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    The Sims, of course. Simulation, galactic empire building, and 4X are my favorite genres.
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    Sim Storyteller. Check out my Sims 4 Machinima videos on my blog!

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  1. A first look at the new guy in my next Sims 4 Machinima series, Wade Archer.
  2. Here is Darian Marcel, the main character from my Sims 4 Machinima blog series "The Groundskeeper."
  3. At the Blue Velvet Nightclub the Groundskeeper has had too much to drink, and Shaun takes advantage of the situation. WARNING: This chapter deals with some sensitive issues, such as impaired decision-making, sex under the influence of alcohol, exploitive behavior, and sexual regret. (Wicked Whim’s Tom Peeping makes a guest appearance. He showed up in an earlier chapter, so I decided to make him part of the story. This isn’t how I originally intended to end Darian’s storyline, however Peeping’s stalker presence seemed to redirect the plot. For some reason my game decided to make Peeping ultra-muscular, which could be the side effect of a mod, but I like it.) THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER EIGHT Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch08.mp4
  4. Thanks. And stay tuned for the next series - it's pretty hot as well.
  5. The Groundskeeper interrupts an intimate moment. It’s leather night again at the Blue Velvet Nightclub. Shaun invites Darian out for a night of dancing and way too much drinking. (Wicked Whim’s Tom Peeping makes another guest appearance.) THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER SEVEN Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch07.mp4
  6. Thank you, and I agree. Where are the comments? It's good to know if people like these videos and want more.
  7. Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. There are 8 chapters to this story.
  8. In an awkward encounter, Sterling makes his feelings knows. Later, Darian and Shaun have sex in the garden shed, as a jealous Sterling becomes quite irate. THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER SIX Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch06.mp4
  9. After an evening at the Bourbon Street Lounge, the Groundskeeper goes home with Shaun to have sex. A jealous Sterling waits up for Darian’s return. THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER FIVE Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch05.mp4
  10. Darian has an embarrassing encounter with Sterling. Kenneth performs his drag show at the Bourbon Street Lounge. Sterling becomes jealous of Darian’s new boyfriend. THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER FOUR Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch04.mp4
  11. The Groundskeeper meets a handsome, outgoing stranger at the Hurricane Alley bowling bar. Darian gives him a hand in the bathroom. THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER THREE Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch03.mp4
  12. Kenneth debuts his drag performance. The Groundskeeper ventures out to the Blue Velvet for a night of dancing and is cruised by a rather creepy patron. (Wicked Whim’s Tom Peeping makes a guest appearance so I decided to use him in the storyline. For some reason my game decided to make Peeping ultra-muscular.) THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER TWO Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch02.mp4
  13. Two elderly Southern gentlemen took in Darian Marcel, giving him a job as Groundskeeper. However, the restless young Groundskeeper finds life with the flamboyant couple rather dull. “The Boys of Bayou Bay” Bayou Bay is my remodel of Willow Creek, a fictitious coastal Louisiana town with a Big Easy feel and a growing gay community. THE GROUNDSKEEPER: CHAPTER ONE Pixboy_Groundskeeper_ch01.mp4
  14. The boys spend an afternoon at the local pool. Freddie finally takes Ahmed's big cock. “The Boys of Bayou Bay” Bayou Bay is my remodel of Willow Creek, a fictitious coastal Louisiana town with a Big Easy feel and a growing gay community. WHEN FREDDIE MET AHMED: CHAPTER FIVE Pixboy_Freddie & Ahmed_ch05.mp4
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