...  only two Hookers when you use Lovers Prostitute )



What you can do:

You can become a boxing champion and do 2 jobs. OK it's not really a Quest Mod , but a boxing Guild with two side quests.

The Mod is made for female player but can be played with male ( not all dialogs make sense with a male player )

Read the readme.



What is the difference to the original mod:

There was some unused staff in the Mod/esp  that I used and I add new things. I filled the empty rooms.
New meshes and textures.
Reworked the whole club.
Add new NPC. Changed the AI Packs and clothes...
Reworked most of the NPC faces
Changed the gold you get. ( original you got 1000 when you won the title and then you got 5000 for further fights. Defending the title. Now you always get 1000 )
And of course pictures. Pictures and poster.


Read the readme.  See the pictures.



Credits: ( there was no readme and credits in the original Mod )
The original LoversBoxing author.
R18PN for clothes
Lovender for the manga shorts.






What's New in Version LoversBoxing fejeena2020B


added 3 missing meshes

changed one poster in Leyawiin

changed the poster text settings

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