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  1. Wait until this guy hears about Saints Row 4
  2. Eh, It's kinda missing the essence of Saints Row but I'm biased so I'll still play it.
  3. This looks like it belongs to The Sims 4 section.
  4. Welcome back! Hope things are looking up for you
  5. Thanks! Hope you get on adding more male voices as well
  6. I know this was posted months ago but THANK YOU SO SO FUCKING MUCH!!! I was seriously pulling my hairs out trying to fix my CTD, saved me the trouble of having to start over with my entire mod list.
  7. Why "Unfortunately"? Lol. This is a good thing. I'd say you're better off focusing on improving other aspects of the mod.
  8. Damn i was just looking at these in the LE section, your timing is impeccable. Thank you! And welcome back.
  9. Thanks for this! We really do need more MxM oriented animations.
  10. These animations are timeless, even after all these years they remain my favorite! Hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself Tweens!
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