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  2. someone help me? i don't know how to use the futanari mode/gender in sexbound. Or can give me some help with the futanari plugin i don't know how to use the futanari plugin.
  3. hey, so if possible can someone fix the umbreon race support its extremely buggy right now.
  4. Yes. But sometimes certain people can be really salty when it comes to their intellectual property being used in ANY way which makes no fucking sense, why even make a race public if folks can't make art, mods and other stuff? Fortunately such cases are very rare, when it comes to anything sexual though I can understand why the responses are the way they are when they say: No. But on the other hand I kinda feel the need to compare them to Nintendo - great quality of the product but they are very stingy when it comes to imput from the playerbase especially mods and that sucks no matter what their excuse is.
  5. Ah that's sad. I would love to have some Elithian races. I mean, I guess it would be disrespectful to make smut mods of an oc race without permission huh?
  6. Would love to see those Harpies from Cutebound, or is there anything i missed? Sorry if it has already been discussed somewhere, i'm not Online that often and i don't read every single Topic/Post on here.
  7. When it comes to Elithian Alliance the problem is that the author owns only Aegi the rest of races in this mod were made by different people. If my memory is still good the whole thing came from role play chat,they made races and their lore so the creation of that mods universe was a team effort and because of that getting permission would be tricky, besides mod author avoids even responding to DM's
  8. Making some Elithian Alliance races? Avikan and Aegi mostly but Droden and (probably not) Trink would be cool too. Oh, and humanoid Lyceen? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850109963 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1487953700
  9. quick question, is there certain species compatible for each of he 3 races? if so which ones? and is this still being worked on or is forgotten?
  10. Indeed I am, and to answer on my Selachii(Starbound Race) Overhauled race, Its a NO until further notice.
  11. ... wait i thought you were... then what... <Error>
  12. Actually the original author already gave rights to him, meaning he's the one that needs to be asked.
  13. Nope, slime doesn't have support made. That is all. Haha, lol. Anyhow, ask the other creator (not pumpking) and if you get a answer, cool.
  14. Selachii race? https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1958394107
  15. hiya not sure if its a glitch but slime race shows as human during sex is that normal or is there a mod to download to fix it
  16. Hoooly sh-Okay i'm shutting up and will patiently wait...
  17. That's.... very much just humans with different colors... also, both links are the same.
  18. I saw this if you want to ask someone who made this so here you go. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1994432000 and for the cute one https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1994432000
  19. Definitely dooting my own horn here huh. Anyhow, given the most recent updates and their changes, some things may not work, or require some changes. For that, i am always available to help.
  20. Who has tutorials, i want to try it myself then
  21. Crikey mate, Alastor just got back and i'm the most busy and stupid as ever, so i don't think these two will make it. However anyone is free to do so. Someone even has tutorials for it, y'know.
  22. It'd be pretty dope if this worked with something like the saiyans from the dragonbound mod
  23. I have the permission, is there any plans to it?
  24. Here it is. Someone needs to take that and give it a proper upload. Creator is tiramisuapimancer
  25. I mean, stating it out in the open is bound to get them some flak. That's why most won't say a thing unless you ask for a DM/private message conversation. And well, Pony Modpack is sadly, a big no-no. Not as bad of a no-no as Peglaci given it's been consumed by FU, but still, the owner is rather toxic and very heavy-handed on every approach, so no point even trying. If anything it's better you don't as to not get more "Blackmail threats". As for this, i'll give a quick run down: Playable Fenerox; Do you really need to ask for support when this is in the base API? Fragment of Ruin, Munari, and i believe either Vespoid or the Wasp race, already supported. Lyceen had their support denied by the creator. Novali are technically allowed? Just need to get the permission (If the creator isn't Skittles) Non-humanoid races: They aren't supported out of principle and sheer workforce needed to make a decent support for them. Splatoon: Canon age is dubious, appearance too, so support isn't allowed on LoversLab. Peglaci: Eaten by Frackin' Universe, if you touch it, they will likely stir trouble again and make it incompatible with Sexbound. Again. Pony Pack; No. Galaxy Foxes had a support in the works somewhere around. Elithian Races has refused to answer thus far. Remainder (Nebulac, Attaran, Trollbound) all are just a permission request away, since they're humanoid, and not particularly complex either in case or appearance.
  26. Two posts above yours Alastor did page the allready supported races, a few of your list should be in it (not all tho) As far as i know the "pony pack" developer did not want support of LL mods for his/her race which makes their race incompatible with my modpack Ive posted in three racemods in the steam discussionsection but so far no reaction. Either they didnt notice it or are ignoring it on purpose, even tho to me its a rather simple yes/no question. Feel free to do the same or contact the race-developers otherwise.

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