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This club will focus on NPC's their back story "some made up as some are boring" and things that make them who they are. Followers vanilla and mods will be included but limited to usable followers not just wall art must be battle ready. Skyrim is full of Mysteries and has just as many theories... this will be in an in-depth look at the most enduring mysteries and the most logical conclusion based on evidence found in game. Picture posted should be of good to high quality clothed or nude but no sex scenes please and some info on who they are and what they are to you. Be sure to follow to keep up on updates and posts.

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  2. Carlotta Valentia is the single mother of Mila and earns her spot here as a MILF. Carlotta is an Imperial who runs a small stall and is a food vendor in Whiterun. She will tell you she has a hungry daughter to feed is is not interested in anything else but to take care of Mila. Carlotta is a good mother who works hard 7 days a week from 8 am til 7 pm often chatting with the locals. She does have a small quest you can do for her Mikael the bard is talking shit on how he is going to concur her and she wants him to stop. So go and take care of this asshole for her and do it after 8pm so she is in the bar as is everyone else in Whiterun and don't speak check him beat the shit out of him for being a punk. After you hand Mikael his ass go talk to Carlotta and tell her all is well and and she will give you some cash... and everyone now knows Mikael is a punk ass bitch. Carlotta is petite and in great shape and cannot be married unless mods are used or add the faction to her. Carlotta deserves respect and will have it with your help perhaps she will go on a date with you as she is single.
  3. The Avatar of Meridia is a follower mod by TESVOsaru that is interesting in concept. She can be only found when you complete Meridia's The Breaking of Dawn quest. When in the final chamber you will find a book about the Avatar... read it and she will appear outside by the statue. The follower is sorta confused in design as she has vampire fangs and Meridia hates the undead... the Avatar has the class of spellsword she use the beams you see in the temple to attack enemies and she is equipped with a version of Dawn-breaker a weapon that is often over looked. Meridia has some perks for her class and is an expert in one-handed weapons. To be a good follower she needs a little work by changing her aggressive stats and her confidence level. I removed her spells as I found them irritating and useless at high level game play...... besides she uses a sword very well. Merida will prefer heavy armor as she is most skilled in it ( again confused). Over all Merida is a unique follower in her looks and what she brings to the table. With a little time she can be a start to finish follower and I would recommend her just because she is unique and would be un-like any follower you may have.
  4. Way late to the party, but here's what I have off the top of my head for making followers and NPCs more dynamic: Nether's Follower Framework. I've switched to this from EFF. Among lots of other things: Gives you a reputation system for your followers that can be increased through adventuring, and followers will react positively with things like gifts for you. Followers can optionally demand payment for services. NPCs from the Thieves guild and Winterhold College (the professors) can be optionally recruited as followers after the main quest lines are complete. Can also recruit Saadia if you side with her against the Redguards. Follower Commentary Overhaul - makes followers a bit more chatty. Relationship Dialog Overhaul - adds a bunch of new lines for followers, NPCs, and spouses. Can also marry Khajiit NPCs. Adventurers PKG for NPCS - Allows you to set up partys of NPCs that will go on their own adventures throughout Skyrim. Serana Dialogue Edit and Marriable Serana - for those who wanted even more from Serana after Dawnguard was finished... And just for fun... Female Cicero (SSE) in case you wanted a psycho bitch instead of a psycho dude to accompany you on your assassin travels
  5. Nadia Storm-Wolf is a follower that was created by Hieroglyphics she has a backstory that ties her to Skyrim and her location in Dawnstar. Strongly recommend reading about Nadia at the mod page and understand what it took to make her. For our purpose here I will cover what she bring to Skyrim. Nadia is a two handed warrior with skills and perks for that class. Heavy armor is what she wears and comes with her own custom armor and sword she is ready to go right out of the box. Nadia is what I consider a start to finish follower she fits in at any level of game play with skills in battle that are not over powering but enough to keep you from getting your ass handed to you in a bandit camp raid. Nadia is not magic based but has a few spells and extras to help in battle ( see mod page ) and yes she can be married. All of Hieroglyphics followers are what I would call next level that is a title well earned and becomes apparent when you have one of their many followers available in game. On that note Nadia is custom everything she uses 4k texture with custom skin if you have a potato computer she may not be for you there is a 2k available also. Nadia is not a cookie cutter follower and if you are ready for a next level follower I highly recommend her for any play-through.
  6. Meet Volrina Quarra she is an Imperial Vampire created by Pandorable who make some really nice looking followers and NPC. Volrina has a back story that is very fleshed out and I encourage you to read it on her page. However for her place here I will say she is a true vampire meaning she shows dead when using detect dead spell that is a small but nice touch for the immersive crowd. Volrina can have two classes for fighting styles she can be a traditional vampire with spells to go with said class ( basically same as Serana ) or Pandorable made a second add on esp. file to make her strictly a melee fighter with no spells. Both are good but I prefer the melee as magic gets out classed at higher level game play. She is a beautiful follower who is done with great detail to her looks and abilities if you want a vampire who looks amazing this is the mod for you. I highly recommend this follower for any play style she will not disappoint.
  7. Jenassa Is a follower that can be had early in the game if you explore Whiterun when you arrive. She can be found in the Drunken Huntsman awaiting her next hire. Jenassa is a mercenary who will fight for anyone who can pay her fee 500 gold and she will help you out. She is a Dunmer or Dark Elf depending on who refers to them. Jenassa is a very capable follower who has the class of ranger witch is not a good class for her she should have had the class of assassin as her nature a demeanor suggest she will kill anyone for a price. Jenassa caps at level 40 just remove it or not she still is a great fighter at any level give her the proper equipment and she will do well at any game play level. She does dual wield and does it well she has skills in use of bows, and shields. She prefers wearing light armor and when found she will be wearing a complete set of leather armor. Jenassa is worthy companion she will fight for you and has no issues on any crime you commit or want her to commit. She is aggressive and will attack anyone who is hostile to you yes anyone. Jenassa can be married but it is unlikely she want to stay at home and more so if you have bratts running around she is a killer and is happy to do that instead of being a house plant. So if you want a good follower early in game and you have the gold give her a look she is worth the price and will keep your happy ass alive while you do stupid shit a around Skyrim.
  8. The first two sections cover some of the basics to get the most out of the game now we can refine it to make it better. TES5Edit is a tool/utility that brings a whole new level of customization's to the game. WARNING do not change things if you do not know what it does those changes are permanent it is not like the game you cannot reload a save. I highly recommend taking a screen shot of whatever mod or changes you do BEFORE YOU CHANGE IT! So it can be changed back if you do not like the results. Now what can TES5edit do?... many things example: Like a follower mod but would like to change their stats, factions,ect? you can with this. Want to add perks to a follower that has none... now you can yes Lydia too. There is so many things that can be changed with this tool including deleting things you do not like.... See warning! I highly recommend this tool and I highly recommend you watch/read some tutorials about how to use it. Now... not all changes you make to a follower or to the game will happen immediately some will ...some only take effect if you have not met them in game yet or been in a cell and/or start a new game. Council Commands these are a great resource but be careful they can break your play through. So a favorite CC command I use is setlevel 1000,0,1,150 just as it is typed this will set a npc/follower level to what you are... you click on NPC using the ~ key enter command and now they are at your current level and they will level with you to 150 or higher just change the last number. you can change a NPC skill also using as an example: setav onehanded 100 replace onehanded and number to what ever skill you want to increase ( your perk tree names) on a NPC really is that simple. COC is another that can be useful but you will need the location and those can be found on google. Example: coc solitudebluepalace will take you to the Blue-palace interior. There are many things you can use CC on but be careful as doing stupid things will break your game. Next is a simple mod that adds a spell it is called blink it is a teleportation spell that works very well and very OP. I did not include this earlier sections as I feel this is a refinement to the game. What can it do? simple what you target and cast is where you will go who needs whirlwind sprint this is better period. you can even go through a locked door or walls so long as it is in the same cell without using CC. It is a go anywhere mod that after you have it you wont play without it... It is a lot of fun to use and does require some practice but it is worth it. So a review of the three section: Make your NPC better * check make your character better * check make your game look better * check Tools to make Skyrim what it should have been * check Results a more dynamic Skyrim This will more than likely be the last section in this series this lays out the fundamentals and some refinements now you need to fill in your own blanks in the game with mods of your choosing. I will not be covering the Creation kit as there are volumes wrote about it.....I hope I offered some help to those who wanted to do more but never knew how... Enjoy
  9. Aurora is an Elven follower she has a small quest to tie her into the world of Skyrim. Aurora is looking for her father and needs your help to find him upon completing this quest she has a unique spell that you can change her body and appearance. There is part of the spell that allows you to create Twilight basically her twin but some different option mainly dark hair. Aurora is fully voiced and is very well done she has her own follower dialog and I recommend you use it only for recruitment custom followers do well to use their dialog. Aurora uses spells and one handed weapons she is not OP and makes an excellent follower from start to finish she can be married and has dialog for it. Overall she is very fleshed out and very well done as the mod author is very well known and does excellent work. I highly recommend this follower as she is a worthy addition to any game.
  10. Maven Black-Briar is the mother of Hemming Black-Briar, Ingun and Sibbi. Maven is a very fleshed out character in Skyrim with active quests and rich story line including her ability to be Yarl. Maven has many words that could be use for her but determined is the best one for her. Maven has a business that makes Black-Briar mead right in Riften. Maven had ties to the Thieves guild and rumored to the Dark-brotherhood as well. Maven controls everything with a iron fist including her family. Sibbi is currently in jail for murder and Maven has kept him there to prove a point for his dumb actions. Maven is a Nord with a class of Nightblade she uses shock spells in combat and one handed weapons and make an interesting follower as she has some unique dialog. The father of her children is unknown and it would surprise nobody if she had him disposed of. Maven's Daughter Ingun will be cover in a later post all her own. Maven is loved by some hated by most and she could care less if you like her or don't she is a strong woman who has no time for bullshit. Maven earns the title of MILF as she still is a beautiful Nord and mother of three who has carved a good life for herself.
  11. The black lace looks so provocative. Why does she want to leave Nazeem? Also, how does it make sense that she owns the temple? I didnt think anyone could actually own a temple, if i understand how religion usually works...
  12. Nice job. I was surprised when I discovered in Base Game that Ahlam OWNED the Temple of K.
  13. After all that transpired our protagonist withdrew from daily activity for a few days but, being youthful she bounced right back to her normal routine. The Hunter took a keen interest in one of the new marauders the one that held the title of Defender. At first they did some small talk in training and when they had some free time. Over the passing of several weeks they seemed to become good friends and were always seen together. This made Rigel happy as she knew the Defender would be great for the Hunter as she could learn much but also benefit from her protection. The Hunter asked her new found friend if she would like to go on a trip with her it would be a long trip as she wanted to go to the Sea Of Ghosts to hunt Horkers. The Defender agreed and they went to speak to Rigel about the plan.... Rigel said it was her choice as she told her before she is now of age to choose for herself but be sure to pack for the weather as it is brutally cold up there and to send letters if she could to let her know if all was well. After a few days of preparation they started off....The Hunter knew they would be fine as she never had a bounty and nobody knew the Defender they were just two traveling companions as far as anyone knew. The Defender said they would do well to stay away from the Reach as the Forsworn were very capable and dangerous. She said they should head east to Whiterun and north to Dawnstar or Windhelm both had plenty of area to hunt in. The Hunter said she was fine with this and with that headed to a small town called Riverwood. Riverwood was a small town with a shop, inn, lumber mill, and a blacksmith nothing of note there for them to stop but all eyes where casting glances as they passed through. The Hunter doubted the townsfolk had ever seen anyone dressed as the Defender was ... she still had so many questioned unanswered as to who her companion really was. As they made their way down the road following a small creek just out of site of town two wolves came rushing out looking for supper no doubt. The wolves had no chance the Hunter has done this dance many times and she cut the wolves to ribbons as the Defender watched in amusement. The Defender knew her companion was no slouch and two hungry wolves were no match for the Hunters blade.... The Hunter looked back and said dinner came to us with that she clean the wolves and took their pelts and meat. They decided to make camp on a hill side that looked down the valley where there was a few farms and where Whiterun could be clearly seen. Over the dinner of dog-meat and wild leeks they both sat in silence as darkness fell and the sky was lite bright with the stars. they had enough wood for the night and settled in watching the sky on their bedrolls. After a long silence the Hunter asked the Defender if she could ask her a few personal questions. The Defender said she could ask but may not answer depending on what was asked.. The Hunter said " since we are going to be companions for several weeks I would like to know your name"? After a long pause The Defender said her name was " Emily " and it has been a long time since anyone called her by name. Emily said " it was The Hunters turn to tell her name". The Hunter laughed she said it has been so long she almost forgotten it but her name is " Gwendolyn but would like to be called Gwen". Gwen and Emily found each others names and with that they both turned in for the night. Part 5 The two companion broke camp and decided to see if a carriage ride could be had at Whiterun. As they neared the stables at Whiterun a carriage was there and they secured a ride to Dawnstar. The ride was long but with a new land to be seen Gwen was full of wanderlust and her ever growing friendship with Emily the sky seem like the limit. Arriving at Dawnstar the air was cold but Gwen had her fur armor she had made herself and out of the two wolf pelts she made two cloaks on the ride to Dawnstar one for her and one for Emily. At the edge of town were some cat folk Khajiit they call themselves they always have stuff for sale and Gwen made use of some of the gold she had and bought a nice fur tent for them to share as shelter would be a must here. In town Gwen also wanted to see the blacksmith for arrows and the apothecary for medicine just in case. Gwen asked Emily if her armor was warm enough for this type of cold? Emily laughed and said it was and someday she would tell the story of where it came from. They bought what arrow the smith had and bought potions of health and cure disease potions. Gwen said she knew how to make some potions and hawk feathers would help cure disease but was unsure if they would see any in such cold. They both agreed to a hot meal and a warm bed at the inn in town and start fresh in the morning. They rented a room with a large bed big enough for two and talked of where they should go over dinner west or east. Emily said west would be best as east the coast was rough and the temperature only got colder. Emily said Solitude lay to the west the seat of Skyrim's High King and Queen and from there they cold head south back towards home in Pinewatch. So it was decided to head west along the coast to hunt and explore perhaps find some ship wrecks. With that out of the way the turned in for the night. Morning came and with a quick meal and with food supplies bought they headed out. Emily and Gwen untied their bows from their pack to keep in hand and at the ready. Gwen had her bow thin yet strong Emily said it looked like ones she seen from Valenwood and they were great bows as the Bosmer were well regarded as archers. Emily had a bow that matched her axe black with a faint glow of red that pulsed... Gwen wondered was these things alive? The coastline was a sight to behold empty but not it was teaming with all kinds of game but barren of trees and good cover. To be continued
  14. Before our protagonist could ask Rigel about the new kind of bounty she seen Rigel was busy interviewing new prospects. There were two small groups and Rigel was explaining to them she only had room only for one of the groups and to decide who was the best they could match skills with each other in combat the victor had the job. This was not that uncommon as Rigel only wanted the best. The Hunter notice that the one group was very different from any she had seem before they called themselves marauders and were all women. First up was a Dunmer who wielded a steel war hammer adorned with scale armor his opposition was marauder who said her class was a berserker . She was a tall Nord woman whose muscles were well use to the steel plate armor she wore and on her back was a large black battle axe. She stepped forward still unarmed as the Dunmer laughed and yelled " I'll send you to Sovengaurd" with a huge swing of his hammer the Nord woman just side stepped it and hit him across the jaw with her steel covered fist. As the Dunmer reeled in pain the berserker grabbed him and pick him up over her head and pile-drived him into the stone .... and with a sicking crack of his neck the fight was over. The Hunter was a gasp she won without even using a weapon she never even heard of such a thing. The next fighter was a Nord male who adorned Iron armor with a steel shield and sword. His opposition was Red-guard another marauder she said her class was a blade-master she wore what the hunter found out later was glass-armor with two black swords one for each hand. Again the hunter sees this black metal is was dark as night and she never seen its like before today. The Nord bellowed "where is your shield" the Red-guard laughed and said she would make do without. With that the Nord stepped in shield raised sword at the ready but, to his surprise the Red-guard crouched down and vanished. "What trickery was this"? yelled the Nord he no sooner said that then poof she re-appeared right in front of him. With a blurr of black metal blades and spray of red crimson going everywhere the Nord was cut to ribbons and lay at the feet of the blade-master again the fight was over. The Hunter was right these are no run of the mill bandits these marauders are something way different. The Hunter noticed there was only one marauder left and two of the other group. Rigel said the marauder would face both at the same time. The Hunter never really got a good look at her as she was in the shadows most of the time until now. The marauder stepped forward she said she was a defender class and a Breton. What the hunter seen made every-one gasp when she came in full light she was covered in black spiked armor that had a dull red glow that pulsed the shield bore the same as did her war axe. What was absent was sound she made no noise when she walked it was like the armor was part of her. She was a sight to behold but her opponents two Orcs scoffed at her and said she would make a fine slave if they decided to let her live.... Bold words thought The Hunter. The Orcs wore only fur armor both with axes made by one of there strong holds for sure... They charged wildly in the first landed a blow to the defenders shield that was shrugged off as though a fly hit her... she retorted with a bash from her shield that disarmed and staggered the Orc before he could recover she relieve him of his head that rolled in front of the other Orc. To his complete surprise no doubt but his surprised was only to be short lived the defender was on him already she swept his leg with that glowing ax as he fell she drove that ax deep in his chest. As the Orc gasped for breath though his demolished chest the defender stomped what ever life was in him out when she crushed his head beneath her boot. The Hunter was astonished yet horrified these three was an army onto themselves she thought. Everyone stepped aside as the Defender walked to Rigel.... The Hunter noticed Rigel swallowed hard as before her stood warriors that had no equal. Rigel clapped in approval as did everyone even if it was an uneasy moment of celebration. Part 3 The Hunter soon found the time to ask Rigel about the bounty for the Yarl... Rigel said it was her choice as she was now considered an adult but said she needed to take one of her most trusted bandits with her for back up if something went wrong.... Rigel also said she had a two presents for her one was a sword from a far off land its blade glowed as she said it was enchanted. The second was a bow that was very slim The hunter thought it flimsy until she drew the bow back it was strong as any she had ever used. The Hunter thanked Rigel for the gifts and went to meet with Rigel's escort. The Hunter was not a fan of bringing anybody with her as she could move quietly and quickly by her self but she abides by Rigel wishes. The Yarl gave the bounty to The Hunter a tidy sum 500 gold as she bought the murder back to the Yarl dragged by her horse for him to decide the fate of this criminal. On her way back to Pine-watch The Hunters escort said to hand over the money and remove her clothes if she wanted to live! His arrow pointed right at her. What! Was this betrayal this was one of Rigel's most trusted men. She got down off her horse as she started to comply.... the bandit dropped his eyes as she removed her top this was a mistake as she did not know any real magic but was taught one spell that work like a charm for hunting it was a paralysis spell. She hit him with it and quickly tied him up and threw him on her litter that she dragged behind her horse. When the hunter arrived at Pine-watch with traitor in tow she seen the Berserker outside and told her to bring the traitor inside to see Rigel.... Inside the traitor was tied to a stone pillar as The Hunter told Rigel of what this man tried to do.... Rigel was beet-red with rage and spoke only after a few moments to seal his fate....she instructed the blade-master to cut of all his armor. With a blur of black metal the traitors armor dropped to the floor.... Again The Hunter marveled at the speed she did it and she never even scratched him with her blades who were these people she wondered again. Rigel instructed a piece of iron be brought to red hot and be ready to use. With that she told the berserker to rip the traitors balls off and throw them to the dogs in the corner and sear the wound with hot iron. The terror on the traitors face and howls of pain as his man hood was ripped from his body made even the most hardened there cringe all but the marauders they had seen and done worse much worse. Rigel addressed the traitor and told him his very short life will be coming to an end as he would become a gift and a sex slave to the Orcs at Cracked Tusk Keep. With that instructions were given to marauders to take him to his new home and tell the Orcs he is to be used with extreme prejudice and prolong his suffering as long as possible. Rigel does not tolerate crimes against their own and to betray her by trying to rob and rape the one she raised as her own daughter she knew he would suffer for days and pry for death when the Orcs were done with him.... To be Continued
  15. Delphine is a Breton who is one of the main protagonist is the main quest of Skyrim. Delphine has some very questionable facts surrounding her and her actions. This mystery is well hidden and takes time to figure out but we will bring her story to light and in conclusion bring her out for what she really is. Some things really bothered me when I played through Skyrim for the first time one was Delphine and her knowledge of the dragons also her ability to get you into the Embassy. As I worked through the game and many play-through more evidence came to light as every-time I explored new avenues to take and exhausted all dialog and play options and all different levels as so that would not be a factor. The findings: Delphine has inside information directly from the Thalmor and/or Imperials or both I believe she is a double agent. Think not? There was only a small handful of survivors from Helgan Genral Tullius and his small group, Elenwen and her small group. you and what ever solider you saved. How did Delphine know about Helgan? Who told her what happened it was not you.... that leaves two choices period. Here is more fuel to the fire I tried every variant to become dragon born including not talking to her until I find out she has the Horn of the Graybeards and only then I meet her. What is fact in every play-thought looking for evidence all but one I was met with a assassin from the dark Bother-hood. Only after I meet her do I receive a contract on my head and yes this is repeatable and have done so at many levels and paths I could take. I done all DLC complete no dark-brotherhood took every path it is only after I meet her does this happen.... why? Lets talk about the Thalmor Embassy and how exactly did you ...a complete unknown... waltz right on in. The guest list would have been very tightly controlled and nobody could have just added you on there without the Thalmor allowing it and no a bartender could not have done it. So who exactly did Delphine talk to to get you in there that list is very short. It sure looks like a trap when your there or at the very least a unveiling as to who you are. So lets talk about Esbern and how the Thalmor now know where he is. It is also of note these Dossier's are just laying around for you to find them Is it not covenant that Delphine knows the thieves guild and members she would have heard about Esbern no way she did not know and that is why a thieves -guild member was being tortured to give intel. on what was known. Or is that to far of a stretch? So according to these Dossiers Delphine is enemy number one... really? So for someone who is such an enemy how is it she owns a Inn the most public place to be found in Skyrim? So we are to believe the Thalmor know about a old man in the very deepest sewers in Riften but she lives in plain site and they know squat about her.... really? Also of note Ulfric is considered an asset.... really? Delphine can be seen as an asset as well The whole thing when looked at from a far makes no sense or does it? Conclusion: Who benefits in this whole affair that Delphine herself says must happen including the killing of Parthanax? Simple the Admari Dominion There are only two things not controlled by the Thalmor you Dragon-born and the Dragons the children of Akatosh. The Dragons are not really seen as a bad thing to the Thalmor but you the one who can kill them is. Delphine has controlled you from day one and continues to control you. Delphine is not what she seems but is a shell of herself who sold out long ago to save her own skin. The evidence shows it is not possible to do what she has done or exist as she does without selling out just as Ulfric himself has... So the real mystery are you a pawn for the Thalmor and don't even know it?
  16. This story starts with our character who was born in the year of 180 of the 4th era around the time of the signing of the second treaty of Stros M'kai she is roughly 21 when the Dragons came back. She lost her parents from a wolf attack on the road from Falkreath to Helgan when she was just 5. She would have perished to if not for a young woman who was scouting the area her name was Rigel Strong-arm. Rigel did not notice the girl at first but seen the wolf and was always ready to use her arm and her axe for any foe man or beast. Upon checking the deceased travelers Rigel heard the girl in the bushes crying for what she had just witnessed. Rigel was unsure of what to do as she was unable to take the girl to town as bounties for her in the surrounding holds would insure her arrest. So begins the story of Rigel and her new charge.... Rigel had a small house she called Pinewatch where she lived and worked out of and was also now the home to our character. Rigel took the girl in and taught her how to hunt and how to use an axe and sword. The girl learned fast as she had a hatred for animals and creature alike who were considered predators. Rigel expanded her operations and soon built an underground base to houses the crew who worked for her. The bandits came and went some died in ensuing raids some died at the hands of Rigel herself but there was a never ending supply of misfit who was looking for a home. The girl was not allowed to do bandit activities as Rigel forbid it. The girl did train with the bandits and mercenaries who came and went all had different skills some were ex soldiers some where bounty hunters and some were just cold blooded killers. as the years passed now in her late teens her name long since forgotten she was just known as "The Hunter". She was given this name as she would track down any prey with the stealth of a shadow and skill to kill it undetected. Rigel still trained her hard and she became a warrior with a sword arm that rivaled Rigel's own. The Hunter knew what Rigel did but was forgiving as she was like a mother to her and her misfit family of bandits. On her eighteenth birthday Rigel told her she could become a bounty hunter and pick up work in the surrounding holds but was never to commit crimes just do bounties for Yarls and merchants. Most of the bounties were uneventful and involved the nuance animals wolves and trolls with the occasional sprigon. That is until the Yarl of Faulkreath posted a bounty for murder who killed a local farmer... The hunter went home to tell Rigel of the bounty to ask advice and if she should do it..... to be continued
  17. Meet Katria the main protagonist in the quest Lost to the Ages. Katria has a sad story one that when I first played through I thought for sure there was some way at the end of the quest to bring her back by some ancient Dwemer tech....... but sadly no. She has a very fleshed out story and a quest that will take you all over Skyrim one of the best that the Dawngaurd DLC brought us. When you first play you are drawn into her voice and her longing for justification of her life. You will get wrapped up into in finding yourself pulling for the chance to help this woman out. Now the pictures here is NOT her ghosts she will be spectral when you do her quest. Katria has had mods to make her a follower with her voice files they work but only after her quest is done "google is your friend to find it". I made her a follower as I always wanted her to be one again there is exploits to do this but is will render her quest unfinished and unplayable. As a follower she is in a class of her own she is an expert marksman with expert ability in one-handed weapons as well. Katria has a very high sneak skill and is all around an amazing follower she will level to 50 in a vanilla state. Katria for me is like Frea two NPC who are done very well for the game of Skyrim and I highly recommend make her a follower and doing her quest it is a real edge of your seat one.
  18. This Mystery is complicated as any in TES series and worthy of note as evidence, lore, twists, turns, and facts come together to finally bring this story to light and a conclusion. This story starts when you find out dragons are attacking Whiterun during the quest Dragon Rising and starts the quest In My Time of Need. You are asked by the Alik'r about a Red-guard woman who may be in the city and if you find her report her to them the Red-guard... so they ask. Of note here they are being kick out of the city for some unknown reason and you soon find out one is in jail...why? Here is where you will meet Saadia and is a Redgaurd woman who works the Bannered-Mare When confronted she will give her side of the story the Thalmor are after her due to her speaking out against them in it is believed to happened in Taneth.....however, it is also of note this is where Kematu says she sold out the city and gave secrets to the Thalmor and that led to the fall of the city. So the Great-war happened between 4th era 171-175 in that time the Empire all but fell and entered into the White-Gold- Concordat and the Red-guards fought on alone finally a deal was reached with the Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai and the Thalmor retreated out of Hammerfell. Enter present time 4th era 201. The evidence: First is Saadia's age by game standards is would be assumed she is around 40ish. So she would be very young when all of this took place late teens how much would she have known to really give away secrets to the Thalmor? We know that by Kematu's dialog they want to bring her to justice so they been hunting her for 20 plus years really? That and in the middle of a war she somehow met with the Thalmor without being killed trying ....suspect at best there. Second the Alik'r or so they say.... Why did they get kicked out of Whiterun and one was jailed what exactly did they do?.... Or, did they get booted by association? We know that Talos worship is alive and well in Whiterun so did the guards believe they are in fact part of the Thalmor? This makes the most sense as in game guards are not know for tolerance and crimes are met by sword if resistance is given was one jailed when he spoke a little too much? Now comes the question of the bandits at Swinders Den we know that bandits are extremely hostile towards anything not considered their own so how did they get in there? Again by association it can be assumed they are in part bandits or at least friendly towards them.... more against Kematu's credibility he claims to be honorable but what honorable man would stand with bloodthirsty bandits when he would know the are killers ...answer : no honorable man would. The Thalmor are known for underhanded dealings, hate Talos worship, and all around not nice to any who are not them. So Saadia's story makes the most sense and here is why? The Thalmor many have claimed would have just sent their own assassins into Whiterun to kill Saadia but that is not true. The Thalmor could not send their own into Whiterun how many high-elves you see there?..none. Second they could not be associated with it directly as killing a noble from Hammerfell would more than likely break the treaty they have with Hammerfell. The Thalmor could not do it directly again because an assault on a citizen of Whiterun would have sealed the fate as Whiterun is neutral at this point in the war and that could lead them to join the Stormcloaks. So why then and why now? Saadia is a Noble but fled Hammerfell when her city fell and she sought refuge and a new life. Saadia found one... sort of until now. The Thalmor are trying to wrap up loose ends in Skyrim and are actively searching for any who do not stand with them and/or spoke out against them as you will find out later when Esbern comes into play. Saadia is one of them as she actively spoke against them even at the fall of her city. The Thalmor will go to any lengths to get what they desires including hiring mercenaries and traitors as in game evidence shows. So the Alik'r lied to you and need to face your justice .....as only you can save Saadia. This is the most logical conclusion that can be made if one really looks at in game evidence and lore.
  19. Meet Theana she is the wife of the Jarl of Winterhold mother to Assur. Theana by her dialog has a real disdain for the cold and her dead end town. Winterhold is in a sad state of affairs much to do because her husband is to busy blaming the college of all the wrong doings that happened centuries ago ( I explain this in the mystery section ) . Theana seems to wanted more of life than her current state of affairs.... this seems to be an on going theme with the woman of Skyrim so it seems the men are a bunch of sad sacks. Theana is a beautiful Nord woman who has the class of citizen who for her position dresses very meagerly you would think the Jarl could buy her something nice right? So why don't you? Take Theana out on for a date perhaps somewhere warm and away from this armpit called Winterhold. Theana would be grateful for the attention and time you spend together so go ahead ask her out and screw what that deadbeat Jarl thinks.
  20. Meet Valerica hands down the queen of the MILFs as far as age goes there is no other who even comes close. Valerica has a rich back story and history she is mother to Serana the main character of the Dawn-guard DLC. Valerica has tried to do the right thing by hiding her daughter from her crazy husband Lord Harkon who is hell bent on controlling the sun. Valerica is a stunning Nord woman with jet black hair...she chooses to wear eye makeup and wears royal vampire armor she is in amazing shape and takes great pride in her appearance as it is easy to see for any who look. She has some impressive stats with light armor, one-handed weapons and a real high sneak skill but, will only use magic due to her class of vampire. Valerica is not a follower but I highly recomend making her one as she has some unique dialog and seems to have a dialog tree for it... perhaps it was planned to make her one. If you are so inclined take this MILF on a date as she is a widow and maybe she is looking to fill the void that has been missing in her life for thousands of years. She deserves it after all and what could be better than walking arm and arm with this wonderful milf in the moonlight.
  21. Angeline is our next milf is runs Angeline's Aromatics in Solitude. Upon meeting her she will ask if you ever been to Whiterun as she is looking for information about her daughter who is a solider for the Imperials. Angeline make this list as she want to do the best she can and is worried sick about her daughter... Spoiler Angeline is a Breton and holds the class of apothecary vendor.. She appears to be single unsure of who was her mate? Angeline is in great physical shape perhaps due to potions or maybe she is one of Skyrim's natural beauties. So when you visit Solitude drop in and say hello to this wonderful mom and she needs help and consoling.
  22. Sigrid maybe one of the first Milfs you run into in a play-though. Sigrid lives in Riverwood with her husband Alvor as well as her daughter Dorthe . Depending who you leave Helgan with will decide who you meet in Riverwood meeting Sigrid would mean you left with the nephew who is an Imperial solider. Sigrid has some colorful dialog often admonishing Alvor for his behavior the night prior " perhaps hitting on another woman". Sigrid herself has little back story.... she is a proud red haired Nord with a thin toned body from years of hard work. Next time you are in Riverwood just stop by to say hello to this wonderful and dedicated Milf.
  23. Meet Ahlamshe is a red-guard priestess in Whiterun she spends most of her day in the temple of Kynareth helping those who need healing. Everyone by now has met her husband Nazeem the self righteous fool who spends too much time belittling others. Ahlam wants more then her ill-mannered husband can provide as he seems to have little to nothing for his supposed wealth that he claims to have... Ahlam stays at an Inn as she has no real home of her own due to Nazeems lies of wealth she knows he is a fool but that matters little to her as she only wants to help others. Ahlam has no real quest tied to her but, she will take over Arcadia's Cauldron if something happens where Arcadia is killed but outside of that not much else. She can be made a follower with mods and is a worthy companion to have at your side. She will need some work to make her a proper follower but it is worth it and 2 minutes of work you get a very pretty companion who will help you in your journeys. Do Ahlam a favor take her away from the poor life she leeds and show her a better way and leave Nazeem alive as he deserves to live a lonely pathetic life without her.... And do bring her back to Whiterun from time to time in the finest clothes and jewels money can buy so Nazeem can look at you with resentment but knows that to draw sword against the Dragon-born is suicide so all that is left is complete despair for him... a fitting end.
  24. Meet Aspen she is a rouge in class and is an excellent follower with a surprise she has an ice shout. Her preferred weapons are her two silver swords she uses with expert abilities. As rouge she is most skilled in light armor and will do best with it she also is an expert marksman and will use a bow with ranged enemies. She is aggressive towards any hostile enemy man or beast. She can be married but she rather be out cutting enemies to ribbons with her dual wield style. Aspen has the skills and perks to make her a worthy follower she can and will keep you safe be it in the wilds or doing a dungeon crawl . Aspen is a recommended follower who can be a start to finish companion is any play-through.
  25. Meet Barbie by "sleepytigereyes" she is an excellent follower that would be a rouge class. She has expert abilities in one handed weapons and prefers to duel wield she comes with two daedric swords. Barbie also is an expert marksman she again comes with a daedric bow with a lot of arrows so she has weapons but has no armor she will need your help to give her armor for protection. Barbie will level with you forever she is brave, strong and dependable in combat. Barbie also is aggressive by nature and if an enemy is spotted she will attack. Barbie has very little back story so you can fill in with what you want too. I have used Barbie in many quest since I downloaded her at release if you want a cute rouge follower I can highly recommend her she will not disappoint
  26. Meet Chocola she is a follower from Honeypopcorn. Chocola is a mage with extraordinary skill in destruction magic and restoration. She one of the best if not the best support mages I have ever seen. Her favorite spell for destruction is ice spikes but uses many more... in combat she is not push over, and easily overcomes most enemies you may face. She will heal you if you loose health and does it as a matter of fact. I have seen and tried many healer followers but they just don't work well until now.....Chocola does she heals you every-time your health is affected she has many perks and can use a one-handed weapon but rarely if ever she prefers magic. She will wear what you give her but has no skill in armor so give he a good mage outfit with magic enchantments and she is good to go.

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