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    The Sims, of course. Simulation, galactic empire building, and 4X are my favorite genres.
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    Sim Storyteller. Check out my Sims 4 Machinima videos on my blog!

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  1. Thank you! I can certainly think about uploading him once I'm done with the series. The problem is that Jace uses Golyhawhaw's CLASSIC PHYSIQUE torso, which doesn't work with normal clothing tops, nor does it work well with Wicked Whims. I had to create a body-double to do the warrior outfit scenes. https://golyhawhaw.com/post/636786384682844160/body-classic-physique-add-on-ive-created-a
  2. Thanks! This is definitely a hot episode. Loved making it! Several people requested subtitles, and I knew I would eventually add them as the stories become more complex. They just seem to take longer to write (for me.)
  3. "The Warrior's Oasis" Chapter Three is now available!
  4. "The Warrior's Oasis" Chapter Three While the Sultan’s soldiers capture one of his comrades, Jace has regrets about his sexual encounter with Samir. However, the temptation to go much further soon overpowers him. For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter. Pixboy_The Warriors Oasis_03-LL.mp4 twitter | PixboyTales patreon | PixboyTales
  5. Who knew sex in the laundry room could be so hot.
  6. "The Warrior's Oasis" Chapter Two is now available!
  7. "The Warrior's Oasis" Chapter Two As Jace heals, Samir discovers that the warrior’s life may still be in danger. Samir gives some extra comfort to a weary warrior. For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter. NOTE: The Twitter challenge is completed! Chapter Three will be released Friday, 02/26/21 Pixboy_The Warriors Oasis_02-LL.mp4 twitter | PixboyTales patreon | PixboyTales
  8. That's hot!!! 🤪 Where did you find the ripped boxers?
  9. Thank you so much! I love making these videos.
  10. Looking forward to the next episode. I can see you are already making improvements in your style!
  11. A really sweet story, and I love the kiss at the end.
  12. Man, I love that underwear and ass by Bank42n! I just wish his mesh was also compatible with standard Sims.
  13. Thank you. Yes, this one is going to be very different. I'd like to experiment more with some fantasy settings, as much as Sims content allows.
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