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This is a safe-haven to discuss anything related to LGBTQ+: be it video games, entertainment, etc. All are welcome to join! Notice: I'm willing to modify any of the categories or add others, just post your suggestion in in general chat or pm me and we can all decide from there. Also open to adding rules as long as they're reasonable.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. He is sexy, He would be fun to play with
  3. I will leave this here just incase my introduction post was missed Please feel free to comment or message me with any comment questions or suggestions.
  4. HI, I Gamemaster of Sims 4 Reality TV. I am part of the LGBT world and would not rather say my age cause I feel old when I do. As part of my introduction, I figured I may as well share my goal. I started a project I call Sims 4 Reality Tv, Where I want to create reality shows, but in the Sims 4. A show with two versions. A SFW version with all the adult content removed. Then the NSFW version. This show is something I have wanted to make for a long time now after streaming to some friend on discord me doing this type of game with them voting out the contestants. Here is the Page for the Promo stuff I have already done. As anyone who may read this post on the page about the show. I have put in quite a bit of effort, and I want to keep it going as I go forward with this project. I am open to all forms of replies. Here their or in my inbox. I hope to hear from people soon. THank you.
  5. Now I feel like play this game ^^
  6. Goodness... I gotta play Soul Calibur!
  7. I had the urge to play Soul Calibur 6 again and re-bought it on Steam. So I made a few of my favorite gaming hunks, Gladiolus, Biggs, and Barret.
  8. Thought I’d make topic for other games besides Skyrim and The Sims. You can post your pics of your favorite/hot guys from any video game here.
  9. hi, i go by moon & i'm a cis lesbian! i go by she/her, but they/them is okay too. i'm 18, and i like paleontology, gaming, and making art. i'm here on loverslab for sims 4 content :) all of my households are wlw... lets go lesbians lets go
  10. im elliott, a transmasc gendervoid person (ey/em or they/them) and i'm a gray-biromantic asexual in my late 20s. i'm a shy, nervous loser and probably won't do much talking here, just lurking in sims and skyrim discussions. nice to meet you all! (edited for typos, whoops)
  11. Zuriel and Seth, angel/demon boyfriends.
  12. Heyo. I'm D.D. and I consider myself transmasculine genderqueer and gay (for men). I'm pretty effeminate but most people think I'm a guy regardless so it works out. I love character-based screenarchery, making art / music / writing / stories, and creepy stuff. I'm currently involved with Skyrim and The Sims 4 but I plan on doing Fallout 4 stuff pretty soon too. Glad to see an LGBTQ+ community here ^_^
  13. All the male characters I have screenshots of so far, in order of least to most-recent.
  14. This is Whisper. They're a genderless forest spirit thing.
  15. Hi people, I'm Sym... I like shiny things, stickers, smiley faces, and the color yellow. Don't like labels, blanket policies, or roundabouts. Nice to meet ya'll
  16. pool side dinner Grimmlock family
  17. I came back to find some nice points of view
  18. Hello, i'm Tabris and i'm a trans woman still pre-transition (and in the closet) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm 31, pansexual and polyamorous. I'm curious about this community and LoversLab in general. I'm not really into adult mods but i've been told i can find a community that is more welcoming to LGBT people and to left-wing stances over here in LoversLab. Sad to know there is no Discord for this group yet.

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