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  1. Hi! This post is for those who would like to post possible fetish ideas for mods, whether it's on Skyrim or Fallout or any other game! In my case, I've always wished for an orc breeding mod in Skyrim (nothing new there actually), but with a development similar to those found in doujinshi manga, or comics (any way you might consider it). For example, orcs take over Skyrim once the player becomes the queen of the orcs (after breeding, let's say, 50 babies), or the king for that matter. Said idea has been contemplated, but never developed. Either way, I'd like to hear more ideas! I guess I might
  2. I'll never know exactly why I enjoy seeing girls gulp it down and play with it. Maybe it's just me! Sorry for the delay in opening a topic btw, I was away for the time being. You're welcome to open new topics regarding this particular theme!
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