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CinErotique TV - Premium Adult TV channel mod 4.2.4 (2020-SEP-21)

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There's a new adult tv network in Simtown... CinErotique. Two new custom TV Channels; featuring all the sexy exclusive content your sims will ever need to have a good time. ❤️
(All videos are original content, shot/edited by me, and includes simlish speech and text for maximum lore-friendly immersion)


globe.png.ace4d3bf80616b66b9983e09acede507.pngAN APPEAL: While this mod is already fully translated into many languages, I am still looking for people who could help with the missing localizations to the following languages: Finnish, Japanese and Korean. If you're a native speaker of any of these languages, please consider helping out here. ~ Thanks.





The mod is tested, and is compatible with version 1.66.139. (Released on 2020-SEP-03)



2020-SEP-21 - New Public Video Package Available:  Fishing Buddies
Fishing Buddies

The creation and upkeep of this mod is funded by my wonderful supporters over at Patreon,
so as a reward, they get Timed Early Access to all my new stuff. ~~~
Below is the list and links to previews of the Latest Early Access Videos available on Patreon as of 2020-SEP-21:
Preview  Preview  Preview
-FRESH!- Cumming Off the Bench | -NEW- Casting Couch #01 - Jenny Wong | -NEW- Shoplifter - Case #01 | You Reap what you Sow | No Money, No Honey! | Naked Polka | I'll Purr for a New Fur! | The Cursed Beauty | Locker Room Love | Detention | Fishing Buddies




-Additional Notes- 

New content are published regularly, so if you don't wanna miss out, consider giving this mod a follow.

I rigorously test each of my new mods/videos before release, they're guaranteed to work properly!

This mod is uploaded and maintained exclusively here on LoversLab & Patreon only!

I take no responsibility and/or provide tech support for any Unofficial / Third Party Site Mirrored releases!



SCREENSHOT.jpg.14746c7392e8002ccd5fe562c60821eb.jpgThis mod adds two new CUSTOM LORE FRIENDLY SIMLISH PORN TV CHANNELS to your game, by replacing existing in-game tv channels. To maximize compatibility with other custom tv mods, with CinErotique you're given a choice to replace one of the following channels: Action, Comedy, News, Romance, Sports or Fireplace.

  • Custom Buff: Your Sims will get  FLIRTY +4  moodlet for 2 hours, and the basic -Fun+- from watching.
  • Custom Whim: "Watch some Porn" (25points) - Available when your sim is in a romantic mood. It can be completed by your sim watching the CinErotique channel.
  • Custom Thought Bubbles: Your sims will have some very dirty thoughts while watching...
  • Optional customizable channel Icon: In case you'd like something different.
  • Optional always-on display: Can be found in Buy mode / Electronics / Televisions - for §1.

This mod DOES NOT overwrite or otherwise messes with ingame text or graphics assets!
This mod is fully localized in the following languages:
   English / Brazilian / Chinese / Czech / Danish / French / German / Hungarian / Italian
   Norwegian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Swedish / Taiwanese / Vietnamese



  • Always remove previous versions of CinErotique before updating to a new version.
  • If you're prompted to overwrite a file during the install, always do so!
  • All CinErotique RAW content requires mod version 4.1b or later!

1. Download and Read the Install Guide:

  • Available in PDF format:
    Install Guide & Manual

2. Install the mandatory Core Mod files:

  1. Download the latest core main mod install pack [version 4.2.4]
    Download Installer
  2. Unzip it.
  3. You'll find the installation steps organized into sub-folders...
  4. Just follow the detailed install instructions provided in the PDF above.


Okay, now that we're done with the installation let's move to the next step and download the actual video content for the channel...


  • This is a "pick & choose" style mod, choose and download only the videos you want in your game.
  • You can download the individual files from the #Download this file# section
  • You can check out all the teaser preview videos in this forum post.

logo2a.png.935b032fbee8b1a549ffb683a8a7958d.pngCINEROTIQUE VIDEO CONTENT
Channel content style: Porn Parodies and General Sexy Entertainment programmes

MOVIES but-prev2.png.68f57fdc6790df863d733b72f791960d.png

  1. Womb Raider and the Magic Dildo -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_movie01_tombraider.package
  2. Pirates of the Cuntribbean -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_movie02_pirates.package
  3. The Handy Man -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_movie03_the_handyman.package
  4. Windenburg Jones and the Curse of the Hare - Part 1 -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_movie04_wjones_p01.package
  5. Plan 69 from Outer Space -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_movie05_plan69fos.package

TV SHOWS but-prev2.png.68f57fdc6790df863d733b72f791960d.png

  1. On Board of Ward (... Sulani Sunrise) - A Judith Ward Sex Tape -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_mi01_jward-sextape.package
  2. Steph the Chef - A cooking show with a twist -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_mi02_stephthechef_ep1.package
  3. Friends - "The One Where Chandler Gets Bored" -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_tv01_friends.package
  4. The Strangerville X-Files (EP1) - "Snake in the Grass" -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_tv02_xfiles_p01.package
  5. The Strangerville X-Files (EP2) - "The Dream" -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_tv02_xfiles_p02.package
  6. Sulani Vice - "The Case of the Mayor's Missing Daughter" -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_tv03_sulanivice_p01.package

MUSIC VIDEOS but-prev2.png.68f57fdc6790df863d733b72f791960d.png

  1. Kathy Purry - Last Friday Night (...at the Strip Club) -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_mv01_katyperry-lfn.package
  2. Taylor Stiffed - Mayzie Grobe -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_mv02_taytay-mg.package

ADVERTS / PROMOS / TRAILERS but-prev2.png.68f57fdc6790df863d733b72f791960d.png

  1. "Visit Selvadorada" advert -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_advert01.package
  2. Womb Raider and the Magic Dildo promo trailer -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_trailer01_tombraider.package
  3. Pirates of the Cuntribbean promo trailer -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_trailer02_pirates.package
  4. Steph the Chef promo trailer -SD- File: TVcinerotique_SD_trailer03_stephthechef.package


ceraw-logo.png.44e5c62438fa18afdb3a18cf67bac8e1.pngCINEROTIQUE RAW VIDEO CONTENT

Channel content style: Shorter sex scenes, no elaborate story-lines.

ALL VIDEOS but-prev2.png.68f57fdc6790df863d733b72f791960d.png

  1. Push it to the Limit! -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_FFM_push_it_to_the_limit.package
  2. -NEW- Fishing Buddies -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_FM_fishing_buddies.package
  3. La Serenata (The Serenade) -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_FM_la_serenata.package
  4. Student Bodies -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_FM_student_bodies.package
  5. The Sacrifice -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_FM_the_sacrifice.package
  6. The Toll of Love -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_FM_the_toll_of_love.package
  7. A Maid's Tale -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_LEZ_a_maids_tale.package
  8. Slave to the Pleasure -SD- File: TVcineraw_SD_LEZ_slave_to_the_peasure.package

-IMPORTANT- All CinErotique RAW content requires at least version 4.1b or later of the main mod installed!


-SD- resolution is 512x288p.
-HD- 1280x720p versions are available on Patreon (for "Subscriber" tier or up).

-MP4- 720/1080p watermark-free mp4s are also available for download on Patreon (for "Collector" tier or up).


-Note- CinErotique and CinErotique RAW operates independently from each other. All content will only play on the channel it was assigned to.




If you liked this mod, found a bug or in general have something to say, please leave a comment in the mod's official forum thread.








Before asking for support, please make sure you've read, understood and properly followed the installation guide provided above!

 In case the Always On Display screen freezes or the audio/video gets out of sync, have "testingcheats true" turned on in the console, then just SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on it, then select "Reset Object".
(If you're interested on how and why this happens, I wrote a detailed post about the issue. - in a nutshell: Sims 4 was not designed to run videos without hiccups for hours)



✔ Certain variants of the main mod file might clash with other custom TV mods if they're trying to replace the same channel. In this case, simply replace another channel with this mod.



 SimsCustom: Brazilian/Portuguese  Lazlo_71Danish ★ SimGandr: Dutch ★ tchoupy: French ★ iamnomodderGerman ★ DalekoItalian ★ Morrighan71Norwegian ★ tobi1320: Polish ★ wild_guyRussian ★ fionafionafeherSpanish ★ Chipendale: Swedish ★ James20001120Taiwanese + Chinese ★ Nana WIldVietnamese

Thank you all for helping!!! ❤️❤️❤️



Big thanks to Simser der Deutschen for showing the way...



For personal use only.

DO NOT re-distribute this mod or any parts of it on other sites.

DO NOT include this mod in bundles. Just link to this site please.

DO NOT bundle/include this mod's video files in other tv mods' playlist.



Last edited: September 21, 2020 - Added new public video.


What's New in Version 4.2.4 (2020-SEP-21)   See changelog


Fishing BuddiesUPDATE (2020-SEP-21):
  • New Public Video available for download:
    Fishing Buddies (for CinErotique RAW)
    (filename: TVcineraw_SD_FM_fishing_buddies.package)

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