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[USELESS DATA] Sorry, I just realized the page is half Spanish, (I speak Spanish) and this is clearly a copy and paste from the translator.


These sliders are those requested by yours truly "Hokusai", updated but if it is the opposite and something is missing I would appreciate your comment. I have no contact with Hokusai. Download the Hokusai files and one of these sliders with the Hokusai files and place them in the mods folder of your Sims 4.


What to do if the sliders don't work? The problem is that you have sliders in your mod folders, whether they are old mods or different sliders.
If you are having trouble finding all the sliders in your mods folder, "tip" just move all your mods to another folder on the same local drive /c or /d, and now put the hokusai folder with the sliders and that's it xD. If I wasn't that specific, upload photos if you're having problems.


[Fact] The Hokusai pages are so you can see how to use the sliders.


I'm too lazy to edit the images, if you don't understand them it's not my problem. But I will try to improve, I don't promise anything and I don't expect much from myself.


hey here my mods folder without mods



unedited random sim



already edited XD



If I wasn't very specific, what do they want from me?


Indeed, I do not own the sliders, all credit to their respective creators.


Look below please.




I only upload images to show how you can put the sliders in your mods folder.

BE CAREFUL WITH THAT "you don't have to have more than 2 or 5 repeated or old sliders in your mods folder"


If you are a fan of downloading sims from different creators, you must learn how to remove or move the sliders that your sim has (I always do it) and it is tedious but profitable.



Captura de pantalla_179.png

Captura de pantalla_176.png

Captura de pantalla_177.png.ff8960c7afcd9fb7177e650c1c5b21dc.pngCaptura de pantalla_178.png.8d5fb7231c401d3ea9ecc3d50cee6dc9.png

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